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05 October 2006


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A shoe in for another fabulous post!!!!!!!!!!
Step into my heart is what you do each day!

My Mom loved pretty things like this. She had slippers just like this and my beloved Mother was tiny but she was the world to us all.
Love you.
You are truly blessed.
Bless SHOE!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello little Mommy :-) Doesn't it make you cry with pride when your boys outgrow you, feels big and starts flirting with you :-) "Little Mommy" actually reads proud to death Mommy.


Such a warm moment shared between mother and teenage son....love the shoe; just what Eva Gabor would have worn.



Sascha is such a sweetie :)

And I'm sure Prince Charming appreciated the feathers!


How I'd like to see you walking down the Canebiere in those shoes!


Sacha must be a real sweetie. The shoes were a bahhhgain dahlink.


awh how totally sweet and lovely this is! and the slipper my dear cinderella, fits you!


What a gift to have a son so sweet! I'm giving you an internet hug, too!! XXXXX


If I move the cursor just right on my monitor, the juxtaposition of the slipper with St. Francis' feet is truly remarkable.

It takes a great mom to raise such a sweet son.


oh no... i know a much smaller mommy than you...


Uhhhhh La Laaaa! Big or Little, these were made for dancing in the moonlight, with both princes...


Very cute shoes, very sweet son.


Ahhhh! Such a sweet boy. That makes me smile!



What joy contained in those words from a son to his mother. I think you have TWO princes in your life....you are very blessed!


Your little Sacha is so sweet, love the shoes you are the magical princess mommy!


the white wisps of feathers, the curve of the sole and the delicate heel are stunning. i can just imagine you in flowing chiffon being spun 'round by your prince. this shoe celebrates the beautiful dance of life. maybe you'll find a sparkley magic wand to go with it?


Sacha is just too perfect. There is a very lucky lady out there who will find him. I bet he follows his father's example. Oh, and please tell me the slippers FIT.

la vie en rose

now i think i could feel REALLY sassy in those


fairy shoe.. and your son.. le prince charmant ?? =))


This reminds me of the old movies where the lady of the house changes from her house dress into her peignoir for evening. What fun! I'd say Sacha is a real keeper :-)


Just like Cinderella!


I read this one to my boy (nearly 11yrs) and he smiled - he has a little Mummy too. (perhaps when he grows a bit bigger he will say something similar).


Looks to me like Prince Charming was the one "greeted"!!


Oh, Corey, your Sacha is such a delight!

My granddaughter told me one day that I was her "little" gram. At five feet nine inches height, I never felt "little". I looked around the kitchen and realized what she meant though. Her dad is six feet five and my daughter is six feet...I guess I am the "little" gram.


I remember the DAY that my Levi outgrew me - and I'm 5'10"! He was pretty proud. I really look up to him now (lol) as he is just over 6' (at only 16yrs).


you can't drink champagne from those dear Corey :)
they remind me of little play shoes I had when I was little !

simple me

I feel like sending a soft wind blowing to watch those white delicate feathers swirl


Hey what a brilliant pair of high heeled slippers to wear whilst doing the cleaning!


LOVE the shoes!


OOOH so ms Corey has a cheeky cheeky side??? I looove it! xo

Paris Parfait

What a charming, thoughtful son! And adorable shoes. Very glamourous.

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