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12 June 2006


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You're a girl after my own heart! I too leave packing until the last hour and then frantically throwing together all that I need! What I don't pack I just buy during my travel! The unpacking I love! I am travelling next week..
shall I begin packing?

Blessings to you dear friend and safe journey.
I love to hear about your ventures.
You leave me with smiles and my heart is always full of love!
Be well my friend.
Love and smiles across the miles.
Love Jeanne

I'm a late packer too!!

Have a safe flight.
I'll be in touch :)

Bon voyage!

Hello there fellow late packer,
"Me too, me too!" she exclaimed from the other side of the screen, from the other side of the world.
I always pack at the absolute last moment... it must be nightfall and the bed must be littered with discarded clothes and piles of things that need to be stuffed in a bag/case/or zippered compartment.
Safe journey, take care, gracia

late-packer, early packer>>>what does it matter as long as you are packed!

safe journey corey!

:) mary ann xo

I have written some great songs when I was supposed to be packing!!!! (anything to procrastinate the inevitable tedium).
Bon voyage Corey!

Alright! Throw those blue jeans and black shirts in the bag and have a wonderful trip!!! Forget what you need and take what you don't and buy along the way! The only way to go!
Love your post.

ah rainer and i always joke about packing... it is never on time and never with things we need.
you have you ... that's all you need...hoping for a grande voyage!

I'm sure you have all you need ..... and much of what you want, Take care, safe journey, have fun

I start packing two WEEKS before we leave. I pack for four of us and I invariably forget something like:
one person's underwear
the toiletries
all the socks!
So, you see, it doesn't matter that I think I will do it well if I start early.

Dear Corey, didn't we have this conversation a couple of weeks ago? You said you should think about packing; I thought you were joking about actually waiting until the last minute! But by now you're on the plane, headed West. I've already said Bon Voyage; will be looking forward to hearing more about your California adventures. Adorable post, by the way. So you, with a capital C!

I can just imagine you packing! Too adorable a picture in my mind.

what a lovely post! I hope you have a wonderful time,and your pics are just too sweet!

Corey, you are on my mind --- may the birds fly you swiftly and the bees keep you company... Happy adventures ahead! Lauren and I Can't wait till you arrive!!!

Another late packer :)
Go light - come back overloaded I say!
As long as you've got a few black things=no problems
Bon Voyage

Bon voyage once again, dear Corey.

And thank you for regaling us with this adorable paper doll.


I so relate, Corey! I take too much in too small a bag and then inevitably leave something behind. This last time it was my favorite nightgown, drat it.

Have a safe journey :)

Oh, I am also a lite packer. Go basic. So much easier. You can buy anything you need when we meet in Chico! :)


safe journey. i know now why i find you irrestible - you pack a lamb.

Off to WIllows !

So near !

So far !


Thinking of you. Safe flight.

BEE sure to see Lisa - teach her computer stuff...
That old scaredy cat.

Love, S.

No wonder you're having a hard time packing - you've lost your head! Well, at least you've packed a lunch. That should keep the lambs content during the plane ride. Have a great time in California, Corey! (I'm guessing that's where you're going). Looking forward to reading all about your sunny adventures...

Have a safe trip! Your going to need a vacation after all of your preperations!

A safe journey to you Dear Corey! It will be lovely to be with your parents and see those funny brothers of yours. Oh and to go flea marketing with Ulla and Lauren! What a wonderful time you will have!

Have a wonderful and safe trip!

Safe travels!

Safe journey Corey - only wish I was going to be up north or you would be more south!

Bonne Vacances Corey.
I'm yet another late packer - most of the essentials you can't pack early cos you're still using them, easier just to throw everything together at the last minute. Anyway it's true, there are very few things you really can't do without if you forget them. Have a lovely time!

I love your packing tales. I also wait until the last possible moment ... and take two weeks when I get home to unpack...Have a lovely trip!


I just ADORE your packing priorities!
who needs lots of clothes when you have a hat like that! =)
Prayers for safe and enjoyable travels

Wheeeee. Sounds like the perfect way to approach going on holiday. I hope you will have a magical time - and remember to take us along.

I am thinking about you flying over the ocean today. I hope the trip went well. Another couple of weeks and i'll be following you through the clouds, and I won't be packing until the night before, either :)

Packing =)

One of those fun little chores, before going away, that has to be done, and no one really wants to do it.

I used to travel back and forth between Seattle and Pittsburgh with 4 small children in tow. That was a packing nightmare. (Of course my ex husband was always too busy to help)

And as practical as you would like to be, there are just some things that have to go with you. Things other people would never understand. But isn't it the itty bitty insignificant things in life, that truly make it a joy?

Ugh! Packing. I always bring too many clothes, then get angry with myself when I have to haul it around and unpack when I get home. I like the simplicity of just enough, no more, no less.

I'd love to see more of the quilt in the background. Enjoy your travels

My prayers are with you
I wish you a safe trip

i was thinking of you today, knowing you were on your way... safe travels corey, i look forward to hearing of your adventures.

Have a great trip. I love your lamb. I packed a set of jacks for my last trip, but unfortunately had no time to play with them. Next time!

I may have to re-evaluate my packing strategies...

Happy trip to you !!!

happy traveling dear friend!

I am a very inprecise packer usually packing the night before. My priority is books. I never want to be hundreds of feet over the ground or sea in an airplane without anything to read. My husband and I recently did a 3 month trip involving alot of flying and he figured out that we were in the air a total of one week--and I had something to read for all of that. That doesn't even count the time waiting to boards, waiting for luggage, etc, the part I hate the most.

Happy holidays Corey!!!! Have fun! bring a lot of things.:)...the kind you can not find in France (but my husband will tell you that you can find eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeerything in Paris.....:)......)
A bientot! We are going to miss you a lot!

Have a great holiday back home in California. Love that you included us all in your adventure, last minute packing, the farewell from little paperdoll girl, how sweet!

I love those paper dolls. I can pack last minute too.

Hi Corey,
What you say about packing and travelling is absolutely familiar.
I simply adore these paper dolls.
You have so many beautiful things surrounding you.
Have a wonderful holiday.
Paula :)

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