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11 March 2007


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Have a safe trip home Corey.
I can imagine a French Husband counting minutes till you land on French soil.


Look closely when the plane reaches French land, Corey... you might see Provençal wind mills waving "welcome" to you (from Fontvieille, St Saturnin-lès-Apt, or another village...).

Have a safe flight...


Have a safe journey back!


Stay Strong my friend. Sending happy thoughts.


I am so happy you had such a lovely visit with your family
Now on to your other heart strings in France.
Love you darling one.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Paris Parfait

Wonderful photo! Safe journey home.


Happy trails to you, dear Corey!


"...bloom wildly", I love it. I imagine you're home by now. Welcome back home!!


Safe journey home Corey to Frenchhusband waiting with open arms me suspects. It's been good to follow your trip through your blog.


This is such a beautiful shot. I heart country scenes very much!

Kristen Robisnon

Safe journey home I am so hopeful we will see each other this summer when you come for a visit.



I imagine leaving your papa and the land that lives in your heart & soul, the land that you love so much is tearing you apart inside...I'm so thinking of you and praying for your strength...and yeah that french husband of yours better make your homecoming a good one! xoxoxoxox


the photo is splendid.

I am just curling up to
read visions of windmills
now in my head!


Safe travels home!


I hope you had a safe trip home...


I have loved visiting your home and family with you...thank you sharing your precious moments.


been enjoying your stunning "home" pictures and love the US windmill version. hope you had a safe trip et bon retour en france.


safe journey! lovely photos dear corey... looking forward to fixing up your photos... the frames arrived last week!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

So many memories that will stand tall in your mind...that you will take out and chew on for years to come...how blessed we are!!!

Veronica TM

driving with your dad, beautiful scenery and you can capture all of it so well, corey.

pam aries

Like a circle in a spiral..like a wheel within a wheel..everturning ever spinning like a neverending reel.....as the images unwind...like the windmills of your mind....Wow! that song came rushing up to me as I read your post!... not sure if I remember all the words correctly!

Mountain Mama

What a beautiful picture. I could imagine the wind in my face and I could almost get the feel of the place.


I love windmills, that thing of man and nature working in unison. We have many many windmills here in Australia exactly like the one in your photo. Next time I'm driving past one I will think of your post.


The girl shoots BEAUTIFUL landscapes too!
What can't she do..?


welcome back "home" missed reading you , I just got back myself !
Hope the return on frech soil is not too hush on your sweet heart !

hope to share a "bolee de cidre " soon ... ON THE MARKET ;-)


beautiful image, as always!

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