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19 May 2007


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Aimed my arrow at a stone? *chuckle*
Well, not intentionally, I confess. But stone it was. *thathurt*

Wonder how I managed to sign with an M. only? Must have hurt my head when I hit the stone. And I thought, it was the heart. ;-)

I aimed my arrow at a stone on rue Vavin...

This made me smile, I did indeed aim my arrow at a few stones before it finally found my love.

Yes, but is breathing all you want from your stone? Even if you take a chisel and hammer to it - it's still stone underneath!
I say, aim at something squishy, that way you are sure to hit a bit that's soft and gooey!

A few times when I was very young - and it broke my heart - but young hearts heal quickly. And gain wisdom regarding "targets" :)

I aimed at a stone and struck, but it remained a stone.

I aimed at a heart and struck, and found my true love.

and love, and love, and love!!

Must be a pretty strong arrow.

Yes, I think I did and felt like singing with Cyndi Lauper:
"Stone, the world is stone
It's no trick of the light
It's hard on the soul..."

I loved this song - I still do love the way C. Lauper sings it.

"Even a stone can learn to breathe."
Ahh, the faith to leap for what you desire even when it seems impossible. A stone breathe? Impossible! But the courage to try...how miraculous!

Most of my arrows have been aimed at stone hearts. Some have missed thankfully, some have hit and broken, and some have opened wide the stone joyously. To have known love, even once, is to have lived fully. Rebecca

Oh, too many times. At least I've finally learned to recognize a stone for what it is and to choose more wisely instead.

It's good to "go for IT"! What ever your "IT" may be. I like holding on to and sharing my heart shaped rocks.

I know I have!

beautiful! happy weekend c. :)

Beautiful cupid carving, not giving up a stone can indeed learn to breathe.

Oh I would love to spend an imaginary day driving around with you, a picnic basket and our cameras searching-out cupids to add to your collection!

I would have to say that I was the stone who was shot with an arrow - as a kid I broke up with my young boyfriend on Valentine's Day in 1983 (isn't there a law against that)? MANY years later, that ex became my hubby! He kept aiming and finally broke down the stone (me)!

Thankfully God's love can give stones life. I love C.S.Lewis' Narnia series where this happens.

I love when sometimes I have to stare to see.

The carving's so old, it's almost reverted back to its original boring smooth-stone state. Such a cute pic, btw!

Very Romantic!

such a well aimed arrow, corey... so few words with so much meaning for me. "even a stone can learn to breathe".... oh my, my... this line especially made me swoon. thank you.

always great

My aim is true, said Elvis Costello.

Aaah...sometimes, with faith and determination....that which is as hard as stone.........trust me

A man made of stone deserves an arrow!

...that last line is a story waiting to happen.


oh! how I wished I could trust my arrows??

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