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25 June 2006


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love all the songs you hear!

so happy to hear from you!

i am doing fine...on the mend...

:) mary ann xo

I love the sea and the gifts from it darling one!
Love you!

Ooh, I love all these delicious sounds of summer that you've captured here. Beautiful! xo

The cadence of your song here is so soft and soothing.

Splendid lyrical post! I love all those sounds of summer and sea.

You described the song in a rural area so well. I'm afraid that here you have to add in the singing of tires on the highway, the rumbling song of construction equipment in the distance, the song of sirens at the intersection... not the same sweet sweet song near the sea!

Well you've got me smiling comme habitude though I'd like to cry instead :(

beaUtiful as always...you're singing the song exactly the way I imagine it everyday! xoxo

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

These were music to my ears. Beautifully written :)

what a beautiful list of summer songs!

I have sung my love song all week-end together with my dear one at our summer cabin.......
I love the Venice angle, just as I love Venice and go back again and again.

A marvelous catalog of the music of life, those everyday sounds that create their own special symphony. Thank you for reminding me how beautiful they are!

Ah, the siren song of the sea and vacation. Thanks for bringing me along.

So you gave into the flip flops. I knew you would!

oh I loved the melody of this one...

the sounds many of us take for granted and never really hear, you bring to life.. thanks :)

YES! There is music everywhere...if only we would listen... Love your take on this prompt.

...and the sweet musical sound of laughter!
I bet your family is delighting in the sound of yours Corey!

Music is where you hear it. Sounds of life.

This makes me want to inhale all of summer.

That was so lovely and such a clever way of looking at it. But you are, aren't you!??
Lovely, lovely lovely x

Where do you come up with these ideas for your posts!I am here in Arizona ( on vacation) and no sea here so I read about it in your gift of words.Reminds me of "Gifts of the Sea"

I love this. I heard each song just as you described it. Beautiful.

This was awesome... beautiful.

Poetry poetry poetry! All these words are poetry, Corey!


what a lovely song! leaves me longing for my vacation :)

beautiful poetry!

Classic summer moments...

I wear flip flops daily, just so I can hear them flip and flop.

Just beautiful, both your words and writing and my reaction to it.

beautifully written...

What a different rhythm your holiday back-home self strums to - the tune of open spaces, I can feel the breeze. Glad your enjoying it all.xx

Lovely...as usual from you.

This is beautiful...so serene

Ouissi x

What a great poem/writting!

What a great poem/writting!

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