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04 March 2006


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sometimes, I feel completely unhinged !


I just love that someone took so much time and trouble over a hinge and turned it into such a beautiful and decorative object.

We seem to have lost that nowadays and everything is plain and spare in the name of 'good design'.

And I like the idea of searching for metaphorical hinges as well.


I'm visualizing the hinges that "hold me together" look just as beautiful. Lovely post. As always, you amaze me.


I LOVE this!!! This is so wonderful that I had to draw it today for my blind contour image of the day... Your text is so direct. I did not see the title till the second time here... and it is so approriate and lovely. I am grateful to your eyes that catch these details and point them out ... point me back to them. There is so much to love about this image.


I love it when you talk metaphorically, Corey!


Simply beautiful... Could use a few of them on our plain ol'door.


That hinge painted white is so pretty...

This is a thought provoaking peice...I've not ever given any mind to my "hinges"...


Me too. Terminally unhinged. Lovely hinge, lovely door. Very much the silent partner; and an important one: no hinge, no door.


I have just had the fortune to literally 'stumble' across your blog. Thank you very much for sharing these tiny moments and treasures in your life. Such simplicity and expression was very refreshing. The pic of the hinge to the tin boxes, all were so nice to read.

Many thanks for your tiny crystals of insight



I've always been fond of hinges, though usually the rusty and rather utilitarian sort. This one, to quote Lee, is lovely. I'm so pleased to have been led to your blog.


corey this summer in st.leon they had these huge boots in the fireplace of the farmhouse house we vacationed in. those shoes brought back the image i had stored in my head of the trip,.and whose big boots were those???


I love this picture --
and I love that you see the unnoticed, as I do.


This is beautiful. I am new to your site and simply adore your photos and antiques...and you and your darling kids as well. Beautiful site!


beautiful hinges and beautiful door!!


Lovely, I couldn't agree more! Without hinges what are we...unhinged like ms robyn said? This is so pretty Corey. Thank you again for sharing.

Alisa Stewart

Hi, Corey. I agree with postings that say you have a great book here about collecting. In that book, this is the page I'd leave open most often.

And I see what you meant by Sacha's curls - like a classic sculpture! I hope he doesn't mind my writing that.

I've been busy working on a book, and I stole your game for it - You'll see, I'll send it to you, when I'm done. - Alisa

Paris Parfait

I love your eye for details; I have one too and am thankful for it. Too many people can't see the small things that matter; that hold us together and keep us from becoming "unhinged."


I like your way to take us with you and to open our eyes differently!
Life lessons in a stream of posts !

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