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26 June 2006


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"Never date a boy who wears his shirt unbutton!"

When good girls fall for bad boys, the story is timeless. What a fun take on the picture.

I love it when you tell a tale about an old picture !!!

My goodness....

Life without you would be ruff, ruff ruff!
Love you Sugar Plum!
Thank you for the joy you add to my life!

Oh Corey, you always make me laugh! Have you passed on that advice - never date a boy who wears his shirt unbuttoned - to your daughter? I'd add Never date a boy whose jeans hang around his knees, too!

did your mom know I was wearing ties ?

He knew he didn't fool her...with his downcast eyes he caressed the dog.. his mind wandered right up her dress.

--GREAT line! LOL.


Very cute sentiments, Corey! Wonderful take on the painting.


Indeed, some things never change. Very funny. This brought a broad smile to my face :)

This gives me a chuckle - expecially the part about her being split in two.

Thanks for the light-hearted laugh.

Smiles, Cat

Smiling! Then a loud shout of laughter!

Hi Corey:
You astound me and that's no easy feat my friend.
I never know what I'm going to find when I come to visit.
Have a great Holiday,


Haha *blush* a little bit risque this morning :) Imaginative as usual. So funny, flirting is an art, you forgot the part where she is slowly edging her left hand towards him.

Ha! Love it!!

Such a good way of observing painting...by telling stories. You are genial.
paula :)

ps: your last comment on my blog (about destiny) made me feel better. Thanks!

tres amusante!

:) mary ann xo

You put a smile in my morning......thank you{:-)

you are too cute! love this.

Flirting is by far one of the most underated and misconstrued pursuits. Flirt with abandon, I say!

oooooh la la!

Hi Corey,

Beautiful painting!

Beautiful painting! I love the fair ladies and dashing men.
Flirt me? I don't think so.

Such a gorgeous imagination!

Your imagination is so lively, Corey. You come up with the most delicious little stories.

Ohh, I like that, "never date a boy who wears his shirt unbutton!"... take care, gracia

i love how you create the story behind the painting. usually a painting like this would not engage me much, for all it's formal clothing... but you have made me enjoy it's subtle intrigue and want to continue the story. thank youo!

Ha, caught in the act... those French Men!!! Ouuuu La La!

I wish art spoke such spicy stories to my ears.

Love FH`s comment!!!

Love FH`s comment!!!



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