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Iron Gate Pieces
Dreaming of Brocante
Love Letters and tokens
WWII Ration Chart
18th Century Lard Pots, Provence
French blue Syphons
Fork and Knife rest
Pot de Creme
Bugs under glass
Watercolor studies for opera costumes
Café au lait bowls
Crystal Chandelier
French Santons
A bowl for Shelley
French Silverware
Antique Bathroom Set
Vintage Picture Frame
Old Lace
French Broncate
French Linens
French Antique Breakfast Wares
Old Books and things
Faience Plates
Vintage Floral Textiles
Vintage Jewelry
Vintage Crochet Thread
Vintage Floral Linen
French Santons
Antique dishes and salt and pepper shakers
Hand writing music
Sugarcube Tongs
French Antique Majolica Rabbit for Pate
Wooden Sabots
Antique Fabric and Ribbons
French Linens Vintage Textiles
Antique Picture Frames
French Chairs
Antique Rhinestones and Jewelry
Antique-Nightshirts and linens, hand made
Milinery Flowers
Wine bottle rack with wine bottles
Tin Boxes
Antique Papers
Ex Voto
Hand Door Knocker
French Oil Painting
Vichy Glass and straw basket container