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09 June 2006


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It's a certain spark...


life each day creates my passion to create more. we came from a creative being. why wouldn't we be smiled upon to create too?


I feel this passion when I am making music.


My family, friends and faith are my passions in life...........
People that are genuine, and have kind loving hearts move my soul!
The only kind I choose to associate with!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy when surrounded by everyone I love.........
Life is fast and fleeting and the times spent with loved ones all the more precious!
Love you Sugar Plum!
Love Jeanne

mary ann

it's gardening for me... tending to my lovelies...& also being in the great outdoors...all my senses are heightened>>>so happy to be alive!

as usual, cool post for sf!

:) mary ann


Paintings, like "coat in many colours" seen in my blog today


P eople
A rt
S ensuality
S ong
I ndividualism
O nly him
N ew beginnings


I guess it's not just one thing that stir up passion in me. I love meeting and getting to know people, to find the common interests to learn from others, individual idiosyncrasies. Adventures when visiting somewhere new, learning a new sport...etc :)

Kristen Robinson

Lovely Corey! I have found lately that passion often flows towards me in a slow wave while doing things that often seeem simple; suddenly before I realize I am consumed by the need to realease it.

A painting, a book, a photo, even a cup of tea stirs the quiet in me until it is loud and I need to satisfy it by creating my art.

My Best-



This question stopped my brain dead in her tracks, and I kept asking myself, what creates passion in me?

And, I came up with nothing. It seems that since the surgeries, I've temporarily lost my passion.

But I have faith that it will return, stronger than ever before.


now that the looooooong loooong rain has stopped.... I have passion for whatever crosses my path today !


What creates passion within me? Art. I once saw a Nan Goldin exhibition on couples in love. Byork wrote and sang music especially for this show. When I left the gallery I was floating, drunk on the love expressed in the artwork, and had to tell everyone I knew about it. I learned another valuable lesson from that exhibition: women should always, no matter their age or body shape, wear sexy underwear! No more granny panties!


Oh these are lovely. I think the victorian woman in the broach looks just like YOU! Especially when you compare it to the photo at the top of your site...see, did you look? It is you!

To answer your question? Love.


My passions - my family, observing the world around me, learning to record it through photos and poetry, conversations with friends, coffee!, travel -both mine and the adventures of others.


I know this is probably boring, but the more stability there is in my life the more creative I feel. I'm an african violet, needing to be a little root bound in order to bloom. That's when my attention can be given over to passions and creativity.


having friends who are gems... who overerlook what needs overlooking and notice what needs noticing.


seeing in the moment with fresh eyes, eyes that see with my heart - the object doesn't matter in that state, it is the act of seeing that invokes passion...

i love your blog, corey, thank you for sharing your infectious thoughts and ponderings.



I am very passionate about lots of things. This one is so opposite of who I am-
Nascar. From qualifying on Friday to the race on Sunday, I can't get enough. I am glued to my chair with my heart pounding. It is excitment I can't explain. How can I be passionate about going in circles for hours? I don't know,,,,, but I am.


I think your "Garden Angel" might do that for me...(heh heh heh)


My passion comes from my husbands love, my grandson's smile and know God is by my side cheering for me :)


A passion within which I could "die happy at that moment"? It would probably be with a mouth full of chocolate... or maybe... doughnuts?! hahahaha!!

My true passion--my daughter, my husband, our life.


For me, love. And also, need. I feel fire in my gut when I see a need that should be met. I know I feel God's true presence, when I feel passionate about meeting a need in someone, for someone. I get excited about life, and passionate, when I see change for the good, and see a way I can contribute.



Thank you for the beautiful photo -- all the beautiful photos and words that keep me coming back. Do you realize that the girl in your cameo winked at me? Probably an illusion, but such an unexpected little surprise!

Paris Parfait

Such a beautiful post, Corey! As you know, I share one of your passions - the hunt for beautiful old things at brocantes, flea markets and the beauty in the everyday. It's like unearthing buried treasure and what a thrill it is to find something really precious! :)


and my family
the flavours
of both
with love

tiffini elektra x

love, art, wine, good food, traveling, conversations with good friends, faded antiques, people ignoring their obstacles, music, fantastic websites like this one. . .

Sarah Scott

Passion: Color, art, my children, my husband, cheese, rain, books.

I love this photo. I must confess I love to shop, and your blog feels like I have gone antiquing without spending a dime!


This is beautiful. All the comments posted are beautiful and passionate. I'm filled.
My passions are my God, my husband, my sons, my grandsons, my freedom to create and live and love. Plus crazy quilting and motorcycling and snowmobiling and oh...I am soooo blessed!

Corey, you are such a light!


"the dance of a thunderbolt". I love that! Why be afraid of thunder? Dance with it!

My passion and creativity (which i see as one in the same) comes from EMERGING myself in what I am doing, without caring about the outcome.. this is key. It is in these moments I suddenly come back to "reality" to find 2 hours have passed by while I've been "working"... completely in touch with and plugged into the spark of the divine. THAT'S what being creative and passionate is about to me!



Gardening is a passion of mine
an extention of my soul.I also have a passion for my pets and
that comes from my heart.I am passionate about my husband and children and grandchildren...from the heart. I have a passion for chocolate! Having passion a wonderful thing!!:)Lovely photo.


Beautiful words and picture. I feel the passion while i'm painting or listening to foot tapping music:)


the old costumes "d'epoque" and hats (one like Napoleon one) and umbrellas found in an old chest at the attic of the ancestors house...
Flamenco music and salsa
blues (the colour)
Tropical weather
some people, specially kids.
people who safes lifes (in many ways)


oh! I forgot a true passion: Water........ocean.....lakes....drinking water....water........and trees


and snow of course! huge quantities...so white, calm.


A Woman. A lovely woman.


that ring is just lovely!

I trust you are enjoying California and wearing out your sandals + flip flops (I sort of dislike those words together like that.

summer loving.


God, art, music, my love, family, friends, the ocean, the rain, silence, hugs, adventure, each new day...

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