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23 September 2006


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Good morning my favorite season :)

I can't wait for the New England fall foliage to pop. Right now it's starting its dress rehearsal. In the next week or two, it'll have sold out shows.....

What a wonderful way to start my day!!! Here in the western North Carolina mountains the leaves are beginning to turn, the apple harvest is in and the air is cool. This is my favorite time of the year BUT if you ask me next spring I might say that was too!

Ah Autumn!
I adore this season and the associated smells, sights, and sense of anticipation for the first frost, holidays, and warm gatherings.
Fall always meant a time of rest and reflection on our farm. It was a time to renew and recover from a hectic summer crop season. I still can smell the fresh hay, the late fruit crops, the smell of leaves burning, and the pungent smoke of the neighbor's meat smokehouse. *sigh*
I think I will put a fire on this evening and make S'mores!

I love how you gave the elements physical properties, the air pinching your cheeks, holding the sun-rays tighter around your shoulders...you have a wonderful way with words! To breathe in autumn and wave goodbye to summer in the most complete way.

Autumn is my season, without a doubt! I love how you've said goodbye to summer...

don't you just love autumn? these photos are so beautiful corey... another form of autumn for me to enjoy...

AUTUMN is my time of the year for sure! I am enjoying it here in the northwoods...the crispness in the air the colors just beginning..and more apples then I can eat! I wish autumn lasted longer:(

It's still a bit warm here but early in the morning I can see the trees moving, a sure sign that autumn is arriving.

Autumn came riding in on bareback here too today.
I just went and put a beautiful autumn bouquet on my Mother's grave and sent many prayers up to Heaven.
Love your photographs and words and you, sweet wonderful you.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Here in California we still await Autumn's arrival. Although the calendar tells us it is here she hasn't exactly dressed the part yet. I love when the air gets crisp and the sun still shines and the hues are magically transforming themselves. I am trying to be patient but what's taking so long?

yes, autumn it is for me... i love the warm sun but the crisp air. it doesn't get any better.


Pinched cheeks?
Rose Hips ?

I love Autumn.

I have always loved dreaming about where the wind has blown that touches me... who did it touch last, what canyon did it travel down, what ocean did it come across, who did it touch first... and where does it go after it whisps thru my hair?

The aspens have all turned gold and today they were touched with a bit of snow. Higher in the mountains the snow covered the earth and buried any trace of summer. Each season brings a miracle of change......

you know what i am thinking right now? what if that friend of yours had not "dared" you to start this blog?...do you realize how you have touched my life(and others') with your most amazing visual and thought provoking words...it's funny what happens when you step out there to be present with the world...thank you for the beauty you share with so many...i will so take you up on that barn date with george...name the date/time...and i am there! xoxo...annie

i've been wondering the same things about this coming season....

My first thought when I saw your sheer, gauzy, transparent curtain...was of a Memling portrait of a nun in her sheer veils. She visited the Frick Museum last Fall. You can see her here. Very lovely

Other side of the world here.....goodbye Spring, Hallo Summer.

Lovely ode to my favourite season.

Wind, billowing curtains, roses, rose-hip crown, you make my dreams swoon...

In your photos, I see beauty of movement and beauty of still life. I see them through an artist's eyes and I want to merge with them.

oh dear Corey,
the desert has finally let go of what seemed an eternity of scorching heat and the kind and coller temperatures Bless us eachday. I do the desert hapy dance every evening when the chill is cool enough to send me pulling my favorite old cuddly sweatshirt off the door hanger and over my chilled arms. It has my spirit free and happy. Ahhhhhh....

Autumn is indeed a wonderful season for me at least only rivaled by the first blooms of Spring. We are only just now in the past week or two really tasting autumn in the morning air. I think most consider it a welcome respite from the oppressive muggy heat of summer although many will start complaining of the chill that I love so much all too soon. I am enjoying poking around your blog. Cheers.

Corey - each time I visit your blog - my heart stops, then flutters, then beats wildly. I want to be in France! not to live because I would miss dear old Aus - but to stay for maybe a year, to experience each and every moment that you describe.
on my agenda in the near future is a trip to a place called 'the lot' with an australian lady who takes tours there. soon, I hope!

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