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11 June 2007


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Good luck for your daughter. My sister is also in the race ;-)(can we say that ?)
Thanks for your message, i must add that these graffitis were made on walls that were given by the town to that specific purpose. And i agree with you that many grafs destroy surfaces that should exist by themselves, but you know true artists, who respect the buildings, are few. bye !


i can imagine you standing there crying, realising the coming moments of chelsea's flight from the nest. wishing her all succes with the tests!

Paris Chevre

I'm shouting so she'll hear me in Provence in her anonymous classroom...

Even as an adorable kiddie she looks like a Frenchie!


Wishing Chelsea all the luck in the world with her BAC.

What an adorable toddler and now a beautiful young woman.

Those milestones our childrean pass are hard on us aren't they?



Je lui souhaite une pleine réussite !l


Thinking the best for her and her tests. Jail???

My Melange

How adorably french she looks! In the US, we have the SAT's, which are college placement exams, though not as 'controlled', it is still quite stressful. For the last few months of high school, you loose your identity and personality and become your 'score'.....how unimportant that is in later life. Good luck Chelsea!

Hi My Melange,

The French take a test similar to the SAT in the 8th grade. It determines what level they are capable of, and what they can study in the future. Late bloomers have a very hard time in France.
The French BAC is one tough cookie, and your final score is based on it alone.


Wishing your daughter all the best and good luck to you too Mama I know all too well the pain when they spread their wings to fly in my case to Asia.
Love you darling one.
Big hugs
Love your stories.
Love You!


How can Chelsea not do well in her Philosophy exam, she has you for a mother..!
I will be thinking good thoughts for her this week, and I'm sure she will be fine. Her mother will survive too, I found it harder to watch my children GROW through life, than I did experiencing that growth for myself.
I still do, and my baby is 35 in a few weeks..!


The kids can go to JAIL if they cheat????

And why are you glad you went to school in California ;) Trying to tell us something?

It must be so bittersweet to see you daughter growing up and becoming a woman :)


:) Merd... (like people say sometimes in France to give good luck!)

and plenty of happy tears to you.

Love your posts Corey!


Oh, GOOD LUCK to Chelsea with the BAC!!! I've heard about it frommy French friends, it's quite tough! The equivalent in Finland is really serious too, but nothing like that!


Good luck to her.

Sounds like French kids are better prepared than those here in the U.S. Do you find that's the case?


Best wishes for your daughter. She is sure to do well.


Best of luck on the BACs. I bet that Steven is glad that he doesn't go to school in France!

Philosophy? Wow!

Miz Booshay

Hi Corey,
Best wishes to Chelsea!

Do you know the percentage of students who pass?

That would scare me to death!

Have you been pleased with your children's education in France?


What's the name of the Patron Saint of Testing? I'll go light a candle! Tests, just the word makes me nervous!

Your little Chelsea was and is a beautiful person. Happy tears!

I'm glad Frenchhusband had to give her a lift this morning!


Here's lots of good wishes for Chelsea!


Dear Corey, I know that Chelsea will do well on her tests. She has had you and French husband to help and support her learning all these years. Seeing your child enter another phase of life is difficult. My daughter is 36 but still my little girl so I know how you feel. My heart is with you today.


When will Chelsea be done with the testing? How long does it take to get the results? Good luck on the exams Chelsea.


Good Luck to Chelsea!
My little girl graduated high school last Spring... they do grow up before you know it!



Akkk I am glad we homeschool, what pressure. Good luck Chelsea.

Paris Parfait

I remember when my daughter went through the bac - nerve-wracking exams, but she did really well. And so will Chelsea! And yes, it's hard watching the chickies prepare to leave the nest. xo


So precious! They just grow up too fast!



My how time flies. I can't believe she is finishing high school. And I am glad that I didn't go to school in France! Good luck to her. And the pictures are so cute.

ally bean

"how you arrived at the answer is another thing"

So true. I wish more people understood this.

Good luck to her. The mere talk of test taking makes me shake.

Regina Clare Jane

Chelsea is too adorable- how could someone that cute NOT do well on their tests- she's a cinch!


Ahhh -- to be bilingual (trilingual?) in a EU country. Best of luck to Chelsea!


Good Luck to your daughter! It is bittersweet is it not to see them end one era of their life and move on to what ever the future holds. I too am glad my daughter has it so much easier here in CA!


I so share this feeling with you. We are approaching the first wedding in our family. Quanah married this coming Saturday. Life's passages can be very emotional.



yikes, I know those exams are so very hard and stressful. But your girl will do well, she has smart parents and no doubt is smart herself!

I love the pictures of your little French Girl...wearing her French beret and ruffled American socks!

My little girls are all grown up, but I carry pictures of them in little outfits like that around in my heart and mind.

Hope you have a good week, give the girl extra love and hugs.



Oh, I'd cry too! I know she'll pass with flying colors, then you'll cry again! She sure looked precious in her little french outfit. I love two year olds the most :)


Hi Shabby

Where did the years go?


All the best for Chelsea ! I am certain she will do more than well . Believe it or not , I feel some kind of nostalgia after reading about le bac! ;)...


"Good luck to your daughter...she sounds so sweet, kind and very sincere!!




My good wishes will be starting a bit late to do any good today, but they will remain throughout the week.

I was thinking about Chelsea this weekend and wondering if she has made a decision about the near future...


What a sweet little babydoll ! Oh they grow so fast, don't they?


best wishes to Chelsea - those exams are rigorous! - she will do fine - such sweet happy tears - and hugs to you

xox - eb.


I am so glad I didn't go to school in France. Sounds so difficult. I'm sure she will do very well.
You must be such a proud mom.
That picture is adorable.
Good luck to her.


... and that little French girl was so blessed to have you as her mama. Good luck with your exams Chelsea, mine are coming up soon... x


Chelsea look absolutely adorable in her outfit, best of luck to her and what sounds like very tough exams (BAC). You must be proud to see her achieve so much already.

Hello Cruststation

I am. She is more than I ever imagined, and I have a big imagination. A gem and I am lucky to be next to her.


Good luck Chelsea! Whoohoo!

That line about life and math...BRILLIANT!

That is why I adore you.



Good luck to Chelsea!


i have my fingers crossed for Chelsea!!!


Oh, I hope she does so good on her tests this week, Corey. And your post is so touching and true ~ it's just you know you will never have that time again with them, at that age, there's always a new stage in life to be entered into...xxoo, Dawn

Karen Cole

Sometimes they come back.

My 25 year old dear daughter is in the other room doing a project for grad school. She just started at Pratt in NYC for interior design. She is still looking for a place to live. I love that I am once again asking "how is the homework going"?....for alittle while, anyway.


Wishing her clarity during these tests....


What a smart, wonderful girl you raised!

She will do brilliantly then fly off to her next life adventure!


Good luck, Chelsea! Wow - talk about exam pressure! Don't cry, Corey. It sounds like you and Chelsea have a great relationship. She'll be home for holidays (if she's going away to university or college). Better yet, she'll see you as her mom AND her friend.

Betty @ Country Charm

I am so glad I didn't have to take the tests!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope she did well, I'm sure she did......


Prayers for good scores on her exams. :)

They do grow up fast. Mine are still little, but it seems like yesterday that my youngest was born. He's nine and my baby will be two in September.

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Good luck with your exams Chelsea...and a hug for Chelsea`s Mom.....I know the feeling!!!!!

Alison Whittington

What adorable pictures.

Best of luck to Chelsea... or, wait, I think it's supposed to be "Break a pencil," or something like that.

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

Many good thoughts for Chelsea and her sweet mama. xx, JP


You´re so right: Having children is one thing, to watcht them grow and leave home is another thing.

My daughter is passing her examn these days too - but in September she leaves home - and heads of for London where she has just been accepted as an art & design studen.

She´s my firstborn - and I surely know this doubble sweet and sad feeling. I´m proud and melancholic - but most of all: happy on her behalf!


I thought of her all afternoon, Corey ... Hope she could feel the positive energy I sent her.
I was in the car by 6 pm and I could hear the subjects in "philosophie" on the radio.
Not easy... Which one did she choose?
This morning my son's sitting for French (as he's in Première). 4 hours (from 8 to 12).
He told me he would take the bus back home. I said "no way, I will pick you up"
I can't wait, actually... I'm VERY nervous!

My thoughts will hold your son T. By the way folks MN son is a tennis player and a very good one at that!


So....how did it go for Chelsea?

Tell us!


I was listening to France Info radio last night and they were discussing the Philo subjects. I hope Chelsea did well and good luck for the rest of the week!

Merisi's Vienna

Good luck to both of you, Corey! These could be bittersweet moments, but in reality they are such a joy to be able to be live through and be there and see them actually grow up.
One of my daughter's is working towards the Int. Bacc. (besides Am. HS diploma and the Austrian certification), and she had today her math exams. She called, they went well. It always take at luck too, to go forward.
The best of it to all of you,


hello corey
je suis comme vous !mon fils tristan passe son bac de français ce matin
il est loin le temps où je l'ai amené pour la première fois à l'école, sa petite main tenant la mienne...
les enfants grandissent et nous avec eux !


Chelsea will do fine; it's the rest of us that get nervous!! Including me!



I will be wishing for your beloved Chelsea what I always wish for my own, the very best.....

Beijinhos !


I remember when I first learned of the BAC--sounds indeed frightening! I wish your daughter much luck! European schooling, especially that in France and Germany, seems so very different from that stateside.


Go kick some butt, Chelsea.
Hiya Uncle Marty!! I'm given it the best hard boot kick I can!


I hated to take tests~I still do....hope she did well. I'm certain she did!

lauren Mumford

Oh she is just so sweet! Precious photos. Give her my best for her tests will you? So nerve wracking I'm sure!



Hi Lauren! You are back!! I am going over to see you right now!

Chelsea is as cool as a cucumber, she said she is stressed because she is not stressed.



I know this is such a moving moment! My daughter Roxanne has gone through all this just 6 weeks ago and today she's going to hear her results and if she has to make another oral/vocal exam for the case she stands between two marks/grades. I hope not, cause she hates to talk infront of all those examiners! In 4 weeks time she's leaving home to go to Australia for 6 month and then after that again for 6 month to California.
I wish Chelsea all the best and good luck for her BAC examines and also for her future! Hugs Carol xox


P.S. The pictures of the little model Chelsea are just too cute!

Shelley Noble

Those photos!!!! My God, what a sweet sassy cutie pie is Chelsea!

You've done a fantastic job with the kids, and even more JOY awaits you!


Aww!! Congratulations in advance - I'm sure she'll do great :)

simple me

Gosh! This is hard... she will do fine.
What a cute little child she was :)


I hope she passes with flying colors!!



What a darling.

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