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16 July 2006


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I like spicy most of the time... but sometimes I want plain vanilla comfort food.

Smoked Paprika in bean stew.
Cardamon in Chai tea.
Cumin in potato and mushroom curry.
Chilli in dark, dark chocolate.

I decided to answer you question literally!

I like it hot!!

"Salt of the earth" I choose and try to be.

I like just enough spice to make it hot, but not fiery.

Spicy food. Red hot chili pepers. Semi-spicy life. Motorcycles and good times. Yet, I can be the blandest home-body as well!

hi Corey,
You're the spoonful of sugar in my first cup of coffee in the morning.
Does that count?

no one flavour for me, but i am partial to spice.something to stir my senses and remind me i'm alive :)

I would have to say...

The people in my life are the spices.
My husband is the vanilla and sugar. My daughter Noël is the cardamon. Erica is the pepper. Neal is the ground cloves and Elani is the frosting and sprinkles. =)

Variety is the spice of life :)

I cook with lots of garlic and paprika and season everything with love and tell everyone to kiss the cook often.
We are having a joy fest with Justin and Kim and Drew here to visit us!
Love you Sugar Plum!

For me a mere tickle of the tastebuds, a subtle hint of cinnamon in the butternut, a trace of cumin in the burgers, but plenty of garlic for a base note of pasta sauces and stir fries...don't start me talking about flavours, I'll carry on forever!

For me, simple is good.

i choose to shake 'em like maracas and do a little sulty spanish dance.

Tongue in Cheek spices up my life every day :)

Hi Corey,
Spices are the things that keep life exciting. So for me, in a food sense it's got to be chillies and sugar, sugar, sugar! Though not necessarily at the same time.
Cheers, LJ

cardamom and green peppercorns, summer savory and basil. vanilla vanilla vanilla.
you are the spicy one! thank you for adding your spice to my life!

Something exotic...and poured on.

I love what you're doing with your memories and experiences of your life in the USA. I have one precious blue Crescent spice canister in my kitchen in France and it's amazing the type of memories it can call up...

sugar n' spice & everything nice...that's what we all are according to the nursery rhyme/poem...

just catching up with you my dear, i've missed you!

xo, mary ann

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