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26 February 2007


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Is that my "American-word-a-day" lesson?
Learning a lot!

I adore this photo... When I first saw it, within one second, I imagined Molly saying "Doux Jésus!"...

out of the mouths of babes...so adorable!

How sweet and precious all that you share with us.
I love the photo as well.
Love you

"Out of the mouths of babes..." Little tape recorders, waiting for the prime opportunity to turn on and play back!!

Adorable story (but probably not for your brother). And very sweet photo.

Oops! HAHAHA Thanks for the laugh this morning.


What a hilarious story --- Good for more than one laugh! Sorry about The finger!!!

Kids don't miss a thing, do they? That's a sweet picture of your niece.

Children have a way of cuttin' to the chase don't you think? What a nice emotional bandaid of laughter.
Hope you're having a good time Corey.

Hee Hee Kids have no qualms! THat is s ofunny!

My niece gets many opportunities to discover "new" words since my brother is a real ham-fisted-back-yard-mechanic.

hee hee! kids rock.

Beautiful picture, I love talking to children they learn so quickly and often come out with the funniest things (love the title).

That's funny and unfortunately one of the english words my girls know.

Oh yes! Out of the mouths of babes!

I am enjoying your images and posts of your visit home...how these visits touch us so deeply.

How precious!!!
Is it she in the picture??

Corey this is so funny they are little sponges aren't they...there have been a couple instances in the car when my 5 yr old has uttered a not so nice word.


Too cute. Too precious. What a doll.

My 2yr old daughter Teresa just said that the other day when she dropped her M&M's on the floor! I turned around and said what did you just say? And the a great big smile of how proud she was of her new word she repeated it. I just wanted to laugh, but didn't then turned to Daddy he laughed and said that is Pappa's word, so talk to your Dad. What can I say Pappa's must teach their grandchildren something! No more helping Pappa in the shop! LOLOL I can remember by Dad saying it also and Mom giving him the look. Hoping your visit is a good one.


At least it wasn't the "s" word. Cute age, 4.

This one goes into the family story archives, yeah? Very funny.


Ha ha just how cute is this lol! I'm so happy for you Corey that you can spend quality time with your beloved US Family again! xox


the picture is wonderful -
i love it!

Adorable! I remember saying that when I was young and getting in major trouble. Lol, so cute.

Beautiful photo! Don't children have their finger on the pulse, though?

Perfect photo for this post - and yes, sometimes it does help, doesn't it? lol

Great story. I hope you are enjoying your visit home.

You are fortunate to have a blog record of these things...I'm straining to remember all of the nephewy/neicey words and stories...

out of the mouth of babes... I swear some of these babies come out of the womb sooooooooo wise.

oh my.....what a great photo for the story!

I love it! What a doll.

How absolutely adorable and oh so funny - your niece was actually quite right! lol!
I bet it's a joy being around all the nieces and nephews.

Hah! I bet your brother groaned AND stifled a laugh after hearing her say that!


Hee hee hee...

Great photo, hilarious story and terrific juxtaposition of photo and story! Funny!

Too funny! My husband threatened to call my mother the other day when he heard my 3 yr old say shit, (he used it correctly, BTW). Anyway, I had to remind him, that I got that word from her.

I said a bad word Saturday when I pinched my finger in a door and my 3 yr old gave me a time out.

Another stunning photograph... and lovely in sepia. Sometimes there just isn't a better word....

Oh, goodness, out of the mouths of babes is right! That's just priceless!

LOL! I have two myself so I can relate.

a fish swam in a big lake and suddenly hit a wall. and what did the fish say? DAM(N)! (works better when spoken because of the ambiguity.)

haha how very clever!! kids amaze me ....adorable!

Oh. I hate to think what MY kids would have thought would be helpful. HA!


She is an angel.
I think children pick up more than we realize.
I loved this story, as my 2 year old is coming out with some really funny things these days. It's nice when they call it like it is.

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