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10 October 2006


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Whoohooo. Belly button ring was a favorite of mine, too. lol :)

thanks for the fun....

Congratulations to the winners!

This was fun. Do more guessing game contests!

I'm laughing at all the silly things we could tie up with that ring!!!

I loved the 'careless angel' halo story! But they all were good and what beautiful imagination everyone showed.

Hi corey..thanks for the very so sweet visit to my site...I'm beginning ever so slightly to get back into the swing of things and you gave my very hectic day the gift of a blessing...your friendship...hugs....love your ring contest...

OH WOW! My heart almost jumped a beat and I almost fainted when I saw my name in CAPS, I never won anything before and I was so excited I decided to check your blog in the middle of the night :)

Thank you SO MUCH Corey and lovely Chelsea and Sacha for picking my name out the hat...I almost feel bad for winning because there were so many deserving winners. I love it that they were soft-hearted and included the 'hot-air balloons with fairies inside' answers!! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THIS WONDERFUL CONTEST, LOVE Babelfish xox

Congratulations to the two winners. This was fun Corey so to paraphrase Oliver, "More please"?

congratulations.. to the winners..
I laughed at the careless angel as well..
you anticipate your readers Corey.. enjoy..

Hip-hip-hurray! Three cheers for the winners: one for Cruststation, one for Andrea, and one for Lisa. It was fun reading all the replies.

A funny game Corey. We should all play more:-)

"For tying your donkey to, when it is ladened with bushels of olives."... love it. And so many marvellous responses! Sorry I missed playing along... I'm still playing blog catch up.
see you, g

Ooooo! My name has a mention in a T i C post. I am so proud!
This was great fun. I think you may have do some more C! Or maybe I should do an Australian one? What do you think?

Blessings and congratulations to the winners.
Love Jeanne

Thanks for the fun, Corey.

haha! what a fun game! next time....:)))

This was such fun, Corey. Thanks for challenging us!

Congratulations to the knowledgable and creative winners :-)

thank you for your words...

I'm glad you and Chelsea and Sacha had so much fun with this!

Congradulations to Crustation!

Hi, Corey,
I am so glad you are doing a posting a day. It is so fun to read each day.

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

Does that count?

Very interesting.....

I absolutely love your blog; it's so uplifting! I hope you don't mind if I added your blog to my links. If you prefer I remove you, just let me know.

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