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11 June 2006


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I smile at this. I am a person who loves to play games - hearts, spades, sequence. I like to say I like to play games, so as to avoid them in my personal life...sometimes your a part of game like Bingo without even knowing it.


...it is just a game...


I like to play games to see if I win...

But if I don't, then it's on to the next game...

I'll get lucky one of these days.


We don't play many games in our home except when the grand angels are over.

As in life I am not a lover of many games and in life really detest people that play games and I try and live my life to get me straight to Heaven darling one.
Like every other human I have made many mistakes along the way but try and correct them each and every day.
BINGO it was a song I used to sing to my dog.
We would spell the name and yell out and Bingo was his namo
The name of the dog.
Sweet little reminders and thank you for each posting!
They are all very special to me
Love Jeanne ^j^


how do i play? i fold the bingo card into a paper plane and fly! bingo was not my game either... i thought it was noisy and tedious, but my heart would race if i came close to having a "bingo." maybe that's what the game is about... coming to terms with chance, loss and victory.


Thought provoking Corey. In fact, painfully thought provoking. I've been a "well, it's just a game" sort of person and now that I'm trying to change that, I find it very hard.


i always think it is how you play the game... but i do not like bingo, but I love love love these cards!
hearts is my favorite card game too! let's play!

soulful1 aka sage

lovely images, antiquey! bingo makes me think of my mother, she loved the game!
thanks for conjuring up memories in me...


I sometimes think credit card numbers and phone numbers have a lucky pattern...I lived on 13th street and worked on the 13th floor. In Paris I stayed on #13, rue Vavin. The owner asked if I'd mind? I couldn't have been happier
Always food for thought from you Corey :)


I like "hearts" too :)


what gorgeous cards AND the wooden markers! You find some nice things Corey! I live for the game!

Paris Parfait

Lovely post, Corey. You've reminded me that I like playing cards and I haven't done so in years! I also am quite the Backgammon player - winning so often my husband doesn't like to play. But he beats me, the writer, at Scrabble! :)


Great metaphor -- life does hand out bingo cards, doesn't it? I admit I want to "win" in my own way -- achieve my goals and be recognized and all that. I don't cheat -- can you cheat at Bingo? The other thing is, though life might hand out cards, it is possible to trade in those cards for better ones, by hard work and yes, more luck!

mary ann

i tend to see life as a game...one's gotta take chances to "win", that is, make one's dreams come true...

happy sunday corey!

:) mary ann


Corey's coming!!! Corey's coming!!! And in two weekends Ulla and I will be fighting with you over treasures at the flea market!!! Whoo hoo!! Hold on tight to your airplane seat, grin and bear it, 'cause baby, you're on your way!!!!!!


My game of preference is Scrabble, of course! I like letters and how to make words with a magic mix of letters. But numbers? I don't like to play with them. No lucky number here, just go with the flow.


I love to play cards too. Canasta, hearts, whist. We were playing whist, when I went into labour with our first child, it got hard to remember the cards after a while!

Playing cards releases the competitive streak, that is firmly suppressed in life. You can play to win, be ruthless, in a way that would leave you bereft and friendless in real life.

Though often in cards it is diplomatic to play to lose, when playing with young children for instance. And they do say that unlucky in cards means lucky in love.


I just love how you always tie things in, Corey! Always make me think and smile.



Great post. I do think life is a game of chance, but I'm all about tilting the odds in my favor. I play to win!


It's definitely how you play the game! I love your antique bingo set :)


Caorey, it depends on what BINGO is. Is it to win luck and wealth for myself, or is it to make the world a better place? I try to play my cards right for the latter....

By the way, in our family we love, love, love games. I collect them, and we play alot, especially when we are at the cabin. Rummy has been a favorite for a long time now.


Great analogy. I think we're all in it initially to hear 'BINGO' but forget along the way and start to enjoy the journey.
good to discover your blog and thankyou for your comment today

Kristen Robinson

I love this analogy Corey. Throughout our whole lives we search for that one moment when everything aligns and we can say Bingo I got it, I did it, goal accomplished!


oh ... corey! I did not mean I LIVE for the game of bingo!!! Just for the game of it all... the life game is what I live for...meanwhile the bingo boards are still very attractive!

mary jane

games are fun however to lose in the game called life...well that's not a place I like to go...wonderful writing....


I enjoyed board games as a child, and will sometimes still get into a scrabble game with one of my sons. I don't look at life so much as a game but more as a riddle.

Smiles to you!


nice analogy corey!
i agree.. it's the journey that counts, not the destination.
thank you for visiting ubudblu..


Hi ((Corey))
the old Bingo pieces are so fun!!
It is definately the participation-the fun-the interaction of the game. Winning is just extra icing on the cake!
Pictures are posted from my most unexpected presence at the QUILT WALK in Panguitch Utah, where a renowned 82 year old QUILTING PIONEER, Blanch Young- gave an hour talk and WALK through her LIFE OF QUILTING-just amazing. Do come and see -add any comments as I have zero quilting knowledge and or skills. Share them with your QUILTING FRIENDS!
MB in JT


Oh, I just love to play bingo! And, I'm not an old lady either :) Its such fun at county fairs...you sit on the wooden bench & use dried pieces of corn as markers...just the nicest summer way to pass the time.


Very clever take on the Sunday Scribblings theme! I loved the ending.


I love this post...really makes you think.

I'm not a gambler, so the real game of bingo, or any other gambling games...well they don't appeal to me much.

In the big bingo game of Life, I've won plenty...4 beautiful, inspiring children, a husband who loves me dearly, a family who has been there for me every time life got ugly.

As for the big personal BINGO in my life right now...I think that would translate into "Yay, you are now a published artist!" I'm just waiting for the last couple numbers. =)


oh corey! even your bingo is gorgeous in France!


The most frightening thing in the game of life is to have lived a wasted one. To fully be alive and participate, to grasp the chances and opportunities with both hands, that's my desire.

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