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A romance with Pasta is what my son Sacha has. I think he was born in the wrong country. From the time he could talk Pasta was what he asked for over candy, toys and any other thing. As a child he ate pasta for breakfast (I was considered a bad mother for serving to his whim... But did I care?)

What is curious about his love affair with Pasta is if Pasta is the main ingredient I can mix whatever I want in it and he will eat it. Vegetables do not have a food critic if they accompany pasta.

At sixteen Sacha is six foot two, and has a long-lasting healthy relationship with Pasta.

************************************************ Pasta Favorite********

When the salted water is spitting hot, toss in the pasta. As it goes around and upside down bubbling, entertain yourself as you confetti a porcelain bowl with the following friends...

Purplish black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted pine nuts, crumbled Greek feta, kisses of garlic, coarsely grounded pepper...swirl several golden ribbons of olive oil...then add a handful of aroma by running outside and picking fresh basil leaves. Let the flavors intermingle and chat each other up, as you spread out a blanket under the full moon with Puccini.

Your heart a flutter, toss the orzo pasta al dente with the colorful, collected, edibles. Cling your glass of vintage Syrah with the enchanted moonbeam, and enjoy a pungent mouthful of delight!