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05 March 2006


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Ted Jones

Just discovered your fascinating site, Corey, and am what we Brits call 'gobsmacked'. Great photography - original, quirky, great eye for detail - just great. Thank you. Ted


Corey, had to come look at your site ... thanks for dropping in at mine. I love it and will peek around the other corners here. -- Susan


Oh Corey, these are adorable!!! I love the little socks, and the clog is wonderful. I often see photos of babies or children in clog like shoes, there must be a story there...
Tongue in Cheek Responds:
Story? I found these doll shoes and socks, one by one. Little shoes are not as easy to spot as a big fat brown dresser! Finding little things like this is always a surprise. I don't set out looking for doll shoes! I think little things like this find me. Prince Charming could have an easier time finding Cinderella, than me finding a shoe the size of a peanut!


I have always been a sucker for baby shoes ... what a nice assortment these are. You are right about the little things being a surprise. I am fond of collecting stones and met a woman who finds stones that feel like feet ... little feet. She calls them fairy feet and I have found a few ... treasures. I have discovered that once you find a little gem like these shoes... others are attracted to you... they become easier and easier to find... like the stone feet ... I probably have 3 of them right now.


I love all of your posts & photographs. You really need to write a book on collecting.... & what extroardinary experiences you have had living abroad. Just amazing!


Awwww, I LOVE this picture! How sweet are those.

la vie en rose

i love the vintage shoes. i have a pair of old baby shoes hanging on britton's doorknob.


looking at the baby shoes reminded me of my brothers shoes, which were bronzed. they were mounded on a flat piece of wood, I think there is only one shoe, I'll have to look. the photo is cute.

Dianne  Schwartz

I got excited because I thought you might tell me the best place to shop for shoes!

I'm known as the queen of shoes in my family.

These are darling and the smaller one really grabbed my heart.


I'm just amazed by what people are doing with the subject line. I like the photo. Its one to just stare at for a moment, capturing how the lines are used within the frame. :O).


So simple, yet so very poignant. Touched something in me. Thanks!

Paris Parfait

Love the adorable shoes and the beautiful sentiment!


Sweet little shoes. I can imagine the proud little girl toddling in them. "See, I can walk!"


so sweet, simple and significant...


Wonderful photo... as usual. The first is a Moccasin? Do you have indian tribes in France?


I love the shoes, but I LOVE the words! You have such a way with them.



Love the shoes...especially that tiny baby one! Beautiful picture.


Great picture. I love the brown shoes. Do they come in my size? Terrific caption!


The picture is priceless, and the adage beautifully phrased, as always!


You always have the best pictures!

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