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12 March 2006


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A life without friends is a life not worth living... Thank you dear Corey!


I gazed at your photo for quite awhile ..
you so captured the feel of the narrow street lined with old buildings... had to laugh when I read about you being so cold
but heck no that didnt stop you... it is
93 DEGREES here today ! But for a moment I was walking thru the streets with you on my way to the market... and I felt the chill...


corey...thanks for letting me tag along to the fleamarket with you...what fun.............


Yes! Corey, I totally understand seeing people when you spy things. Thanks for bringing Lauren and Ullabenulla's blogs to my attention! More beauty and art to savour.

patty van dorin

Oh my this sounds like a wonderful time. I can picture myself running down the street just too anxious to get to see all the wares.


oh! I do want rusty french keys and little bit of stained lace -
and if you happen upon some old school books...

lauren Mumford

So now, when hubby asks "what did you DO all day today?", I can reply "I was in France at the Brocante with Corey, and oh, what an adventure it was!"

hugs to you my friend,


Oh, that was so much FUN!!!

robinfox pamperedinparis

corey spring has sprung in your little village. my sisters and i were in St. Emmilion (sp)??? this summer, and this looked very much like that to me.
Stay Well



but isn't it just wonderful, Corey, that we have all met through the internet and you had us all in your heart! I love being in your heart, but oh how I wish I were there in person - what fun!

Painters Poets and Puddings

Thankyou for such an inspired and inspiring site. Uplifting!


Oh thanks for the invitation...that was a lot of fun! I wasn't cold at all.


Oh Corey...now you will be in trouble for not mentioning EVERYBODYS name...lol...Hugssss


Oh my I can only dream about the wonderful treasures you have found Corey, so worth all the freezing on a sunday morning! How cute that you thought about all your blogging friends while treasure hunting and I feel very honored to be one of them and to be mentioned in your link list too :D Thanks and Hugs xox


oh my oh my! book my flight, i am on my way dear. thank you for some monday morning inspiration! lovely... just lovely!


Corey - I love it! Brocantes are so fun to go to. And your photo is a total dream. I have this same photo in my head and have only really found an opportunity once to take such a great photo. Thanks for making me smile. :)


Ahhhh ... that's why I felt so tired yesterday ... I'd been to the markets with dear Corey! Thank you for for loaning me your head and your heart.


Yes, doug can fix anything.I hope we come again and he can do all your honey dos


your flea-market-adventuring-head-chatter makes me feel i'm there with you. Now ... how to get all that stuff back home with me to Montana. . ..


Oh, the visions...thanks for taking us there! What joy you bring.


Oh Corey! When I saw that photo my heart swooned! Such beauty! I long to stand right there, where you took that photo...and yet I did, with you! Thank you so much for taking me along. How I love your world and your willingness to share it. xox


Friends are what make life beautiful. Thank you, Corey.



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