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14 May 2006


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In everything that is dwells the profound depth of eternity. I would write a book of stillness in which there is movement, in which there is everything that can be savoured yet nothing, a book that I can read just by closing my eyes... I open my eyes after reading and smile....that is the book of my soul.


I SHOULD be packing for my trip this AFTERNOON!!! Your site is too addictive TICA!


I love the sentence: "Life continues to continue even when unseen." A perfect reason to open our eyes at all times and savor each moment as it comes - the good and the bad.

Shannon Lewis

Climbing trees, making my first good tasting dinner, breaking out of my protective cocoon are some things I'd write about in my book :)

Happy Mother's Day (at least it's MD here in the States).


I hope you do write a book about your life.

mary ann

corey, your writing, thoughts and images are always so poignant, reflective & inspiring...i enjoy coming here immensely!

i would like to write about the wonderful people who have inspired me and had a hand in shaping the kind of person i am/have become.

love to you my friend on this mother's day,
mary ann :)


Your words are truly lovely my dear friend!
Happy Mother's Day.
Mine would be a book focusing on the many blessings in my life.
I focus on those in spite of what else may come along!
Happy Day my friend!
You are a jewel in my heart!
God bless you and yours real good.
I pray all the time too!
Family, faith, friends and frolic
God loves it when we sing and dance!
Love Jeanne

C. Delia

Just now, I tried to pull a piece from this paragraph as my favorite but couldn't choose. It is one vast and revealing prose poem--and I'd love to see a book so laden down with imagery.


your beautiful, playful, tumbling words had me smiling. intriguing picture, too. thank you!


Write about what you feel in your heart and feel what's in your heart.

Paris Parfait

Corey, I love the way you express yourself and how many of the things you write provide inspiration to others. You truly have a gift!


First, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY dear Corey! This photo is absolutely stunning, and dream-provoking. You know what I think, in terms of you writing a book! have you found a publisher yet?!!! Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, if we keep our hearts open and in tune to music, we will surely dance the stories we remember...


Please, Please write the memoir of the monastery. I just know it would be full of your beauty, and questions, and so fascinating!

I can't wait to give you a hug. ;)


liz elayne

i love the way you turn the phrase and create such images. beautiful.


Of course I saw this as a beautiful collage after my own heart.

Happy Mother's Day dear Corey!



Did you really pray while cooking? what a fascinating thought. it reminds me very much of franny and zooie

Hundred and one

'Life continues to continue even when unseen'-Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful


I found your site through "Sunday Scribblings". I love all you rphotos, and your life in France (and before that) sounds fascinating. I'm sure you'd write a great book.


Oh my friend, this was awesome! Your rich imagery was passionate and poignant and your words took me with you on your reminiscent journey. Brava!!!



Mmmmm, beautiful pages and old pressed flowers. Stunning image and lovely words.
Happy Mothers day to you, dear Corey!


Lovely snapshots of thoughts and memories. So many books to share!


Happiest o Mothers Day Dear Corey


Happy Mothers Day


oh girl - write your book please, please, please! Yeah, I get tidbits for free on your blog but I would love to experience all of it in a book with a beautiful, inviting cover. There's just something about books I love so much...


I haven't finished yet...


I would definitely read that book! Happy Belated Mother's Day.


You have such a gift for poetic writing! I love reading your blog!

Franca Bollo

Yeah, I pray when I cook, too, to the God of Cuisine that the end product will be edible.

Bisous, ma cousine


A fascinating series of images. It's a start, you know!


I don't know... I think, probably make a drawing...


Your blog is soothing and beautiful. I'm off to explore more of the stories you've written.

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