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30 March 2007


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artists painting by the seine river...I wouldn't mind being there sipping coffee watching them either! Love these photos...keeps the dream alive!

stephanie s


Lisa Oceandreamer

oh to be sitting in Parisian cafe, people watching and enjoying a moment to soak it all in. Playing the game I taught my nieces and nephews - you see someone walking by and wonder what name they might have, what might their story be. "She looks like a Monique, she used to work in advertising but grew wearing of the rat race. On holiday one weekend to Saint-Remy-de-Provence she took her camera and a journal. It changed her life.. It wasn't long before she quit her job to write a book, she's much happier now." That's the game - you can't imagine the stories the kids would come up with about total strangers.
Enjoy your time in Paris!!


Fun!! Now.........on to a searous matters! We're famished. Perhaps it's time for patisserie?

Bet you and Cindy are having a magnificent time together in Paris!

P.S. I can't help daring you to finding us a French Poodle!


Oh, Corey...you are simply the best!
These pictures flooded my senses with the sights, the smells, the sounds....the very AIR of Paris!
I just can't ever get enough!
I LOVE the Antique Store picture, thank you! If only I had had more suitcase room our last trip. *sigh* Maybe I will go back and only take a few clothes in a back pack and really BIG empty suitcase to pack goodies into. :0)
Have fun and know I sit here with anticipation to see what beauty unfolds.


corey- you are so precious to take us along on your vacation ....thanks!


Aaaah love these images as natureboy and I are planning a trip to Paris next year!YES I just found out today!Have fun in Paris!hugs NG


Oooh, lucky girl! One day I'll make it to that lovely city and sit along the Seine with my husband, just like in your photo. Thank you for the tour, Corey! And I hope you're having a fabulous time there. Is it just you and Yann?

pam aries

haha! I am danzing zee Can Can as we speak! Merci Merci ! I am so happy !You are fabulous! To think that I was thought about in Paris today! Check out my blog to see what I did tonight! I was thinking of you and Tara! hee hee ..synchronicity...

Corey Responds:

Thank you!

Petite Capucine

Oooh, you're the best! So cool!

Do you have any photos of a chocolat chaud, avec creme chantilly tucked away in your camera so far?


...Lucky duck. ;)


Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Oh my....I am drinking in every picture and scene....thanx for sharing...can`t get enough and my heart aches....


Our last time in Paris was four years ago, we were visiting Marie Noëlle and her family. MNs husband took us into the city one day. MN had already told us about a man, a birdfeeder, standing outside Notre Dame and recommened that we went there with Marta.
We did, the man was there and he taught Marta how to hold her hands to attract the birds. She was thrilled.

I would love a photo of a child feeding the pigeons outside Notre Dame.


Aww, aren't you sweet for keeping us in mind whilst you're enjoying the sights of Paris. Love the couple by the side of the river, isn't it romantic? Does Paris instil that feeling in you? (hey you forgot to pack me in your luggage...)

Kim H

This is such a sweet thing to do for your friends! Ooo I am a wee bit jealous :)

Merisi's Vienna

Corey, I am in complete awe, you are such a sweet person to think of your blog friends! So interesting to compare life in another city with one's own.
And yes, you will have to come visit Vienna, too! Maybe we should organize an International Bloggers Convention? ;-))))
Enjoy yourself to the fullest,


Wow, your photos make me want to plan a trip to Paris! I can just imagine all of the wonderful things you find at the flea markets there!


Wow, your photos make me want to plan a trip to Paris! I can just imagine all of the wonderful things you find at the flea markets there!


Is it too much to say I want them all? :$

oxxo darlene


Corey, tu es un tresor!!! Amuse-toi bien :-)


What a wonderful post Corey! I love your Paris Postcards!


The world is indeed a beautiful place when observed through the eyes of our darling Corey!

* * * * * * *

Merci beacoup pour les photographs! Vous etes tres gentile et tres sympa!

Blessings to you in Paris -


Oh Corey, 101 avenue des Champs-Elysees! (But I'll settle for the window of a real French Patisserie...) x


Blessings to you my most lovely friend.
How truly delightful.
Be well and have fun.
Love Jeanne


I'm getting the feeling I'm there, too. Very nice cafe! Have a lovely weekend, Corey!


Bureau Veritas à la défense.


Any Paris postcard would take me back to my honeymoon but especially one of the Hotel de Ville on the Rue de Rivoli, this was the view from our balcony when we stayed at the Hotel de Nice 9 years ago. I will never forget the thrill of waking at 3am and sitting on the balcony with my new husband taking in the site of Paris in the early hours...


lovely photos! beautiful times! i noticed carol was there too (from her blog) how about a photos of you two sipping tea and eating macaroons in a cafe!?
enjoy corey! enjoy!


Ohh la la Corey....how about some pictures of some bridges on the Seine!


One of you!


Is it too late to put in an order?

I'd love to simply see the people of Paris. Take a picture of them si'l vous plait


Corey, this may be an unusual request, and aside from the obvious beauty of Paris, there is somewhere that I would like to see.
Cemeteries have their own beauty, both in images and words, and I would be intested to see something from Père Lachaise Cemetery.
Have a great week..

Julie Loeschke

Could you take a photo of a beautiful old church, or a statue of Saint Joan of Arc? Thank you. Have a splendid time!


Oh! I'd love to see those wonderful little french pastries. You know, the ones that look like tiny works of art !!!!!!

Have fun Corey.


I knew I would not have to pick one thing:) I'm going to get to see lots and lots through your eyes and love every bit of it...those photos are amazin C! Have Fun! xo


Poor Orama!!!
A nude with wide hips nonetheless...

Lucky Corey...taking the world on a tour of Paris...


What a lovely way to honor your many readers...! I am breathless with anticipation - you tease you!


Cigarette smoke, two empty coffee cups, one with lipstick on the rim.

Or,A door leading to who knows where.

Or, Open windows behind a balcony.

Now my dear Corey, as you see I don't ask for much, do I?

Happy days in paris m'dear.

wishes heros

Oh Paris Paris ;)


What a treat to look forward to this week! I'm laid up with a broken ankle, so your photos of Paris will brighten my days. And if you can include one of the Eiffel Tower I'd be really pleased - I absolutely love it!


I can see I'm really going to enjoy your postcard posts. It's not "almost" like being there, but it's good nonetheless. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful views. (I hope you got a noseful of those hyacinths...mmmm!)


Magnifique , Corey . I can feel that you love everything you show ,that you enjoy yourself very much.
How about a pic of some pastry served in the salon de thé de Ladurée (1 rue Royale , not far from Place Vendôme ) ? Or their window ?
Ah ! Paris sera toujours Paris ! Say hello to Amélie for me !

Deb Lewis

Ah ~ merci beaucoup Corey! The flowers are simply divine... perfect. XOX Deb


Corey, So sweet of you to share these images. If not too much trouble I would love to see a picure of the Metro stop that's close to Notre Dame. The original, scrolly one. Is it Art Nouveau or Bell Epoque? Happy travels to you! Cheryl



Loved the pictures, keep them coming!


These pictures make me wish I was there. I like looking at any of your photos, can't wait to see more.


Wonderful Corey. I feel like I'll be wandering through Paris with you.


Corey -
This is such a kick! And I saw you reflected in that window by the way :)

This is a trip back in time for me - it's been so many years since I lived in Europe and visited Paris!

Here is a challenge - find a weathered blue door with an elderly small French woman sitting beside it - (thinking of my Grandma).

I love your creative passion.



Ohhh, yes, that is my café!! Merci mille fois. So many memories return with just this one photo.


Brother Mathew

Cool. Metro pictures,tiny park pictures and flying buttresses, see vu play.

Regina Clare Jane

Ooh la la, dearest Corey... yes, one of you, please, amidst a flower market, perhaps?


How fortunate for us that we are able to travel on the wings of your blog! I am energized now! =)

lauren Mumford

Oh you are a wicked wicked woman, making me re-think this whole flying fear...
I would love a cliché photo of the eiffel in spring. (I'm so touristy) And, one of a cobble stoned flower filled street... oh, anything you take will be beautiful, it doesn't matter.

Have fun fun fun!! Thanks for bringing us along.

la vie en rose

oh i love this! i'll be dreaming of paris tonight after looking at all these lucious pics...


Gee whiz!
What a good camera you have Ms. Corey!
The better to see you with...


Corey, what fabulous photos! I love the model. Enjoy your week in Paris and whatever you share will be divine. ;-)

angela marie



oh wonderful wonderful pictures....more pics please!!!
cant wait to visit Paris again!

ana rose

Black and white postcards they are so still. They capture moments in life with a clarity that is often lost in colour. They allow you to dream of being young again, of innocence of love of simple beauty.I fell in love in Paris and with Paris but so long ago, now just a faded black and white postcard of a memory remains. C'est la vie n'est ce pas?!


im new to your blog world, so please in paris have a cup of coffee for me and just look at the people , they dress, oh so beautifuly, oh yes paris is so romantic.


I like to see more "side walk flowers"... show us flowers that you dont see as much here in the States...


I get to walk the streets of Paris! April in Paris!!! My birthday is Wednesday...so for my birthday I would love to visit a bread shop...perhaps we could visit Poilane or Poujauran who makes bauguettes from organic wheat? Then where else but to grab some wine? Legrand Fille et Fils? Bread and Wine...it is Holy week! :) Thank you for sharing this beauty. ps a bouquet of white lilac will complete the day on the steps of Sacre Couer?

simple me

The prices of the jacynthes are not to bad :)


love each & every picture! and to put names to them is beyond precious!!!


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