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09 March 2007


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I love seeing these photos of your family...not a bad looking bunch hey ;-)


You are a lucky girl to be surrounded by such a fine group of men!


Fabulous and handsome men.
How wonderful all that you share.
It all begins and ends with family.
Love you
Jeanne ^j^

Pauline Clarke

A handsome lot - look at all those smiles!


HubaHuba, Corey. Fine looking men all. See you in a few hours.


Lots great smiles beeming at the photographer!! All handsome men.


You are surrounded by handsome men. And you and your brothers look a bit alike :) I hope you are having a wonderful time!


Gorgeous MEN! I looove MEN! I am a sister to 4 brothers too and I feel lucky! Your pa looks so soulful in the photo C...I hope this one goes in a frame someday:)


Wow you have some very handsome men in your family. The first thing that comes to my mind is..."Oh my what will I fix them to eat"???

Hope you are doing well.


That's Sasha in the middle isn't it? :)
What cuties they all are!
Lucky you :)


What a nice bunch of men you have in your life Corey! :-) And how lovely and thoughtful of you to celebrate them in such a way.


Hmmm I think you should make a calender...calendrier...and put it in your flea market :)


What a handsome group of men and boys :) Those are great pictures worthy of framing.

You really should become a professional photographer...I'm so not kidding.

And write a book please.


Hunk-o-hunk of burnin' love!!!

Wow, such attractive men.


Such good looking men (younger and older). Judging by the straw on Sacha's shirt, he's been having a good time in the barn ;-)

Thanks for sharing your handsome family with us!


Singing "This is a men's world" with James Brown... and "Vivent les hommes!" with Gérard Manset...

"Deux belles brochettes!", Corey, treasure them!

Rue Spexarth

I'm an only, it's nice to have a big family. I now have one, with 5 kids 3 spouses and 5 grands. Your family is very nice(hot)looking!!


What a family resemblance!...certainly would say that you are related to these handsome gentlemen...

stephanie s

wow - great!!!


YOWZ! All of the Amaro men are very handsome. Thanks for getting my heart to go pitty pat (over your brothers) this a.m.


Good genetics in this family! Very handsome men!


Look how good looking! Hot guys. (the older ones, you know. I'm not a perv!)


Regina Clare Jane

Wow- what a beautiful family you have, Corey- I just love daddy the best!


How wonderful to meet the boys from your family, how handsome indeed!


You have a lovely family, from one side to the other!!Both sides of stunning faces. Probably pretty fun personalities too, they exude!


Love your beautiful men!

We've got a family album
Like a family tree,
A thrill to turn the pages
The pictures we can see.
But what is so amazing
Is the likeness we can see,
Showing up the genes
Right through our family tree.

Olive Walters

Kristen Robisnon

What lovely photos! Wonderful memories to lock away in your heart for a lifetime.



What a great group you have surrounding you!


wonderfully attractive bunch of men with all great smiles! Love the dimpled cheek of your brother on the left :-)

Di Overton

Not been commenting for the last few days due to Typepad blocking my IP address. Sorted now though.
Is their no women in your family? Cute guys though!


Yes, to be surrounded by wonderful men!


You've got EYE candy all around you lucky lady!!!xo,Cinda

Teresa Sheeley

Dang, what a bunch of handsome men!! The young ones and the "older" ones!!

Looks like you are having a wonderful vacation with your family!!

Gypsy Purple--Chamara

How neat!!!!......handsome bunch

Lisa Oceandreamer

What a bunch of fine looking Amaro boys - older and younger! Your family just oozes closeness...you are very lucky!

Gypsy Purple--Chamara

How neat!!!!......handsome bunch


so very nice to see the family-all so attractive!

Alison Whittington

Such a good-looking bunch of guys!

But you know what I find most enchanting about your family? It seems evident from your writing that love is abundant. And when families love each other, that alone makes the world such a better place.


This photo of the older men is particularly interesting. Your dad and what appears to be your youngest brother would make a great cropped out photo, a sort of study in contrasts. Your dad in all dark/your brother in all white, white hair/dark hair, older/younger, arm up/arm down, glasses/no glasses, etc. For some reason I find this really fascinating. It makes me wonder if the contrasts go beyond the visual. What I love is they both look happy.

Paris Parfait

Such a family of handsome guys!


Very cool! I love boys. :)

Veronica TM

handsome amaro men! they have wonderful smiles.


Oh Corey! If either of my sisters were single, I would have sent them over to your brothers ASAP! Handsome is too small a word for them. You are so lucky to have such a great family.


4 gorgeous younger brothers! How lucky you are Corey! I want one please!

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