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Annie came over today with an enormous bag of Apricots. I swear it weighed at least forty pounds. I asked Annie how in the (hell) did she carry it all the way to my house, and was she nuts, why didn't she call me?! Annie told me that her neighbor, a woman of a "certain age" is a grumpy, old thing. She said, "My grumpy neighbor would rather have the apricots rot of her tree, rather than have people come over and pick them. She doesn't like people.. I do not know why she likes me... I guess she figures I am harmless since I am old... I told her I would rather have a ton of people come over to my house rather than an apricot tree going to waste... I doubt that she liked me saying that. I tell you what Corey, if I had to carry that bag of apricots another ten steps I would have died."

Annie told me to open the apricots, take the pit out, then put back together the two apricot halves and stick them in the freezer. Or she said, "We can make apricot jam!"

I tell you what that Annie doesn't stop.