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28 February 2007


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Brother Matthew has brought his find to light ... His naked eye searching for the naked truth...
Same breed! No doubt...

Now the colours for my portrait? black and white...

It's great fun to imagine character for found portraits.


My family only had bright colors...all bright for years and years and we talked about it! Now we have had the darkness of cancer. And we talk about that.

i love that your brother saw something beautiful and thought of you, :)

I guess you and Mathew share the gift of wonder!

My friend Mary lent me a book awhile back filled with pictures and letter found on the ground by others. Some of the entries were disturbing, still the subject fascinates me greatly.

Thank you for your entry Mathew.

That is an intriguing mystery! Wonderful portrait and well-spotted by your brother.

Very Sophia Lauren...beautiful.

Is your entire family poetic or what? Amazing!

What a sharp-eyed brother you have! Reminds me of a cover for one of those bodice ripper paperbacks.

The girl in the portrait is very familiar....I have definitely seen her before just can’t place where.


A bit of haunting beauty peeking out...taking the time to recognize it WOW. This is a lovely post, kudos to Matthew for his eloquency.


there certainly is a lot of talent and treasure in that amaro blood.

took a look at matthew...he's a cutie...and deep too!cheers!

your brother has a keen eye as well-runs in the family, I guess!

Oh so it's genetic is it? Great writing Matthew.

She reminds me of Maja perfume. Not the same image but reminds me nonetheless. My colors: Murky moving rapidly into sunlight.

Lovely, Brother Mathew is wonderful with his inspiring words, and for thinking of you on his walks. I love the poem on YouTube, it's perfect for this painting and entry.

Happy Birthday Choopie! And to Mark, too!


Oh My, the words that run so smoothly and beautifully in this family!

Thank you sister for the guest blog gift what fun - a birthday wish come true.
Thank you to your faithful readers, I can't hardly imagine critical words coming from any of them except maybe Orama. Orama,
where are you darling?

Dear Brother Mathew,

Happy Birthday! Isn't it suppose to be me giving you a gift for your birthday?

Thank you for writing on Tongue in Cheek, it is like having a day off! Anytime you want to write let me know!

Happy Birthday again younger brother! And Happy Birthday Mark too!

Brother Matt,

Happy Birthday!What are you doing looking around the campus???

Matthew has a Latin soul.

What this face says to me: "Yo soy la tierra de tus raices" (I am the earth that holds your roots).

Many happinesses to you!

What a talented brother...like sister, like brother! :-)

everything about this
wonderful post is a
lustrous marvel to me -
it inspired echos and
now I have to go work
on some poetry -

thankyou -

the video was charming and

Happy Birthday Matthew.

My portrait is painted with deep red earth, smokey grey eucalyptus leaves, bright blue sky and the white capped waves of the ocean.........you did ask!

Such a beautiful post, it is genetic! And that portrait has so much depth. My portrait if painted today, would be grey.

another indicator as to how special you are corey... you have a brother who reads your blog and loves you so much he writes a soulful post on your blog. Mama amaro did a great job with her bambinos !!! xoxo

having a tough day at work.... so i rewarded my self for being such a "nose the grindstone" worker lately by sneaking a visit to your blog. ah!!! what a breath of fresh, creative air! i need to reward myself more often. life is too short not to read my favorite blogs! thank you for this gift!

Wonderful, as always. My colors? New England in March.

Happy Birthday Matt,little brother of Corey. Is it Marks birthday also..? If so.. happy birthday to you brother Mark

It is one thing to be taking a walk, looking at the scenery, thinking...but then to suddenly discover something that grabs your attention, so completely out of the ordinary is quite another. While many have walked by her over and over, while many probably thought it was a toss of yet another piece of paper - someone, Mathew chose to investigate. Seeing with what is now an obvious trait of having a keen eye for observation, he chose not to treat her as rubbish. It reads like a novel where the abandoned and damaged portrait becomes someone sought in real life. That perhaps she was someones subject and lives and breathes nearby. Will he ever find her? What will her name be? And if he does find her will she observe HIM as he did her portrait?
The colors of my portrait would be swirls of various colors, you have to look deep to see them all separately.
Love to you Corey and an appreciative nod to Mathew for that keen eye.

Happy birthday to Matthew....with the same spirit.....

Your brother reads your blog and provides post fodder?! Lucky you, Corey! And I can see creativity and storytelling runs in your family. :)

Oh yes, Pecan is currently the colour in my life. That is, I painted my living room Pecan today. I may have made a mistake. Errr... ;p

you are surrounded by beautiful people:)


Gosh, I love that campus. So, so love it.


I love pretty jewel colours, but dont know how a portrait would look in those colours. Something that looks happy and content. Inspiring family you have. x

She is beautiful, as the words of your brother are too.
Talent runs in your family, a genetic trait!!!

I would say you and your brother share more than just dna!

What an intriguing find! I wonder who left the painting there - if they lost it or threw it away...and why and who...what a lot of questions this brings to mind!

Choopie darling, You write like your breath smells.

Tongue in Cheek responds:

Orama is my brother...he is having fun with our brother.

What a find. (One of my step-nieces is at Chico State.)

that pic is intriguing.. but the video is even more so.. the words..

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