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01 April 2007


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I was just looking through your blog and the phrase
eye candy
just keeps coming to mind.

your eye is gorgeous!



This is wonderful Corey. It is like a mini vacation without leaving home. Thank you Clarice


each post is just as wonderful as the last...loving your personal tour around Paris. Just wondering if you could pop that wonderful picnic trunk in the post down under for me? lol...Enjoy the rest of your holiday...Nel

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

Les photos merveilleuses! Your last few posts have held marvelous photos of my favourite city!! Merci beaucoup, JP


Such an intriguing view of the Eiffel Tower...and more chocolate! I can tell you're having a ball. Keep the pictures coming :D


J'adore Paris! I love your pictures too! Can't wait to go back again one day...


I will send you a hershey bar! LOL! if you can show me one frilly canCan Girl:) A line of them would be even better:) That picnic case wow! such great photos! xo


Paris is some place I've always wanted to go,this girl from KS. Your pictures just make me melt. I've just been ooohing and aaahing over all of them. Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy the rest of your trip and be safe.


We would love to come for a picnic in Paris....but we are off to find a field of Texas bluenonnets to take some pictures. The bluebonnets only bloom for a short time....this is our first spring here, so we need to preserve the moment....do a toast to us back at home! cheers!

Lisa Oceandreamer

I love this, I love how you are making personal references so that we are along with you. Fifi's shop window is perfection...although Fifi is not her real name. Her real name is actually Sally and she's from the US. For years she saved every dime she made for a trip to Paris. She started even before she graduated from high school doing odd jobs. All she could think of was going to Paris. She didn't attend college so she could just keep working and stayed at home to save money. She was a talented seamstress and would in the late hours of the night design clothing. Time went by and soon she turned 25 and knew it was time to either give up or go for her dreams. With the encouragement of her friends and especially her mother, Sally decided it was time. With two pink suitcases, travel easy clothes, a passport, a guidebook, all the money she'd saved and her own determination she booked her flight.....


such beauty!! Im enjoying this little visit...the bridges are so beautiful , Pont Alexandre III is stunning!!!
cant wait for more gorgeous pics!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Paris is ALWAYS a good idea...and a picnic.....I`m in...wait for me...


You certainly are spoiling your readers on all those wonderful pictures. When they come to Paris, they'll be very demanding and will expect so much...
Poor guides! Can you imagine them with a whole group of American tourists + a couple of Aussies (and more) asking for "the column with the angel's wing" or "the chocolate chandelier" ???
Now if the guides manage everything in their tours, they will have to be very generous - tip wise...


By the way, I'm ready for the picnic in les Tuileries. Shall I bring the flasks?
I shall also bring a model sailing boat to keep us busy by the fountain...


Interactive postcards, we can't ask for a better guide! Hope it'll stop raining for you tomorrow so you can enjoy a lovely picnic, otherwise I'm afraid you'll just have to get yourself some chic parisian chaussures :)


You have such a wonderful ideas Cory! These postcards are fabolous :)


I visited Paris 3 times as a teenager.Staying with a different penfriend each time.I loved seeing it through 3 families eyes but each time my visit to Notre Dame was the best.To see the rose window and climb the steps that lead to the roof and overcome my fear of heights to enjoy the view.Awe inspiring.My next favourite is to see Sacre Coeur all lit up at night.Just beautiful.I could go on and on and would love to return one day.Alas hubby is much less enamoured with Paris.

simple me

I have been to Paris twice. Often I miss walking through some of its wonderful arrondissements.
Very rarely when I visit a place I take a means of transport. I always prefer to walk and explore hidden alleys.
Its the best way to discover.


Your postings are truly enchantment.
Happy Palm Sunday.
When Prayers go up
blessings come down.
Rabbit Rabbit
Good luck for us all for the month!
Love Jeanne


I´ll come! Not tomorrow but in the beginning of July.

I´ve rented a small flat in the Marais district near Centre Pompidou - and I´ll go there with my two teenage daughters. We plan to take in as much of the "atmosphere" as possible: we´ll go to see museums, sit at the bars at the riverside - and being a addict and lover of vintage and 2.nd hand stuff I´ll definitely go and hunt at some flea markeds.

I don´t know Paris so I´m very interested in ideas and "must sees". I´m sure we can find the ordinary turist views, like Notre Dame, Louvre etc. so what I´m asking for is advice of places, shops, events of special interest for art and craft persons like me... You´re welcome to contact me at my blog: http://ihanne.wordpress.com/

Pauline Clarke

I've got my camoflauge on, ready for the egg heist. What time do we meet?


What fun it is to see Paris through your photo's. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, when I lived in Aix-en-Provence I visited "Les Deux Garcons" My favorite place was the "Blue Note" tho because you could get a great semi-American burger there and I did when I have a wave of homesickness. Don't know it the place still exists.



What fun to see Paris through your eyes!
May the sun shine down upon you today!


Fifi?! C'est a moi!! Et ou se trouve cette puce, la dernier photo?


This is a most enjoyable tour you're taking us on. Thanks!!


Are you and Carol gonna meet up for some breakfast?
Can't wait for the picnic tomorrow!!!


Yay!! Thank you Corey. They look like they should be illustrated as a poster for French restaurants. You really do take amazing pictures :)


I almost ran to pack my bags and then the hubby walked in...back to reality. You make everything sound so magnificent. I love seeing the world through your eyes.

Sending you hugs,
I wish you didn't have such a problem visiting my blog. I miss talking to you.

Teresa Sheeley

I love everything!!! Oh how I wish I could come on your picnic!! Will the picnic be at a park where people have their easels set up and are painting beautiful pieces of art? That would be lovely!!


I love the walking dogs pictures, Corey. He looks so tough and the dogs look like fluff. What a contrast.


Ooh I remember brunch on the riverboat many years ago. Good food, beautiful signts. One poodle and I went to the vet (in Seattle) yesterday. The exam room had a framed French bistro photo of an old lady sipping tea while her white standard poodle watched. I do love the hunk and canines photo-that is it for?


What a beautiful Easter egg which I would never want to eat! I do have one additional request for a photo if it is not too late... my brother and SIL were in Paris and bought many wonderful toys for my children while there. Are there any toy shops with enticing window displays?


I will be at your picnic...in spirit! Please enjoy some stinky french cheese for me... :)

Have you had any croissants yet?

Southern Heart

Oh, wow! How quickly can I pack?

Delightful photos!

stephanie s

these are quite beautiful... if this is paris in the rain i can hardly imagine what your pictures will be like if the sun comes out. thanks again for taking us along.


Can't wait for tomorrow. That wing, though, was a great photo . . . well, they all are, but that one especially.

Di Overton

I am feeling as though I'm back there. What with you and Carol - Paris Breakfasts - both in Paris at the same time it's a delight.


What a wonderful tour!


pam aries

thank you merci thank you merci! I am lovin' every minute of these pictures! I am THERE ! I am almost crying!!!!!!


quel plaisir de revisiter paris. am enjoying your pics and i'm enjoying a lost my recollections. try to do the boat trip on river seine every time i'm there. too lovely! try to get a shot of eiffel tower at night. or even better a view of paris when you go up on an elevator. we had some sun today, it seems to be heading from east to west. so watch out.


HUN, these are all gorgeous pics but I gotta tell ya, they guy with the multi-dogs..he is in New York City!!
I know that awning on 5th avenue :)

Nancy, aka Bookfool

Wonderful! I feel like I've just had a vacation, myself.

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