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21 May 2006


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Mary Jane

Love that candle and the wishes you made as a child....to still be able to remember those wishes are to remain always young...bless you..


I wanted to be able to fly. I was the baby of the family and my siblings were gone a lot. I wanted to follow them.

Take care,


I wanted to travel the world, it looks like that wish is coming true!


But what do you wish for now? Still to live next door to a candy store? LOL.

Or maybe to live in the sunny south of France, with the love of your life, who happens to have a sexy french accent? Wait! That one came true!



As a child I longed for adventure and travel and to write books and I got the first two and am working on the last. Lovely post and photo of the candle!




I wish...I could be your sister! When I was little this was my standard wish: I wish to have a happy life. (I had a very happy life...I guess I wanted to make sure it stayed that way!)


i honestly can't remember what I wished for as a kid - adventure probably, and an unusual life - I guess wishes do come true!!


To marry a prince and live happily ever after...and yes I did :)


I was a frightfully shy child and I wished and prayed most of my life to "fit in" self confidence alas,only comes with experience,but the journey has surely taught me a lot!

Shannon Lewis

I always wished for millions of dollars, to be a princess, and I can't remember the third.

Needless to say, they didn't come true :)


I wanted to marry a handsome prince and live in a big castle...well, I married the handsome prince and he calls it his castle, so I guess my dreams came true!!!



One year, for my birthday, I wished to go to Disney World (I was 8)& it came true that year :)....

Seriously, my biggest wish was to find a soulmate, someone to love me forever for who I am & so that I could do the same for him...it came true!


I don't remember, but I have a pretty good life so my wishes must have come true.
I really enjoy reading you each day and seeing what your next photograph will be!!


To write for the soap Days of Our Lives, which I used to watch with my Grandmother. It never happened but I still love to write.


I am a Jeanne and I do grant wishes.
Poof yours have all just come true!

I always wished for a beautiful family to enjoy
be a great Mother and wife and
enjoy life.
Yes my dreams and wishes came true for the most part!
Love Jeanne


Perplexing. I don't remember my childhood wishes. Is something terribly wrong with me?



I love this perspective--childhood wishes! Takes me back to a place where "absolute faith" had a toehold in wish-making!

Did you ever get a sister? How 'bout the long legs?


Hanne hanne

I wanted to be a god person, I wanted everybody in the world to be happy, I wanted to be loved and valued by my family, I wanted a horse of my own, I wanted summer holidays to last forever, I wanted to walk bare-foot to feel the ground under me and I wanted to breathe, to fill my lungs with pure air and energy. In some ways I haven´t changed much over the years....


My 3 childhood wishes:

1. To live one place long enough to have a best friend.
2. To have more than a bean pole figure.
3. To ride a motorcycle.

All came true.

mary ann

i cannot remember what i used to wish for when it came time to blow out the candles...

but what i would wish for now are: good health, a bit of wealth & many more adventures!

:) mary ann


I used to wish to have a magical wand to touch people to make them happy...and to make true everything I wanted......:)

Later, it became: to have a wand and do the same. To be a magician or a doctor and to marry a blue prince.

I married a prince with blue eyes, and I am still working on the wand, etc


I honestly don't remember "wishing" for much of anything - I was too practical? I guess I didn't really "believe."

How un-magical of me!


To escape...and I did. ;)


Oh, childhood wishes....
I wished for many things, but the one that came true was my wish (at all of 9 years old) to be a writer.

My first thought when I saw your candle was: Light a candle in the darkness.


I loved the candle!

1-Wished for lots of kids.

2-To be a dancer.

3-Swept up by prince charming on his stallion.

Britt Arnhild Lindland

I remember I wished for a husband and four kids - which I now have, I wished for travelling the world, which I do, I wished for writing books - which is starting to come true right now :-) Today! I wish for a safe world for myself and my family, and the rest of the world. I wish for love among people, for open hearts, smiles and caring.......


I think the 'sister' wish has come true, sista'.



Lovely. I wished to be a writer, to have happiness and safety always, and to be as beautiful as I never thought I could be.


I was an obese kid so im sure i wished to live in a candy store =)
I wished kids wouldnt pick on me
I wished my parents could stay together.
I wished I could fly- i dreamed it regularly!

la vie en rose

i used to wish that i could have a ghost that only i could see and communicate with, that my dad would come home (my parents split when i was 5), and that i didn't have sisters...heehee...

ally bean

I always wished for peace. Isn't that weird? Even as a little girl I wanted to see everybody get along.


my childhood wishes still have not changed...
I would like a slurpee machine, a really cool bicycle and summer year round!

Love your post!


I always wished the same wish every year. That my sister who was blind would see again and be healthy. Later as an adult, I found out that my two other sisters always wished for the same thing for her as well!
Unfortunately our wishes never came true. But it's nice to know that we all were quite selfless with our birthday wishes! :)


I always made the same wish - happiness for everyone in my family. It was a cheating wish too :-)


I think it was something different every year... sometimes for myself, sometimes for the world or our family. it is seemingly at the root of what makes us human isn't it? to wish for.


I would love to chat with your friend. I'm a 16yr survivor of ALS. Thank you for being so thoughtful:)


when I was little I wished for~

parents that didn't fight.

a sister (I had 4 brothers) but now that I'm older I'm ok with not having a sister:)

a pony:)


I cant remember wishing for anything when I was a child....I must have been happy enough.


What fun remembrances.
I can't even remember what I wished for as a child... I'm sure at least one was a pony.


I always wished I lived in a loft like Tom Hanks had on the movie 'Big'.
Great post...

liz elayne

as a child, i actually wished for my baby brother and a year later he was born...

love your take on this...to go back to your childhood wishes.


How do you express so much with so few words? It's exquisite.

As a child I wanted to:

1) Have parents who owned an icecream store
2) Be an orphan a la Shirley Temple and live a beautifully sad life
3) Have long blond hair like Agneta from ABBA


I wished for a family. My Dad killed himself when I was 5 and I spent my chilhood with various relatives....Mom wanted to be an acterss so....

....I wished for...
I sooo believed in them even after my teenage cousin told me there was no Santa

-Becoming an astronaut
all my Barbie's went into space

-Becoming an anthropologist
In a way...I got this wish!

Looking back, I find it funny that I never wished for "things", but rather for "becoming". Maybe that's why I never seem have enough $$$ but have a really full life!


1. I wished to be a writer.

2. I wished I did not feel so outside the circle of everyone around me.

3. I wished to escape to Alaska.

I am a writer of sorts.
I don't feel excluded anymore.
I have not gotten to Alaska yet.


Love the candy store wish! And I very recently expressed the long-leg wish. I don't think it would be in my top 3, but I would surely love longer legs! I can't remember what my childhood wishes may have been, but you make me want to reach back and see if I can.


Ohhhhh ! I wanted a SISTER too...!

And I wanted a room that was bookshelves up to the ceiling on each wall. With a fireplace and a bean bag chair in the middle of the room.

And I must have wanted my precious partner T. ... Dreaming him up my whole life. Because it fits, it works...like a wish that came true !

Love, S.


I love your wishes, so simple and true to self. I don't remember mine, but would have thought most people would want riches...but I guess that's not the case.


Great post!
I wished for blonde hair and VIOLET eyes (just like my doll)

I wished for twins

I batted .500--I got the twins and then hoped for blue eyes for them!


My wishes were always the same:

1. I wished that my parents had stayed together and that we lived in England.

2. I was a dancer for years, but too tall to be a star, so I wished that I was more petite.


I loved those wishes--just entering into the spirit and voice of a child again. What did I wish for? Hmm...so many things! All the books in the world and the time to read them (still a big wish), to have a swing in the backyard (alas, never happened), to write a novel (still working on it!)


1. That Sunday afternoon would never end, because school happened the next day.
2.That I could be one of 'The Famous Five'.
3.That I wasn't so shy.

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