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10 March 2006


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Shannon Lewis

I love the monochromatic colors and the way the mirrors are lined up. You're giving me some good decorating ideas for my own home.

I've got to get cracking on painting over my children's wall "frescoes".


ahhh all of those variations
of cream... very restful and
the picture is another fabulous image ! Your couch
is gorgeous. Happy
Week end !


If I had a couch half as pretty as yours, I know I could sit all day. It's gorgeous!!


I love old couches! They don't build em like they used to and most are not even pleasant to look at. This one...Beautiful!


Corey, thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and your kind comments. I have spent a little time this morning looking at your wonderful blog photos - you have a very distinct style, subtle and understated. I like it! lovely blog, too.


what a beautiful couch! just looking at it is medicine.


Yes, Corey, the quiet is necessary for balance...to ponder. I love the quiet.


I love this monotone color! It's so peaceful, how did you attain that?

la vie en rose

and a couch with lots of pillows is the best sitting-with-oneself kind of place!


I love how you connect the idea of medicine and sitting. I wonder if more people just sat still... really, really, really still ... if there would be less need for all the medicines.


You have a wonderful book here, Corey :)


another ohhh!! so calm and subtle and beautiful and delicate!!! I´d love to sit on that couch and contemplate life ;)


Beautiful! Love love love your couch. You have such a beautiful home!


How nicely this would fit in with my white on white decor...any plans on shipping it to the US? ;)
Lovely photo and sentiment.

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