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18 July 2006


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Hi Corey...What was it like growing up with a cool dad? Love your photo of him..hope you had a vacation filled with family miracles.....life is just to short not to enjoy each other....hugs

cute photo. Back in the 50s some of the guys wore their belts that way too. They also wore white Buck shoes.
Your dad looks too young to remember that.


I love that - Mr. Tongue Outside of Cheek! hilarious!

Cool car, cool dad!

this is an awesome photo as well as a great homage to your papa.

Cool. A must. Cars and motorcycles...
I like the picture of him in his shop, and I can hear all the Harley talk going on about soupin' up the bikes and putting this cam in and on and on. It's a lifestyle of freedom.




Looks like a picture promoting a movie. He does look way cool!

Take care,

He does look like a movie poster, how very cool! You're so funny, Mr. Tongue Outside of Cheek!

This one made me laugh out loud... tongue-outside-of-cheek indeed!!!!

I never thought to take a picture of a photo...great idea...it looks great actually.

Your dad looks like a real character :)

how totally cute!

Your dad IS cool!

Great post, Corey =)

You are so lucky to have both your parents. I grew up with my Dad absent from our family!

You are truly blessed.
Treasure your times with your loved ones.
It all begins and ends with family!
I love you

WOW He's soooo James Dean here :O

Yo Daddy O! I bet he has a realy coooool swagger as well???? Such an American looking photo! Love this and your love for your papa is beaUtiful! xoxo

Your dad is so handsome and looks like a true "california cowboy". Every time you write about your Dad, it just warms my heart. I hope my husband and our daughter are just as close.

Ohhh yes! A man not to mess around with! I am sending you strength and energy for you and yours... I hope you are all well!

I love these types of shots of our parents - it reminds me that yes - they were young and cool. I love old photos!

Cool. Real cool. (heard with the Jets theme in the background. West Side Story)

What a cat!

Uncle George is my godfather and I am hear to tell you he is beyond cool. Aside from being "motorcycle cool," when he was in his 20's he had a red convertible that he used to squire around the ladies. As a child, I was lucky enough to ride in that car. Throughout the remainder of my life, I have been blessed to be his "The Number One Godchild" (only because I was the first). My Uncle George truly is a "Man for All Seasons."

He looks super cool! I like the "outside cheek", hehe.

Missed you!


Your Daddy reminds me of mine! He will be 82 years young in August! This picture is Classic Strong American Masculinity. You and I are truly blessed to be daughters of these fine men! Classics!!!!!

I was gone for a week...just catching up on your beautiful posts. Fabulous shot of your Dad. And camping on the NoCal coast...well, what could be better? (Except maybe cookies every Monday...and beautiful babies...) ;)

what a great photo!! more like a portrait really as you can really see his personality

i love the stance and the hat pushed back...that's what stole my heart...

my dad was never that cool, if only!!!
how does it feel having a film star for a dad? that makes you kind of famous too.

Gorgeous Guy! And Yes, it would seem that 'cool' is the only word to use!

Hi Corey... Love the picture of your dad, my godfather too! Love listening to him talk about old times, especially when your mom threw out the radio knob in his car on the way to Elk Creek. Ask him--

Such a cool photo of a such a cool dad!!!! Wonderful!!!!

My Dad was cool, too, but he didn't wear his tongue outside his cheek. Ha. Funny. His brother wore his belt like that because he worked in a mine when he was a young man, and the buckle didn't dig in with it on the side, and the habit stuck. His brother was very cool.

Wish I could say the same...

Ha ha Mr. Tongue out of cheek lol very funny!

one cool chick has gotta be from one cool dad (& mom, too)!

xo, mary ann

That photo is just great!
Great style!

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