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03 October 2006


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Again - beautiful Corey. I am not very familiar with Saint Theresa, might see if I find something, but I have been reading alot about Saint Birgitta. I was in charge of a pilgrimage walk last Sunday, the first part of the walk we memorized Birgitta's prayer - God, show me the way and give me the courage I need to walk it. (my translation.....)

As long as the roses in my garden are blooming I have a blue bowl with three fresh pink roses in my bathroom. Three roses, trinity, three times cold water rinsing my face, my morning prayer.


Is this a last-rose-of-summer? Exquiste. Thank you for giving us this poignant rose.


Love. Belief. Caring. Support.


It is in giving that we receive, I love giving and caring for others...to see a smile on someone's face warms my heart and makes my day. Thank you for your beautiful rose.


St. Teresa's lovliness has been in my life a long time. I picked her name for my confirmation when I was a little girl.



To be the light of Christ in everything I do and to everyone I come into contact with.
I spread the word of God every chance I get, and try to live a life He would be proud of.
I want to get to Heaven to join Mom and my loved ones when it is my turn to begin eternal life!
Love and prayers!


I shutter to think. Thanks for making me think!!


corey, what a wonderful way to start the day. i've been inspired by st. theresa of the little flower all my life. my father gave me her name as my middle name when i was born. i feel blessed to have her as my patron saint and you as my friend. thankyou!


If my life is a prayer, I would hope my message is to ..judge not.I had a job for many years that involved people who were shunned because of the way they lived...but I know that they began life as innocent new born babies placed in the arms of their mothers..who knows what circumstance bring people to where they are in their lives.


Lovely my dear. Your words here daily are always a reminder to live each day full of beauty and love.


Little Teresa is my Birthday saint, I believe her 'day' is the 1st. Her story touches me so, despite her young death. I am so grateful to have her part of my life... Thank you for the touching, and for me, personal post.

Deryn Mentock

Absolutely beautiful rose and a lovely message. Thanks for the reminder!


my meaning would be.. enjoy your life.. being alive..and celebrate every day..


What a beautiful thought to hand us, today!

The Little Flower was my grandma's saint.



Each day I want to consciously smile for others. I don't succeed all of the time. Yesterday I failed completely. However, this morning I awoke and said to myself "Today I will smile." It has been a much better day not only for me but for those who come to me for assistance. Thank you, Corey, for this beautiful entry.


Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Soon the bad will be far behind, and you will be able to always look forward to the good.


I love the thought that each of our actions can be a prayer. That the way we treat other people can change the world, even in small ways.

Tara Larsen Chang

What a lovely thought and what an incredibly lovely blog you have. The photos are beautifully and artfully descriptive and the writing is thought provoking and intimate. I am a bit in awe...


My life? Providing sustenance for the next generation or feeding the five thousand or at least that's how it feels today. Other days seeing and passing on the beauty around us. Others again I wouldn't like to count as a prayer, in case I got what I'd been asking for!

la vie en rose

i love the image of scattering petals behind us as we journey through life


So nice to see your site again! Just got internet back up after a few long months. Lovely pics as always. ;o)


That photo is delicious, Corey!


What will survive us is


"every act of love is a
work of peace no matter
how small"
Mother Teresa.



ahh my saint :) xo
I am just writing a petition to her and asking her to take it to God


great blog!!! I hope you don't mind that I linked our scrappy site to your photography!!!
I even have a card about St. Theresa... my dh and cousin saw a relic of her a few years back.. asking to guide us as we became new parents :)


Hi Corey. I'll have to look into one of the books you linked to, Saint Teresa has facinated me with her lovingly ability to serve. What a beautiful soul.
Smiles, Cat


this is amazingly powerfuly and convicting in it's simplicity and depth at the same time. thanks for making me think.


St. Theresa of the Roses. How beautifully you put it, Corey.



I thought of Saint Theresa all yesterday. As a protestant I am not very familiar with the saints of the Catholic church, but over the years they have fascinated me more and more. And the Lutheran church here in Norway is becoming more open to see the tichness we have in the saints.

This morning I suddenly remembered that I have in my bookshelves a book about Saint Theresa, written by the Norwegian catholic pater Kjell Arild Pollestad. I stafrted the book after breakfast, and just finisged its 140 pages. My heart is now filled with the beauty from Theresa's life. Thanks Corey.


When I was a little girl, my grandmother taught me:
little flower in this hour show thy power.

of course this same grandmother was responsible for: holy saint ann, get me a man.

simple me

I could feel the scent of the flowers ... the beautiful rose and those scattered by a hand full of love


My sister was named after St. Therese the Little Flower.


OMG corey, what a beautiful flower, photo, composition and color!


if only I were a saint ;)

I hope I send comfort, compassion and even healing...

Laura Scott

If you would like more information on St. Theresa, visit my website: www.HealingWithReiki.com. I have a whole section devoted to St. Theresa. She has been a great inspiration in my life and has enabled me to experience countless miracles for myself and others!


I have read much about St. Therese, the Little Flower and about St. Teresa of Avila, but until today I don't think I have heard of St. Theresa of the Roses. A friend of mine just asked me if I could help her find information about her. When I did a search, all I came up with was an old song "St. Theresa of the Roses" and St. Theresa of the Roses necklace for sale. Can you send me any links to articles about St. Theresa of the Roses? Thanks.


little flower has always been a constant help and i can always feel the never failing love from the little flower


billy ward sang asong or st thresa o the roses its a great song

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