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13 August 2006


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you, sweet Corey, are an amazing friend. What a lovely tribute to your friend. thanks so much for sharing with us. Shelley sounds like a delight !!


I see Flow Blue as a beautiful piece of art! I love that picture.

Your friend Shelley is an inspiration to us all. She is a perfect example of making the best out of life with what God has given you. She sounds like a piece of art herself.

I have to comment on her husband...what a wonderful man. It helps to have someone to love you that much to help you keep that dignity. He is an angel.



What a fitting tribute to your friend. Oh, that we would all exhibit such grace!
Lovely piece.


This is a very beautiful tribute to Shelley, who sounds like an amazing person!

I had never heard of flow blue before, but the example in this picture is lovely.


Such a beautiful tribute Corey! She is so lucky to have you as a friend.

Holly from Willows

As I wipe the tears from my face I must tell you that this is Beautifully written. The way that Shelley has kept such a positive outlook about each and every day is just amazing. She lives every day to its fullest, smiling all the way. Even with her illness she sends such energy into each and every one of us. I am so thankful that Shelley as shared her life with me. She is a wonderment indeed.

la vie en rose


thank you, and shelly, for finding the beauty in the bleeding and in what other people consider to be a mistake!

Brother Mathew

Thanks sister for your loving words. How many times does one need to be reminded to cherish life?


a lovely piece about your friend... truly she is lucky to have you. i've seen a lot of flow blue over here in the states, and i always think it pretty.


That is beautiful and loving, very touching indeed.

Tori, Willows

Cori - once again you have touched us with your words. You could not have described my sister any more precisely. Her sytle, beauty & uplifting outlook on life in the midst of an illness that is slowly taking her from us inspires me each & every day. I think of the years wasted fighting with my older sister when we were young & growing up. As we say "if I only knew then what I know now". I thank god each day that I have her in my life and for the laughter & love we share. We now laugh about how we aggrevated each other when we were young. Her will to live life as normal as her disease will allow is amazing. She has taught her children that life is about living no matter what card you are dealt & she has passed on her traditions to them to be cherished. Shelly should be the poster woman for ALS to show others that there is grace, beauty & strength even when life is slowly being pulled from you. She will always be my hero and my best friend. I thank you Cori for your kind and lovely tribute to my sister & your friend.



I hope I can help Tori see what she perceives as time wasted with her sister a little differently. Is time spent polishing a beautful old piece of silver a waste? You polish it knowing, it will have to polished again and again and again. And, someday it will belong to someone else when we are gone. There is work in life, and that is part of its beauty, her relationship has patina because of the "not so great times" and I wouldn't wish anything less for her. She has a treasure many people never see, understanding and deep love. I am very happy for her. Life deals everyone trials, but it is a very special person who is able to see the real beauty.



Corey, I admire your writing style and your way with words. The metaphor you have used here, of the flow-blue china, it's supposed "flaws" and the way your dear friend sees the flow as something so different. Unique. The beauty in her struggles. You've written something truly from your heart, something I don't often come across on blogs -- your friend and her sister and family have a loving friend in you. I was touched by this story. Shelly sounds like a wonderful person. If only we could see the beauty and inner strength in every person on Earth, including ourselves. No matter what. Thanks for sharing this.


Very beautiful blue bowl and and very beautiful tribute to a valuable friendship.
Thank you Corey :)


This is beautiful, thank you for sharing this inpirational story. Your friend Shelley sounds like a truly amazing person. To live outside the boundaries and 'living' life in all circumstances is something I need to learn.


How lucky are we to have shelleys in our life and around us to remind us how to live correctly. to remind us of what is important and what is not...your friendship is a beautiful one! xoxoxo

Paris Parfait

Beautiful and inspiring story and tribute to a truly remarkable woman.


You are true friends both.


Your dear Shelley and our (all of us) dear Tammy could be twins describing grace during a time of great challenge.

Carolyn Davis

Hi Corey,
Tears filled my eyes when I read of my daughter Shelley. We are all very prevliged to have her in our lives. You are the dearest friend to her, she loves you as a sister, and always looks forward to what you have shown in each days blog. Thank you for the beautiful descripton of Shelley, I could not have described her any bettter. She is the Flow-Blue woman in Willows, and her will to live is stronger than and diamond known to man. Thanks again Corey, Carolyn

french husband

Just lovely
Flow of beauty
She is Shelley


Corey, this was a beauitful story, every thing so true to life. I thought of my sister as I read the story, she too was so brave, we MUST treasure every bit of LIFE. It is gone so quickly for many. Julie


Oh, this made me cry happy tears! The Flow Blue is beautiful. As is the description of your dear friend. As are YOU. ;)


stephanie s



Two new things: Meeting Shelley, and finding Flow Blue... both beautifully tributed by the heart of Corey. Inspiring me...


What a gorgeous tribute to your friend.


I was very moved by this "living with flow blue" Corey. It feels to be a deepening of your seeing things with soft eyes, and sharing that in your images. I can't wait for the rest of the "flow blue" : )


i think we all know a "shelley". thanks for yet another beautiful post.

have a beautiful day.


oh such courage. i have three friends right now battling different dibilating issues. it is so eye opening to watch them live and breath - like shelley.
on the flo blue front - that cafe au lait cup... i want one!

Shannon Lewis

Flow blue to all ends of the earth......

The most beautiful color in relation to the most beautiful tribute to a courageous woman.

May we all live with such grace as your friend no matter what our circumstances are.


Wow, Corey!

What a wonderful, loving tribute to your friend! What a wonderful person she must be.

I will never look at "flow blue" china the same way again.

mary ann

wow, words have already been expressed so i won't rehash here...

poignant indeed!


I am very moved by this flow blue Corey, the perfect companion to your compassionate table from August 5th which I was also very moved by. Can't wait for more flow blue : )


Whoops, I thought my comment just now didnt go through so I reposted it, only to now see it twice. Sorry about that.

And I also just saw now that my comment from the other day had gone through, when it had seemed it hadnt before. So I'm so sorry for all the repeating : )


Shelley is a gift to you; I know you are a gift to her; and you both are gifts to us. So very beautiful and uplifting.

Carrie Sommer

What a beautiful tribute. You are both so lucky.


What a touching story what an amazing woman your friend is, even she is ill to make the best out of it! Wow!


I was on vacation when you posted this entry originally, and didn't see it then. Just read it with tears in my eyes. What beautiful words. You must be God's gifts to each other. Thanks for sharing Corey. Thanks for sharing Shelley


I just read this from your link today. Tears rolling down my face into my lap. I grew up with my mother being in a wheelchair and deaf, I know exactly what you're talking about - it sounds like you're describing her! You and Shelley are amazing - and lucky to have this connection xx


Lovely and amazing. What a gift God has given, you both... Each other.
Thank you for your words.


Corey, how precious is your love and friendship for your friend, and hers for you.

More, how precious is the love her husband shows all of us, how to truly be "beloved"
and the courage your Shelley has, what a mentor she is.

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