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11 March 2006


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That's beautiful. Both the words and the picture.

patty van dorin

Indeed a lovely tradition. My grandmother made stacks of lovely linens for my hope chest. Some thirty years later, a few mends, a bit thinner...I am still enjoying them and the memories they hold.


ohhh, the blue, the carvings, the thread tassel...so beautiful!!


What has happened to these time-worn traditions? One can't help thinking that if we were to revive them, perhaps the divorce rate would go down. When you put so much energy, care and time into the "hope" it may make you think twice before you jump in too hastily...


Oh how romantic...The Europeans sure know how to make a woman melt.
Beautiful photo.

lauren Mumford

Beautiful words for this beautiful image.

Oh and speaking of addresses and sending letters... it's coming

robinfox pamperedinparis

a thing of beauty is a joy forever ,weaving your words around such a beautiful piece of furniture is just perfection!!!!!!!!robin


ok... I want to sit on your cream
couch from yesterday... sip some wine from the glass pictured on
Thursday and look at all the treasures that are inside that b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l marriage armoire. You are a treasure !

Painters Poets and Puddings

I have opened those doors and found the treasures inside, hand embroidered linen, crystal glasses,bone handeled knives, figue preserve, my you do paint a pretty picture with your words.


Hi Corey - I'm originally from SF area too! I love your storey. And I adore your photos from "life outside my door".

Your definitely an inspiration to get me to put together a few sets of my favs also.


Hello, I have just come across your beautiful blog via your comment left on the equally lovely glass doorknob. I'll have to take a long, leisurely look around, reading all your words and soaking in all the images.


Gorgeous photo! I'm swooning over the blue...


I had never heard of that tradition before, but it really is a great one. Especially considering how central an armoire is to the couple's new home.


The carvings and the blue paint of this armoire are perfection.

I love reading your posts & stories, they are always so heartwarming. :)


I love this armoire Corey! It's so nice painted blue! I don't know how you manage to do it but you always post a beautful photo and write a beautiful story to go with it.


That blue is SO GORGEOUS!!!!


Dear Corey,

The antique armoire is so beautiful and inspiring! Thanks a lot for agreeing to let me make a painting of it! Will start work on it soon and post it on my blog with a link to your blog.

What an inspiring blog you have!



What an awesome tradition! I don't think a home can ever have too many armoires. Beautiful photo.


Thank you for sharing these things, you make my heart skip.


that color

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