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24 September 2006


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The freedom of your love will protect him dear Corey!

Men are nuts!

Indeed the men in your family seem to have that daring adventure-loving attitude, loving life and being able to feel that is also a great gift.

Ah, the joys of being a mom! It sounds like Sacha's having the time of his young life. Yes, it's normal to be scared - but all you can do is encourage him to be careful - and pray! :)

K has an adorable scooter - which I love riding on the back of, but Oldest has a dirt bike and hurts himself all the time(and rides it where it is not legal!).

My son and I went
mountain biking at Whistler
a few weeks ago -
full armor etc...
i was "flung" off my
bike over the handebars
off the side of the mountain -
my son was so PROUD
when i got back on the
bike all dirty -
i was wearing a shirt
that said "iBike"
which is not a good idea
if there is any chance
you will be WALKING down
the mountain!!!
I have just had a glimpse-
but i am in love with your
blog at first sight -
i am off to practicum
prep today but will link and
read your archives later-


The hardest thing for a mother to do is to let go, and let the child be who he/she is without our fear showing... You do this so well dear Corey. Sacha will be strong because of your love...

Boys and their scar trophies! Levi holds up his shirt and shows the scar all the way across his gut - in rememberance of almost dieing on the soccer field with a burst spleen...
Makes a mama shudder.
And motorcycles... I fear by being a rider myself it opens too many doors for that boy...
Oh Corey I can relate!

you have seen Garet on her go-kart she has absolutly no fear.... thank god this a father daughter thing..... her next step is she wants a honda 80 o great......did i mention that garet is a girl.lol

Us Moms must be so brave with their childrens adventures.
Big hugs to you.
May all stay happy and healthy always.
Love you
Jeanne ^j^

Good luck! My 17 yr. old brother got a bike not that long ago. As a result my Dad's talked about nothing but the accidents people have had. But we've known quite a few really bad accidents from motorcycles. But as long as they keep that in mind everything should be fine;-)

i suspect that if you hadn't grown up adoring that adventurous spirit in your father yann might not have looked so good... it makes so much sense that you won't deny sacha from the same adventures... i am willing to bet sacha will admire you forever for it.

I agree with shannon !!

awh the toughness of that! i am such a whimp. you are a good mother to give him roots and wings. dare devils unite!
can't wait to see the photos...

Mothers are brave women who open the doors to life (and motorcycles). It is a sisterhood of excited but reluctant members.

I remember when my oldest son got a dirt-bike from his dad at age nine. I prayed a lot.
Then my youngest son got a three wheeler from his dad at age nine, and I prayed more. Then they learned to drive cars and I haven't stopped praying since.

hi corey, lovely post...i can't ride, but my other half is a real petrolhead, so i've really come to appreciate the whole cult and culture of motorcycles

Wow, you are truly your mother's daughter. You found a man just like your dad - fearless. The fearlessness passes to the son and the son glows through the dirt and mayhem. Mom is brave and never says "no". That mom is YOU!

Ah, the smell of testosterone! I had two boys and they always mystified me.

As a mother to two girls, this behavior is mysterious to me. I admire your mothering, letting him fly, encouraging a child, this is good.

Hi Corey,
I feel privileged to be your example/link for motorcycle. My parents bought me a little Yamaha MX 80cc when I was around 12. I was sooooo happy. They used to drive me and the bike to local tracks and up to a relatives farm so that I could ride around for hours and hours. They are the best memories!
Cheers, Louise

Our two sons, now aged 24 and 22 never rode a scooter or a motorbike. Ingrid-Elise, aged 17, bought a scooter last August on the day she was old enough to drive it :-) So it doesn't have to be just a male thing......

Oh, no! I don't think I will be as brave as you.


you're a great mom to give your son this freedom. he will be a happy and free spirited adult (like his mom) with this kind of nurturing. i want to see the trophies, please! :)

Boys! I'm married to an extreme sports guy, myself. On one hand, I pray to God that he'll return to me after each day out doing the crazy things he does and on the other hand, I'm proud that he's LIVING his life to the fullest. Good for Sasha that he has the courage to try these things! And, Corey, I'd be a worried wreck myself if I had a son who took after my husband, too! ;p

Corey, The pattern on the fabric reminds me of the "Track" (corral actually)in back of your Dads barn. Do you remember us racing bicycles back there? Do you remember when you crashed into me (or maybe I crashed into you) and damn near cut your little toe off? Really, its not funny, but I remember you running back to the house and your Dad coming out and asking me what happened. I told him and he said "She shouldnt have gotten in the way"!I told Uncle George that I was sorry. So, if I didnt tell you then....Sorry Corey,Next time dont get in the way!!!!
Do you still have the scar. You know you have to look.

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