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29 April 2007


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So true and just the way my parents loved me. I wish and hope I'm managing to love my children in the same way. A big hug to you Corey! I don't comment often but I always read your posts!

What a beautiful story...how precious it is to let go of the ones we love to let them find their own wings. Nel xo


Your grandmother was a very wise lady.

I wrote a love letter to my daughter back on February 19, when she and her boyfriend split apart.
I know this letter, and the comment it got (I posted the letter in my blog), meant alot to her. She copied both the letter and the comments in her diary.

She is smiling again today and has become a stronger, wiser young woman through her experiences.

Aren't those of us who are fortunate enough to experience unconditional love, lucky people? Some people can go through their entire lives without ever knowing that security and comfort.

Quel précieux et généreux souvenir !

What a loving moment, beautiful words (interesting thoughts on the perfect relationship).

Letting go with love.
How many of us had families who understood this concept?

Cory your avó grande was a wise and generous lady. To say goodbye to someone you love and not know when you will see them again, to wish them well unselfishly, knowing you will feel the loss of them..that is unconditional indeed.

What a wonderful grandmother. And a wonderful image of her behind you, with her arms around you.

Your Grandmother's wisdom was strong and wise. I'm sure her love was infused into you.

Corey this is beautiful!! So much insight, so much love!!!

So I have to work hard at this if I want to show how much I love my children...
I tend to let them go with one arm and to keep hold of them with the other one...
Yes, this WILL be HARD,... VERY hard for me !!!

the photo is so moving to me and
your post.

I think I have to re-commit every morning
to loving unconditionally -
true love is true work and
so pure of heart.

That story brought a lump to my chest of aching understanding for the future, of how a mother's love has to evolve to the point of letting go - facing your children towards their own future.

Beautifully told, Corey.

Oh Corey, so very beautiful and well said...I can always count on you touching my heart when I stop by ~ Dawn

Your grandmother's philosophy is wonderful and certainly memorable. Thanks for sharing her wisdom.

I have a hard time letting go... but this story of your grandmother will help me now.

Beautiful picture and post. What a rare and beautiful gift of wisdom and strength your grandmother gave along with her hug. How generous of you to share it with us - that, too, seems unconditional ...

Another story of life and love...thank you.

Meilleurs voeux!!

I hope it is okay for me to save this entry...print it out, and frame it? Your grandmothers words....beautiful. I needed to hear this very much today...that there ARE people who offer unconditional love...


As I'm fast closing in on my 25th Anniversary.......Lemonette just plain nailed it.

Dana in VA

As always.....hitting the nail on the head...Your grandma sounds like a wise woman! Love this post Corey!

I couldn't have said it better.........but, you have! Thanks for your lovely words once again....

...and unconditional love frees both the giver and the receiver. There is no feeling in the world like it.

Oh, Corey, that was magical, reading your history and seeing you ... magic, inspirtation mixed with shock and awe ;)
My grandmother was so important in my life ... and I still talk to her almost everyday, even though she has been gone many years now. She is always with me, trying to walk with me when she could hardly do so. But my favorite memory is the last time we spent the night together. We always slept together when I visited, and the last time with my baby son was no different. On a lumpy, hard, fold-out sofa bed, we fell asleep holding each others hand. With Matt in the middle. She was my center of gravitity.

What a beautiful way to hug someone and send them out into the world feeling strong and affirmed! My grandparents left Europe to come here, as children. My great-grandparents never saw their homeland or relatives again...so the story of the hug touches my heart! I also love the photo of the statue of Mary that you used with the story!

What awesome words!!!!
This is so precious.....

the simple words of the incredible wisdom of our elders. this post is so lovely and so heartwarming and quite a lesson on love and giving...thank you for sharing it.

Corey, Love Lemonette!! She's wonderful! Thanks, Bronwen

Love doesn't stop because we don't see each other.

oh I love what your grandmother said to you...wonderful!
I just did a collage about a girl leaving by boat...I wondered how she felt leaving her family...

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet...love that quote

Merci pour toi travaillent et ont une bonne semaine

It IS hard to do. I can't always accomplish loving myself! But I do love this photo!

I think I'll hug my kids from behind from now on.

Many times I find myself hugging, but never wanting to let go (though I know I must)!

My uncle's family is from the Azores, Corey!


The story brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

Corey , every time I blog , I STOP by tongue in cheek and each time I just love reading your life and feelings the way you apprehende life is so close to mine , Gosh I hope some days we 'll get the opportunity to share a nice hot cup of tea after the market on a saturday morning "Place des LICES "!

Take care

oh that is so beautiful.

Such truth and beauty in your words. As always, Corey, thank you for sharing. It brought tears to my eyes.

This is an amazing story of love and letting go. I find it really interesting that you put a photo of Mary with it. She was a master at this, wasn't she? I think I must have needed to read this today. Thank you.

Your grandmother's words are so wise, and I will especially take them to heart as I am just starting to send my sons out into the world. What a wonderful, symbolic way to convey love and trust.
I have really enjoyed reading your posts. I have visited Paris three times, yet it is never enough!

Corey........... your grandmothers goodbye should be the story of a book you never want to put down, a tale of how life should be, a reminder of the path we might follow....thank you

what beautiful and wise words! you are so right, i think my little guru {little fiona} is giving me an intensive course on unconditional love.

It sounds like the fruit did not drop far from this tree, Corey dear. What love and tenderness.



This post made me tear up...because it made me realize that I'd never thought about that moment before...the moment when my Great-Grandparents left the Azores. What a HUGE risk that must have seemed...to move nearly half a world away... Beautiful post.

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