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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Flour, sugar, brown sugar, butter, eggs, chocolate chips, walnuts, vanilla, pinch of salt and baking powder... The ingredients are usually something like that when making chocolate chip cookies. In France chocolate chips are hard to find, unless you go to the exotic food section of a grocery store, a specialty food shop, or chop your own chocolate. Imagine chocolate chunks instead of chips.

When I come back to France from California I usually toss a couple of bags of chocolate chips into my suitcase.

Though I rarely make chocolate chip cookies. Terrible American ex-pat Mother that I am!! The reason I do not make them is because my Mother's are the best and mine never turn out like hers. Please do not tell me to follow her recipe, she uses the recipe straight off the Toll house chocolate chip package which is darn good obviously. My problem is I don't follow recipes. I like to invent them, though my chocolate chip cookies never turn out the same twice. Do yours?

I'll stick to my chestnut soup, and Roquefort endive tart. That I can do... but it doesn't satisfy the sweet tooth.

Thank goodness for yogurt with chocolate chips tossed in. It tastes good every single time.