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14 August 2006


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the small bit of french in me must be why i have the courage to sometimes wear sparkly shoes and leave a button undone. love this post corey! your words made me dance inside.


I am giggling here. After 15 years in France, I still can't dress with that certain pizazz of all those sophisticated french ladies. I fear that I will always look not quite american/not quite french.

I don't smoke, but I do have some champagne in the frigo :)


After reading this I had to chuckle -- obviously there is a very good reason I wasn't born French, I'd have never made it as a 'French Woman'!!


well - I fail lots of these. I don't smoke - I tried wearing black then someone told me it was a 'colour' of negativity, so I ditched it.. I have red gardening gloves, do they count? I have champagne in the refrigerator and it disappears within minutes!
ahh well - I guess I am a simple aussie gal :)


Hmmm...this almost sounds like a guide of how to dress like Josephine!

Minus the cigarettes and plus a lot of tripping in those high heels!


Love the PS advice...
take care, grache


smoke? leopard heels and leather pants? I'll stick out like a sore thumb for sure ;)


when daughter grace came home from paris, she had ten new scarves and was showing us how to be fashionable and wear them! i think i could do more with the unbuttoning!
thanks for the tips!


hi Corey,
i'm going out right now to my favorite vintage shop to find some red gloves!
xox ;)


How fun! I could use this advice... but I do have a day and night sent-- day is Poem, and night is CoCo. So I am on my way!
Actually, this sounds like my mom!!



On our two trips to Paris, I found the French women fascinating and oh so chic! Even the simplest female dressed with panache and style. I was so happy I had packed lightly with mostly black and a few red items for accent and plenty of long, flowing scarves to toss casually around my neck! I felt I did not stand out as an American tourist. But, I was disgusted with my American hips, when I tried to buy a pair of jeans and all the poor salegirl could find to fit my hump was in the men's department! I was completely mortified and I was a skinny minnie back then! Oh the horror...being in the fashion capital of the world and unable to wear any of their tres' chic jeans! (I do believe ALL French born females have genetic skinny DNA!)


come on you American Girls! You're just as beaUtiful!Tho I will admit on a whole France has the corner on `chicness- Americans on a whole are simply put...relaxed & casual...but there are lots of `chic gals too......so don't beat yourself up so bad. for me class and sophistication is in so much more then just how you dress...or the outer package...I'm actually allergic to strong perfume and would rather not be in a cloud of it:( I imagine that if I ever visited france I might have to wear a mask??? tehehehee but I so agree with the ditching of the tennnis shoes and socks...unless your working out or jogging UGH don't wear them...love to you Corey! xo

Shannon Lewis

It looks like I'll have to practice some scarf tying for when I come out there!!


Fantastic, I love 'stuff your pockets with confidence'...that's good advice. I think if you have confidence you will look good and we don't even have to be French to be chic :)


I guess I am a Frenchwoman, right down to my red gloves!



What? Blue jeans and t-shirt won't do? (My every day attire!)


I found that just 3 days in Paris produced a new posture. I have always 'walked tall', now the 'two bumps' and I have inner confidence too!
Note to self...........buy red leather gloves.

Kristen Robinson

Corey I love this it is always nice to let that little french in all of us out.


Brilliant -

and so true.


This made me chuckle. I am not this bold, I wish I were. Maybe someday!


Wonderful post Corey :)
There's another one of those books here but your's would be more fun!


very inspiring, madame!

Janelle Duncan

How wonderfully liberating. I shall walk out the door today with my boots on and head held high. Thank you. Nel(aust)

mary ann

c'est parfait corey! love the dress form & fashion/life tips!


Oh, I Love it! I wish I was a little more French! I am going to try.....:-D)


Love this Corey! I have a pair of red leather gloves from Target, champagne in the fridge when I can afford it, or else it is sparkling from California, a little blck dress when I am thin enough to pull it off, ( those American hips just won't budge LOL) I wear the same pair of jeans until they are so frayed they can be too revealing in certain spots, I would love to find perfect leather print heels but I live in Kansas...that maybe a challenge! Isn't all about attitude and comfortable in your own skin? I think the French woman has this. Myself and some of my friends are still working on that...but the older I get the more confident I feel. Smoking...not now...but in college my girlfriends and I smoked and felt very sophisticated and intellectual sitting in the student union. Does that count?


this is one of the best dress i seen

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