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17 May 2006


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I love vintage! And I love new! Vintage scissors, new scissors, vintage ribbon, new ribbon, vintage habits, new habits. : )

I wish I could sew. I cannot sew.

I LOVE this Corey. It reminds me how I learned to sew at my mother's knee. She'd studied fashion design but married instead of making it in the rag trade. We often went shopping at the trimming shops for cherries etc. And I learned to make doll clothes with her. All well & good but she did insist on doing the "hard parts" of sewing. So when I went to design school myself (her dream for me) I could not do those hard parts. It was a great struggle for me. I also was not allowed to make mistakes. Thanks for reminding me Corey :)

Oh how times change.The mistakes my girls make add so much more to their creations.

What I regret most about my childhood is not learning the tricks of the trade from my parents. Why is it that I have a mother who sewed and a father who is a chef yet did not learn to sew or cook? Sometimes we look back on life and wonder why there were so many missed opportunities...let us not regret anything and continue to learn and grow with each passing day. As always, thank you Corey for speaking to us individually through your lovely words and pictures (love the scissors).

I am not a sewer either or a knitter and such.
I prefer time in the garden and reading and family time always!
Blessings to you darling one!
Love your scissors,
I put a penny beside them for good luck!
Big hugs!
Love to hear all about sweet wonderful you!

Those scissors are beautiful.

I took sewing in high school and my friends hid my mannequin in the principal's office (a catholic nun...she really didn't have a good sense of humor). Wish I had paid more attention cause now I am like a sponge and want to learn all I can about sewing.

Take care,

Oh my! You took sewing lessons for FOUR hours, every Saturday, for EIGHT years?!
I thought I was torturing my daughter by taking her to dance lessons every week for one hour for ten years....you are to be admired!
I learned to sew on old bed sheets after I could not find small enough clothes for my daughter. Years of watching my Mom sew and create came back to me in bits and pieces but I am not a neat nor good seamstress. I wish I were......

Ahh, this brings back my piano lessons! Every Saturday for five years I dutifully went for my piano lessons. Quaintly my Mother told me that if I learned to play the piano I would be popular because I could play at all the parties. HA - by the time I was going to parties there were no pianos in sight (hmm perhaps the reason I became a wall flower). No blue ribbons for me though and I had to learn to love music through listening, not playing.

this hit close to my every fiber!i spent saturdays with
a neighbor lady who had saintly patience...who,too,was determined to teach me to sew...the story is long and the ending not satisfying...i have vintage issues!
you are most precious!

Sheryl Crow sings a great version of "The First Cut is the Deepest".

You're one of a kind Corey :)

Lovely post! I can sew, but don't enjoy it. My late grandmother could look at a photo and whip up even the most complicated designs. My daughter seems to have inherited her talent.

I've "tagged" you to participate in a writing exercise. Come see!

My father's comment, referring to woodwork but still apt, is 'measure twice and cut once'.

I made a dress for my wife once, to prove I could. Bought the pattern, bought the fabric, made it. That was enough.

Sewing is much more forgiving these days. Raw edges and frayed bits are OK. There are lots of tutorials on craft sites- like whipup.net.
It is amazing how we accept the labels given to us by others especially teachers in our youth. It has taken me decades to say 'I am an artist' & I still can't draw!!

My torture was years of piano lessons, and I still cannot play chop-sticks.

I remember naps on a patchwork quilt and the variety of fabrics attracted me to no end. Looking at it postponed my sleep, and then filled my dreams with pattern.

My sewing is only done as a non-prefectionist, thus the crazy quilts and free hand embroidery - mistakes - what are they? They blend in and become a part of the craziness in my sewing and in my life.

Beautiful mint green in your vintage ribbon!

oh corey, i took the same lessons in burlington, vermont. i had to put in a zipper which had to be taken out at LEAST five times. my groovy coulotte one jumpsuit almost didn't make it. it all came back to me in a flood of memories today with your post. now i have to go start the little clutch bag for the prom... and i am really slow at sewing... still!

Sewing is one of those things that I attempt on and off. I even have a very simple sewing machine to encourage me. More often than not, it's paper I sew on creating art instead of wearable art. I may try for the wearable art this summer.

love the vintage scissors. I would love to learn to sew well. I've never had any lessons. My Mom used to sew a lot and very well...

Oh well I'm so bad at sewing, this is why I admire all people who can sew so much!

Btw I loved your paper dolls!

I can sew buttons. Sew buttons!

Sewing is a difficult thing to master. I've been trying for 8 years to get it down, and I still mess almost everything up!

My grandmother sure could sew, though. She was like a sewing wizard!

What a delightful tale, that rings true to so many of us...

Lovely story!
The scissors are so great!

If I had listened to my sewing teacher at school, I would not have picked up a needle, crochet hook, knitting needles etc again!
Thankfully, my Ma and Nanna were willing to give me time and inspiration. I thank them every time I get creative!

I too started singing the Sheryl Crow song...
Beautiful scissors!

I adore this photo!! Such a beautiful, pale green ribbon.

Corey, how true!

I bet you're happy now that you have a skill many still lack (I'm only self taught and wing everything sewing).

And the scissors remind me of what my grandmother had - I'm sure they were antiques too...

....and beautiful velvet! with me at that age it was embroidery. I didn't take to it, but it taught me attention to detail.

beautiful thoughts and beautiful scissors.

Beautiful scissors :-)I have a pair looking a bit similar, but golden, and not vintage. I bought it on the street in Asmara/Eritrea a few years ago

i can't sew worth a hoot either. my mom tried many times to teach me, but drawing and taking pictures seemed so much more fun to me. i feel totally inept when it comes to the home economics thing!


I SO wish I could sew! I even bought a sewing machine year and years ago-- a good one, too. But I have never used it. Only my friend did when she used it to sew my flowergirls dress for my wedding. It was a lovely little fairy dress, and she made it in about an hour at the most! I want to make Lil'G dresses, so I MUST take some lessons. Maybe I will this summer. You have once again inspired me! hehe


I'd like to imagine that I've never been guilty of the same with my children however in our family it would be a lie not to admit the same would be true....for us it was always Saturday soccer.

sew pretty corey!

:) mary ann

My grandmother taught me the basics and when I am sitting at the sewing machine, I can feel her with me. I always take my one shoe off and use my toes on the peddle, like her. Wonderful scissors!

First off, you goofball, your scissors are too tiny. Second, you fold it in half and then cut it, not one side at a time.

Man, your voice CRACKS ME UP!!!!!

First off, you goofball, your scissors are too tiny. Second, you fold it in half and then cut it, not one side at a time.

Man, your voice CRACKS ME UP!!!!!

Note to self: allow my kids to make more mistakes... thanks corey !

I often have a hard time deciding if your picture amplifies your words or your words accentuate your picture. They are both so essential to your posts - and I love that.

I took one semester of sewing in junior high, but had a grandmother who was a dream of a seamstress. It's not that she really taught me to sew as much as liberated me to play at an early age. As a result, I sewed almost all of my clothes through high school and way beyond. I don't now, being seduced by access to outlets. But every curtain and drape in my house is a product of my machine.

Your hilarious!! Sewing frustrates me, always has. But then again, I have never been taught how to do it. At least you are trying!!!

If we gain something from the effort of trying, even though we didn't learn what we were "suppose" to learn, it is worth the hours passed.

corey, i was just reading your blog, first cut. oh those sewing classes, i remember them well, bev was our sewer. but anyway did you know that mrs. lanzi's birthday was the 15th of this month, strange that you should write about sewing and her.

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