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09 June 2007


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That party looks SWELL! The French really know how to throw a party in my experience.
Everything is just right.
Can we have more please?
I wanna party forever...


Your photos are beautiful, really special. Thank you for sharing the Hotel Dieu!

Cheryl B.

So beautiful! Looks like French husband wants you to follow him upstairs to a romantic, shadowy corner! Well...? Did you??? Tee hee! Cheryl


I LMAO at the picture with you peeking out from behind the planter. I didn't realize that's how big they were based on yesterday's photo. You look like you were Photoshopped in there.

And you looked fabulous in your little black dress.


Party on! What fun you must have had and what marvelous photo's you are sharing with us.



What a fabulous place. I'd have wandered around looking at the building more than at people.

My first thought looking at Romeo was to wonder what was up with his hair!


Corey - you are fantastic. I love that you took your camera to the party and had the wherewithall to take those amazing photographs. And I do mean amazing. You have a real knack with the camera...and with the words to go along with it. It looks like you had a great time.

angela marie

You looked fabulous!
The party looked like, "The party of Year!"
Everything was very simple but so very classy. What is that saying? Less is more!

Corey! I love the way you see things. I love looking at your photo's. Your blog is my favorite! Your photo's show a zest for life. It is always stirring something inside me, when I come for a visit.

Muah! Muah!

angela marie

I really want those shoes!


Such great pictures. What fun!

I love the lemons and the texture of the man's shirt (unbuttoned two buttons). You look so cute peeking out from behind the planter!


Oh Corey what a fabulous post. You truly have a special knack for capturing the moment. It was as if we were all there with you.


And you look fabulous


Truly stunning setting. Can I have your shoes? :)


Were you given a tip about the light colours at this party? I think you were... Your sweater colour matches them!!!
An enlightened night !


What a marvelous setting for a romantic evening! Your shoes look perfect for dancing - you didn't mention that, did you dance the night away?


I think you make the perfect Juliet to your favorite Romeo! What a wonderful party setting - like out of a movie!

Di Overton

I love coming to your parties. You really catch the mood in these posts. All that shabby grandeur it's a shame to change it don't you think?


oh! thank you Corey for taking me along to the party - I love parties - especially love the pink drenched castle - mmmmmmmm - and I would have wanted to touch Romeo's hair too - the best part was adorable you - lucky French husband!

xox - eb.

stephanie s

wow, the art and the lighting in that place is wonderful. thank you again for taking us along, it is nice to see how the other half live... and drink, and party.


A little black dress, all a girl ever needs! Love the pic with you coming out from behind the ginormous planters (wowie zowie, those are HUGE), you look lovely and yes, I want those shoes too! :)

That building is so gorgeous. Is that sunset turning it that lovely coral? Breathtaking!

I got such a kick out of Romeo and Juliet, so much fun! There is always romance in your posts.

Thank you so much for sharing your evening out with us Corey! Your posts are always so intimate, one feels as though they were there with you and what a wonderful time we all had. :)


ooooh! the pink light is dreamy. they know how to throw a party, but you know how to show a party.


i am right now planning my first annual soiree...everyone should have a soiree

what walls in the hotel....people pay me to paint their walls like that here in the US...and i love the little black dress with pink sweater...blessings, rebecca

Linda Harre

You are such a MASTER OF THE CAMERA!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your evening....one that I will never experience first hand:)


This looks like something from a movie or a fairy tale. I love the way you've capture the feel of it with your photos. And all the pink isn't lost on me--love it!

How cute are you popping out from behind the planter :)


That is the kind of occasion I always dream of going to (once I get the most figure flattering camoflauge/er dress). You look very cute by the large planters. The sweater color is perfect and all of the pics are magazine worthy. Thank you.


Looks like it was an amazing party! And you looked great btw! At first I laughed when I saw Hotel God but its quite impressive and perhaps worthy of such an egotistical name!


Oh, Corey! Thank you for taking us to the party! How very beautiful you and French husband are. ;-)


Stunning on every turn, the candles, garland, lighting...such a lovely farytale setting to remember. You look fabulous! You are great at documenting perfect moments, if I ever need a photographer at my wedding it's be you :)


Absolutely exquisite and divine!


I think I'd get lost in some kind of rapture in that beautiful building, at that event. Great pictures!

I don't think it's a fib to say your are a journalist because you are published, and you have readers, so there you go.


Mama Mia! Can I say that on here? Wow! You two both looked amazing (as always) and LOL about French Husband getting looks from a man...and your reply...how funny. Love the whole setting and yes you are a journalist...your salary just doesn't reflect it (yet) :) Neither does mine.

Lisa Oceandreamer

A Corey by any other name would still be as sweet...clothed in her finest...she sees through eyes of cleverness and beauty. She walks amid the throngs of party goers capturing sights..sights others probably never stopped to notice. Romeo, looking dashing, walked amid the throngs as well. He, too, took in the sights and sounds of splendor at the fete...but the sight he drank in most was of his Juliet. As he looked down from his place on the staircase he felt as though her were floating by the sight of her. Her smile and her playfulness were intoxicating. Of all the attendees it was the French Romeo and the American Juliet that gave the event it's true splendor. :)


I love the last photo best of all... your Romeo! Actually, the sweet lady with the magic black dress and fancy pink sweater is just as wonderful!!! ;)


I am so jealous I could spit!!!
You lucky lucky woman. Surrounded by grandeur and divine decadence. Well deserved too, I hope you enjoyed it!!!
Thanks for the virtual tour of the party!


The prettiest party ever! It's the building and the lighting casting different colors all over the walls. So unbelieveable.
Of course you look sepurb in your safty net ensemble! So does Frenchhusband.
Thanks for taking us along and letting us spy. I love being a fly on the wall.
Also noteworthy: The draped foliage and flowers and the strung lemons, and yes Romeo was worthy of your flirt!

My Melange

Love, love those shots! I am a sucker for an iron staircase! Wow...that is a massive party! How many of those people did you know Corey? Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?


I love all the lighting in there !! simply msgical

Paris Parfait

Lovely photos, Corey. It looks very much like a Parisienne party!


Oh Tara,
In Marseille that would be an insult. Marseille is far far too proud to be compared to Paris.


Can we have all of next week at the soiree..I mean party too?
Can I borrow your pink sweater to wear with my lill black whatsit?


This post is how my life would be if I could dream in perfection. Stunning. C'est encroyable.

p.s. I may blog about this post.

Mlle Smith

MROWWW!!! What a handsome barman! Woohoooohooo! :0)

Your hubby looks so dapper in his haberdashery chic and you look absolutely beautiful in your LBD and those very adorable mary-janes. I LOVE those shoes! And how appropriate, breaking up the monotony of all black with a flash of pink! :0)


You are definitely living

"La vie en rose"


Aren't we lucky to have a peek! And don't you look so beautiful (great legs, by the way).


Love that party!!
You both look so cute.
Hope you had a fun time.
Everything looked grand.
Have a wonderful weekend!


I absolutly love the building!!! Old buildings like those are so beautiful. Cute shoes by the way :)


Love, love, love these photos, Corey... a pleasing sequence. It felt almost as if I was there.
take care, g xo


you are a great storyteller! and funny..loved the Romeo and Juliet :-)
thanks for sharing, it brought smiles to my face. bless you!


I had to - come visit -

xox - eb.


YOU are such darn FUN! What a beautiful night amongst beautiful people...the one with the pink about her shoulders* most beautiful of all! I think I would like to laugh with her until my stomach hurt!


WOW. And wow again! Everything looks so elegant. From the pink lighting details to the stacked lemons, gosh darn it the French know how to dress up! And, Corey, you look beautiful and oh so cute in your little black dress and raspberry sweater - especially while peaking from behind a huge planter! Glad you had a great time. :)

Tara Larsen Chang

What a gorgeous building! You both look great - and it looks like fun was had by all. :-)

I think my favorite part, however, is the oversized planters. I've never seen pots that big!


great candid shots! You look fabulous - love your shoes!
That waiter looks like my husbands nephew haha at wanting to touch his hair!!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

What a fantastic event...lovely to see it through your eyes!!!!


What an amazing evening! such beautiful architecture and ambiance to boot.


Again, you have captured the party perfectly with your fabulous photos and just the right words to describe everything. Love it!
You are too funny and you look beautiful too! I like those huge planters. Hide-n-seek with French Husband; a definite way to keep things alive!
The lighting was really spectacular against the building. Glad you had a great time.
it's so good to read your blog. I'm still in awe of your "touch". It is so unique and special.


you make me wish i was there! and that mr. handsome story cracked me up!


Hah! Corey, you and that planter were made for each other. No one else could have turned them into a vital component of a game of Peek-a-boo.


Bossy could almost feel the air. What great photos, perfect. And, uh, French Husband? He's what my 85-year-old Aunt from New Jersey would call "A Living Doll."


Brilliant photos as always.


::giggle:: Oh, Corey....I love how you always seem to have a smile and a song in your heart... :)

simple me

Hello sweet lady!
You look cute on that little black dress with a touch of pink :)


You look beautiful. I love your little black dress...a classic!


Great post - I really enjoyed it. I loved the photo of the waiter's hand resting on the table - a seemingly simple photo that conveys so much.
I also loved the "faded grandeur" photo (or as I unromantically like to call it, decrepitude).


Magnificent place for a party! It's like from a James Bond movie, really!! And you looked great!!



Thank you for the pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful time. You made it feel like we were there. And you look wonderful in your little black dress!


oh, sigh...what a dreamy location. Very chic, very French.

Might I say that you looked lovely, the littel Black Dress is working for you. It is the SHOES, though, that are tres sexy!!

Thanks for being our spy, scouting out all the best of the glamorous party.
(your comment section is like a party in itself for this post!)


I enjoyed this post so much!

You look beautiful in your little black dress. The pink is a fabulous addition!

My little black dress is ankle length! It is indeed, my safety net. So much so, I'm wearing it to my daughter's wedding in November...with the addition of a spiffy jacket, of course!

Every visit here, is wonderful!

Back Porch Musings


Wow! All of it wow!
And Wyatt it s with me, and he really liked the lemons. ;)


JanePoe (aka Deborah)



what a FABULOUS, FABULOUS post...and my favorite part???



oh, OK...I thought you coming out from behind the big planter, in your GORGEOUS black dress was oh-so-cute too!

Linda Harre

Look at you.....aren't you adorable! One Hot little Mama!


Fabtastic photos Corey!
I especially like the one of you beside the giant pots, like Alice in Wonderland. At that photo of Yann standing on the big stairs, perfect colors and the iron work is so beautiful!


wow corey!!!

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