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09 October 2006


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I prefer to think a wink!!

Finding treasure in a box. The most fun of all things in life :)

My grandmother had a small treaure box (the kind that a pirate might bury) and each time I'd visit, she'd hide the box, have me look for it, and when I found it, there was always different kinds of jewelry inside for me to play with.

With this ring.......
Love you darling one.
YOu find such treasure troves.
Love you

You already have a treasure chest Corey.....do you need more :-)? I prefere your other one, but I guess it is not for sharing.

It's so much fun when we get that little wink.

I enjoyed your previous post but forgot, I think, to comment. She is very haunting.

The curtain rings are beautiful, they look like earrings don't they? I love life's little surprises too, you know the coincidences, what goes around comes around...the world is a small place indeed.

omg!! what i would have given to be there with you when you opened that box and to hear your gasp and laughter! thank you for sharing this clever gift from the universe... i love the synchronicity! maybe the one who draws from the hat should be wearing a monkey tail for the occassion ;)

What fun Corey! Sorry I missed it...

fate.. in circles.. nice..
thanks for visit..
it is my pleasure to come .. and look at your beautiful photos..and read your mind.. while it is wandering..
enjoy the picking ceremony..

Ah, fun stuff!

I LOVE flea markets! I can never resist opening a rattle-y tin or box to see what is inside, (granted, it is usually rusty nails or screws, but sometimes you get lucky!)
Once opened a drawer on an old chest and found a $100.00 bill....the vendor was SO appreciative to get it back! It made his day before he made a sale.
Karma....gotta' love it!

Coincidence or fate? The world is surely a mysterious place...how fun to find the treasure chest that holds a link to your game...It must have been such an unexpected bolt from the blue.

That is cool! Did you buy them?
xoxo Miss you!


That ring is the ring that brings all things in your life full circle.

Those moments, those winks, come along when we are aligned with The Flow, living life as we are asked.

There is no doubt you do this, dear Corey. That must be why synchronicity finds you (along with so many people who read and love your work).

Fun - as if your angels are laughing gently with you, teasing, playing hide and seek with you.

serendipity...that's it

don't you love it when circumstances conspire to perpetuate the things that amuse us? foreverafter you will smile when you see this box full of rings :-)

If I opened a razor case it would either be empty or contain a rusty razor. This is because I live in the UK and you live in France. Your finds are always so stunning.

Verisimilitude...... what you see is what you get. Only Corey makes it magical.

Synchronicity is one of the true joys in life. You know something is going right - or that Someone is orchestrating things behind the scenes, just for your benefit! We just need to keep paying attention and acknowledging. Thanks! :-)

Hi Corey!

My guess is one half of a clothes line holder...or a torture device for your husband, when he is misbehaving! Ha Ha!

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