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French Tomato Soup

French Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup

Saute two, chopped, yellow onions in olive oil, until their yellow turns to gold.

Add some chopped celery let their leaves join the party.

A dash of salt,

and a couple of carrots, washed but not naked.

Take the tomatoes in their tender red skin, slice them in half and add them to the soup pot.

Cover with water and a lid.

When you hear the soup talking, turn the volume down.

Let the ingredients share their story, let them slowly simmer.

A glass of white wine never hurt anyone, and fresh mint adds a dash of daring!

Blend, smooth and serve with a dollop of cream fraiche.

Take a bowl, a spoon, a glass of white wine, (the whole bottle if you are so inclined,) a baguette, and go outside, to sit and eat on the garden step!