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31 March 2007


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What a surprise to see Marie Noëlle here!

She is the one who introduced me to the old man feeding birds outside Notre Dame, which I mentioned yesterday. Did you get any photos of him?

Corey responds:

I'm staying in a hotel closeby Notre Dame, I haven't seen the 'man' who feeds the pigeons. I have seen him before. Maybe he doesn't like to be in the rain? I'll keep looking.

Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy

Love your photos. Who could imagine a chocolate chandelier! And that pink bureau is gorgeous. The French have a way of taking everything to the next level! Thanks so much for sharing.

stephanie s

you are the best! and, even in the rain, you find the beauty in everything. thank you for taking us along.


"chocolate chandelier"...that was first for me...
Thanks for the pictures, I missed Paris :-)

MaryBeth Farrell

((( Corey))) Thankyou for this wonderful rainy afternoon in Paris.
I will go to bed now of the city I long to see-and that Brilliant chocolate chandelier...
MB in JT

Mountain Dweller

I'm enjoying your wanderings and wonderings. Have a good time!


Do I dare wish from a postcard from the Pere Lachaise cemetery and especially Parmentier's grave to see if they still put potatoes on it?


I love your postcards! Any wildlife in Parigi?


One more time.....please take a picture of the people of Paris :)


gorgeous photos of a beautiful city.


Is this the same Marie Noelle that writes comments on your blog?

Three wishes for both of you. One for the eyes, another for the soul, and of course the third one is for the tummy! Have fun and savour your delicious day in Paris!

Corey Responds:

Yes, it is.


I love this series. And how you are so inclusive of your readers!


Absoltutely exquisite my precious friend.
I love everything that you share.
Ooooh La La!

Mary Anne Davis

This is a great idea and so sweet. Everything here is such a reminder how important travel is to the soul... Blessings my dear and happy spring!xo - m


Oh thank you! I felt like I was walking with you and your friend through the streets of Paris, wonderful despite the rain!

Pauline Clarke

A chocolate chandelier! Merci! What a perfectly delicious tour you have taken us on!


Oh wow, the chocolate chandelier is amazing. everything is a feast for the eyes. The art-decor metro stops, beautiful decorated doors and the moss covered plant pots! On a grey rainy day, Paris is still wonderful and nothing but jaw-dropping beauty :)


She didn't forget me! No the city isn't shabby at all! And Laduree never disappoints.
I am imagining that Duchess's secret garden doors are chocolat as well...
Marie Noelle! Nice to meet you :)


Bonjour Lovely Corey,

How you delight us all! Will you be visiting le jardin des Tuileries et le jardin du Luxembourg? Wishing you a day filled with beautiful surprises.

Bonne journee!


Chandeliers dripping chocolate... church bells bringing Easter eggs... I can't wait to see what else Paris offers!


ok ok ok.. i know what i want to see!!
* stairs going up (or down) to Montmartre
* that face and hand sculpure in Les Halles
* a view of the Eiffel Tower but underneath it looking up
* oh and if ever you can go up into that building where you see all of Paris, i wouldn't mind a picture of the view from up there
* and.. um... a strawberrie tarte please
* diamons from place Vendome (a picture of course but i guess real ones packed in a suitcase will do too)
* oh and also.. a blue sky pleeease! it's raining today which is not supposed to happen HERE!!! The sky is grey so maybe it's blue in Paris haha

"so ya" that's all !!

well have fun, eat good food, shop (!!), take (not tooooo many) pictures and don't freeze! and don't worry we're doing fine here!
xoxo love,chelsea


Thank you for the Eiffel Tower, Corey! I'll be looking forward to more of this lovely slideshow of Paris!


I would love to see Montmarte again. The one time I was there I was chaperoning a group of teenagers. I would love to take time again at the Basilica and then wander the shops, sip coffee, and look at all the artists at work.

pam aries

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!




I am very touched by my 'postcard' from Paris. I want to walk up to those doors and push them open!


Corey, you are so sweet and thoughtful. The Louvre Metro stop is perfect!! I forgot about that one, probably because I was so excited about getting into the museum! I wish I could skadoo into your pictures! Thank you a million times over, Cheryl


Oh Corey...thanks for thinking of me! How fitting that you would choose that shot! My last trip, I stayed right near the tip of the Ile de la Cite! I wish you sun and blue skies! Have a glass of wonderful french red wine for me...Cin-Cin!


These are fabulous! If ever I visited Paris I would want you for a tour guide.

Thank you for the Easter bells (and the wedding cake and the macaroons). So many wonderful treasures to see--pink furniture, chocolate chandeliers, good friends. Hope you get the sunshine Chelsea sends your way :D



Charlotte Le Den

Hey Corey!!
I would like to see what makes Paris Paris : a romatic view of the city/the Seine/a couple... whatever you find romantic!!
Have fun in Paris!!


Oh,Corey, what is that face right in the middle of your photo album of Paris ???
When I first saw the picture, I felt as if I were a frog forecasting the bad weather on its ladder !?!
And then when I read I was "labelled" as "friend", I felt like going out and "dancing in the rain" with any guy (I would rather pick Yannick Noah than Gene Kelly though - if you let me choose...)
I enjoyed spending those few hours with you... Till next time ...

Thank you, Constance and Shabby-in-the-city for your hello and for your wishes... I appreciate !

Lisa Oceandreamer

A wee French shop of any kind(not couture or high end) - an enchanting door way - a old Parisian "someone" sitting idly by or having a cuppa. I know it's raining..I wondered if you really do see artists with easels set up and painting outside? I have never been to Paris, my imaginings are probably quite different from others. The simplest thing would thrill me. (and yet of course if I were there I'd want to see the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, all of that too).
This is so fun to feel like we are there with you!

angela marie

I would like to see a "french woman" in a "french hat."

A couple holding hands, like you would see in a commercial about Paris.

I love your photos Corey!

Thank You!


Do you mind if I just live vicariously through you? The Paris postcards are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them with us. There is so much I'd love to see ... the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, antique shops, a sidewalk cafe! Bonne journee!


Oh la la... I did not realise how much I still miss Paris, after many years... thank you for all the wonderful photos...


Oh so lovely, Corey! ALL your photos are so terrific - wish I was there with you both! I especially like the presentation of the cabbages, bok choi and artichokes.

Mrs. Snow

O my sweet darling cousin. You are as sweet as the chocolat from Angelina's. I love the memories I have from the times I have visited with you in Paris. From the ferris wheel ride with our son's, the lucious dinner we shared with my mom on the Siene River. to the surprised look on my face when the hotel owner gave me the beautiful vase for FREE! Thank you so much for the wonderful walk down memory lane. I can't wait till the day I can share another cup of hot coco with you and this time with my loving husband and daughter Anna Apricot. Just keep doing what you do best. Looking thru your eyes, I can feel me standing next to you, holding hands, giggling like little girls. O that reminds me ... remember the time you were marching in the rain after we had one to many mudslides with Cynthia? That was my first visit to the city of love...
I love you my sweet cousin, I look forward to building sand castles with you in Fort Bragg. Love you lots... your cousin Rhonda


Ooooh La La! La Di Da! I wish I was there too! Only I would love to venture all of Europe and especially England!!!! Maybe once my friend Jan moves there this July, I'll seriously consider traveling abroad and maybe write ~ "Holiday in Europe 2"...haha. Love all the pics! Thanks Corey
Luv Annabelle


Oh, Corey, I almost feel like crying. I would so love to meet you for coffee or walk down the streets of Paris with you and look into shop windows or stop for chocolates or a bouquet of flowers. Your photos are such a beautiful gift. Merci!


Hope you're having a wonderful time! How about a pic of a naked male statue? Maybe if my naked Venus had a boyfriend she would stop carousing so much...


ive heard of Angelina's tea house and their famous hot chocolate!
you should organise walking tours....what fun!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Merci....dear Corey...thanks for taking me with you in your heart...

simple me

You made me want to return to Paris and sit in a cafe reading a book.
In Lisbon there is a similar Metro entrance as the Louvre one and it is funny but I have a photo of that same entrance (who doesn't!?) but form a different angle.

Lori Witzel

How very wonderful!

Ah, if I were there, I'd love to meet a bread baker...if not an aproned person actually dusted with flour, then at least their crispy warm yeasty creations!


Thank you for caring for the heart of a reborn francophile!


Thank you for caring for the heart of a reborn francophile!Enjoy!

Linda Harre

Oh Corey.....Thank you so much for the beautiful pics!!!! What a treat....as always! Can you take a pic of a Lautrec? Just wondering:)


Oh, what a TREAT this trip is for us to see! Thank you. *sigh*
I want to go back so baaaaad.


Regina Clare Jane

Oh my goodness, Corey- what a beautiful picture for me! Thank you so much! I have missed visiting you for a few days now but I have been greeted by such fabulous beauty! You are simply beautiful, my dear friend!

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