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20 May 2007


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It looks ... striking, bound and tied. :-)
Guess he can now eat spaghetti with tomato sauce without having to worry about splatters on his SHIRT!

Dear French Husband. You have my sympathy. Did you know how your life would turn upside down when you visited that gay bar some 20 years ago???????

You make me laugh my lovely friend.
I love you
Love Jeanne

Oh hahaha. You crack me up :) Cheers :)

I love the couple banter :)

In that case, I can't wait to see the next photo of French Husband! Perhaps he will retalliate and buy you a feathered chapeau...

I heard Yann would try anything at least once!
Tell him he would actually look quite handsome in a bow tie.

A bow for your beau..?
Sounds okay to me, something to go with his eyes perhaps...?

I love how you make French Husband your little play doll, LOL.

I wish my brother-in-law thought the same way as your husband. lol He wore a white bowtie with pink polka-dots on it to church when we came to visit. My siser threw it in the garbage. But he bought a new one.

that is too cute....I love the little joking around ....thanks for making me laugh!

This is way too cute...and funny! :0)

You realize that him letting you decorate the house HOWEVER you want is already ahead of the game!! I wish I were that lucky! But now him wearing a bow....that would make quite a picture for the blog! He better sleep with one eye open...

Well-you could always wait until he takes a nap in the chair and put the tie on him when he is unaware. Then do a quick photo for evidence.

Maybe with you ask real nice :o)

I'm mixing up my prepositions. Silly me.

Maybe if you ask him real nice :o)

All romantical ;o)

Perhaps he'd wear the bowtie right after the nose ring is in place? Thanks for a lighthearted Sunday :D

Very cute!!!

I don't know, your photos of your house look pretty good! You may have something there! You could call him professor, if he wears it!!

Tu as raison Corey, qui ne tente rien n'a rien ...

Hee hee... tell him he's won the Oscar and needs to wear one to get it!

so, did you get it and make it for him?

It's good to tease your mate. Keeps the sparkle in his eye.
I would like to see a tie made as you suggest. It might be just the thing for the Tie Quilt I am making.

Oh my...this promises to be fun.....

Corey, you really inspire me. I love reading your blogs. They can make me smile no matter how complicated my day has been. No matter if I get myself into some strange love triangle, have a ton of algebra homework (yeah I am just going to mention right now that I am 13), or if I just can't seem to get a fitted sheet onto my bed (I swear it won't stay... you put one side on and another pops off!).

Anyways what I would like to say is thank you for the words that you write. They have inspired me in more ways than you could know.


delight - indeed you do - always

xox - eb.

My husband has worn a bowtie for the past 20 years... It really is very cute. If you can get a bow around yours' neck, DO take a picture. :-)

The message "Pensez à moi" (= Think of me) on the bow seems to suit the situation - from FH's point of view.
Tell him not to panique, it could have been a lot worse... such as a "jabot" (shirt frill)!

Lol.. this sounds like something my cousin'd do to her hubby! :D

gorgeous collage!
And tell French Husband that your fans really, really want to see him with a bow around his neck!

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