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15 August 2006


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Shannon Lewis

What a neat idea!!


Better then any other idea in online journal bloggo land! I so love to see others real handwriting! have fun with it! xo


Beautiful journal!! That's enough inspiration to start journaling...


very beautiful, I love a fresh journal!

stephanie s

oh what a wonderful journey this will be headed on - and you too when it comes full circle. i wish it well.


What a wonderful idea!

Will you send it to Megg, and then she will send it on? Sounds fantastic!

A brand new journal is a frightening thing. It's just like you say..."How can I mar that first clean page??"

I will be anxious to see how it goes. Is it possible to somehow keep track of it?


How exciting - and intimidating. I'm a bit farther down the list, but am already thinking about what I might write. This project is just brilliant.


How wonderful a collaborated journal. I am sure there will be lots of inspiration, encouragement, joy, friendship connections when the journal is complete.


Every artist/writer knows the FEAR of the FIRST PAGE. Best thing is to start scribbling, be dis-respectful, warm-up like piano scales. But I thought THIS was your daily journal?? :)


Hi there!! I've emailed you my address - let me know if you didn't get it!! I am so nervous and excited. (I'm glad it's you first!) But just imagine how exciting it will be for us to get the other one all filled up!

(P.S. Do you have a site meter??)


how fun!!
p.s. there are many things which i can not do. ...


Your journal will be full of beautiful and insightful words!


i think michelle made a wonderful choice having you start the journal... can you imagine what lives your words will touch? how they will arrive at just the right moment for that person? this is so cool!


Michelle will have such a treasure when the journal finds its way back to her.


A travelling journal.
Knocking on the doors of strangers throughout the world.
I hope we get to read it when it's finished.

mary ann

corey, i have a feeling that when pen hits paper, the words will overflow!

as nike says, just do it!lol

mary ann xo

Art Tea Life

Start on a middle page and break the ice !



what a wonderful idea !


There is a published book about such a journal. they were simple entries, sometime of just one sentence, of every life and observations. Quite wonderful.
(Wednesday, 4:35 p.m. On the balcony, I watch a couple of birds who have come to visit with the blooming geraniums and the pot of lavender. Even here, many stories high, they come to keep us company.)



my journal is my blog of course...


This journal and the hands that will write the words in it are beautiful.


I'm eagerly awaiting this treasure. Will begin now to imagine what I might want to write in it. Hmmm.

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