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30 July 2007


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Congratulations and a toast to you all bright beautiful and gorgeous women.
The most lovely pictures too.
Love you
I am so proud to call you my friend.
You are so loving and so loved.
Love Jeanne


I'll bet that was the best party in Northern CA this past weekend. All that beauty and creativity in one place - WOW!



*B e a u t i f u l*
What a wonderful day you all must have! The spirit of real friendship lingers days after they have gone...


Add yourself to that list, and give your name bold red letters, Corey--you create art everytime you sit down to write and photograph!

My Melange


ohh la la....that cleavage! Looks like you all had a great time celbrating creative women! :)


How beautiful! how funny! how mad! how enjoyable!...

what a party!
what a bunch!

Tell me, Corey, are you trying to compete with your nieces there???

Thank you for sharing...


VA VAAAAAAAAAAAA VOOM! W@@WZA!!!! ahhh never too much! tehehhehe! How fun to meet up a memory to last forever:) xo


Oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who zoned in on your cleavage, LOL. Let me compliment you by saying I'm SO ENVIOUS of that cleavage of yours!

What a fun whimsical party that looked like.


You truly exist in a magical world...I need to take some lessons from you. Always special.

Connie W

Darling photos! Looks like a fun time was had by All. Really, really cute!


Gosh, what a party. How fun to dress for it in such delightful attire!
You all look so happy and in the moment.
Of all those present I vote you most likely to dance on the table...LOL


Oh what fun! What a creative bunch in one spot! I want to hear the conversations, the music, and taste the menu too! Did you guys craft anything?


The room must have been buzzing! All that wonder and charm in one place!

It seems that you make the most of very second of every day of vacation!


A gathering of kindred souls.
I can imagingine the conversations on home decor, art and travel.
Thank you for sharing.


What a fun party! Thanks for sharing with us!


Ooh La La! ;-)

Pam Aries

What a feast for my eyes! Sounds like the BEST kind of party! ..uh, I would be the loud one singing and dancing! ha! .. How fun to see all the cool art and the beautifully decorated homes ! I am loving it all! Thank you for sharing! You all look like Queens of Fabulousness! ha! (( Kiss kiss ..hug hug! ))))


Nothing like a gathering of goddesses to honour and celebrate our creative energy! What wonderful pieces and beautiful photo's.


I wish I could share this party with you . It gives me some ideas to have a kind of similar party in France !! What do you think about it ?


It looks like a good time was had by all! I can just imagine the energy that was flowing all around you, with all of the wonderful, creative minds that were there.
You all look adorable. :)

French Mountain Dweller

Just goes to show that parties are only as good as the people that you party with!


Ooh such gorgeous photos- I'm so glad I've found your blog!! I'm going to peruse it properly right now...

Paris Pest

SOME people get to have all the FUN!!!!

Donna O'Brien

Oh my Gosh, Corey- What a stunning bit of photography here. You captured the day perfectly- Wasn't it the best time!!?? It was so wonderful to meet you in the flesh- I loved your humor, honesty,treasures, story of Shelly (Hi Shelly- I call you the flow blue gal in my mind xo)and of course, Mary. Ah....wouldn't we all want to have her spirit as we mature. Oh wait...YOU DO!! What a great group of gals Lauren gathered up. Memeories and friends made.Happy!


That looks like a fabulous party with great friends. Was your mind overwhelmed from the creative ideas that were coming forth? Mary looks just as lovely as expected.

angela marie

How fun!
You all look lovely!
Oh! I am envious!

You surround your self with lots of love and girl friends! That is one of the best kind of parties!


Ohh my gosh, it looks like a party to remember. Yesterday, I noticed it was 1 a clock and thought of all of you. I could picture you all sitting around laughing, eating, laughing, and more laughing. I sent happy thoughts your way. I have to tell you, it would be hard though I would spend sooo much time just staring at Lauren’s beautiful home. What a special day and special memories xoxoxo Clarice


Wow...what a creative, very lovely bunch!!! The time you all must have had...



OH COREY! You truly found the best details to remember! What a day, I am still spinning from the whirlling fairy dust! So delightful to meet Mary! and hear more about Shelly!! (Hi Shelly!!!!) And truly to be with you again - lets not let time slip away too fast this time we create more memories to share! Hugs and Kisses!!!


My goodness, what a gathering of talented women! I adore the type of gathering you describe where all can be themselves and laughter rules.


Corey... it was such a special day and your pictures are a window into the looking glass that Lauren created for us all! Meeting you in person was a delight, as well as Mary, and Shelly (a hello to you!) and all the other lovely ladies who graced the day! If any of you are thinking this looked like fun... do it!!!! Have a party and invite those creative sparks that liven your life!!!

Paris Parfait

It looks like such fun - a bevy of talented ladies sharing magic and friendship. Lovely photos!


What a joy to see you all gathered in one place. You all look gorgeous. Friendship does that.


Dear Corey
I was thrilled to take just a little journey through the looking glass with you and all of the enchanting ladies. Your photos are a window into your soul and your heart shows in every image and now I am so lucky to have seen that you are truly real and not just a magical fairy sent to bless us all. Thank you for your lovely company and your heartfelt tales and for introducing us to Shelly who I will think of everytime I post. (Hello dear Shelly!) and your dear dear fairy godmother Mary. I loved every minute of it!

Regina Clare Jane

How lovely, all of you!


What a great group of Enchanted Women!! Every one looks festive, fanciful and fabulous in their crowns, hats, pink shoes, ribbons and sparkle. Can't wait to see every one else's photos too. What a Fun One!!


hmmmmm? I'm sorry did you say something....?


(p.s. beautiful photos!!!)


what a happy happening!! such a great meeting full of creative women. making friends from blogging is fabulous! you all look gorgeous!!


Hot diggity dog! Oh my, so many wonderful ladies whose artistry and words I admire and love to spend time with on their blogs. What a lucky and blessed duck you are Corey! Thank you for sharing the day with us. :)


Wow, Lucky you!!


Enchanting is the word that comes to mind with each photo, each word, each face, each smile, each fabulous outfit. What a truly magical day you all had together - one I am sure none of you will ever forget. THAT is truly the way friends, old and new, should gather! AND look at your Fairy Godmother, how gorgeous is she! I am sure she loved being a part of the day!


Looks like you had such a great time, what a fun-looking artsy group you are! Thanx for sharing all the eye candy with us!

amalee issa

What a lovely post, and kindly consider yourself tagged!



Will you please tell me how I can grow up to be just like you? With the fairy-Godmother and the dressing up artist friends - you have such a beautiful life! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


What a fabulous time you're having!

la vie en rose

oh how fabulous...and magical...and whimsical...and soul nourishing...


oh oh oh! Are you wearing the pink shoes from your godmother's house...yes, yes, you are! you're adorable xoxo

simple me

oh it must be fantastic to meet blogging friends...hi there! :)


Oooooh...I soooooo wish I could have been there, too, Corey!!! What a fabulous day!! I'm so happy for you all. :)


This is truely a magical group of women and creators. Corey you are adorable! Your lovely godmother...does she have a sparkle magic wand in her purse or tote because her home and her spirit are magic! So are you! What an inspiration and blessing you all are! A FORCE to be reckoned with! :) xxxooo


What a glorious group of beautiful women. So much talent! You made me smile and enjoy seeing all of you. ;-)


Yeah for cleavage!!!! We gotta flaunt what we got...The older I get the more I believe in deep v necks!!! Love your haircut...very cute. Your godmother's house reminds me very much of my Mom's place. A little treasure in every corner. Looks like you had a blast with your cool friends!


The Decorated House

What wonderful posts of your journey home. Thanks for sharing all these magical moments. What a bunch of beautiful ladies!

Sharon at American Harvest

It was such a delight to meet you and Mary yesterday. How lucky you are to have such a regal Godmother. Whenever I see "flow blue", I will always think of Shelly. What a great friend you have in her. (Bonjour Shelly!) I want to hear more and more about your experiences as an American living in France. France is calling me back, so hopefully I will be able to visit you in Provence in the near future. I've got to keep saving those air miles! Thank you for sharing the day with us in Wonderland! Sharon


Ohhh such a stunning gathering of gorgeous, talented, women ...Mmmm my invitation must have been lost in the post ... if only!!! The joy and delight you all shared shines through. Thank You Corey for your generosity.


Oh my oh my dear Corey I'm so happy for all of you who have been part of Lauren's magical Wonderland tea party! I get goosebumps too by looking at you fabulous photos! Love all the little artisitc peeks! Thank you for sharing! *Sigh* Wonderful! Hugs Carol xox


What a wonderful bunch of talented ladies, what a fun party you must have had. The costumes and artwork are delicious eye-candy...I bet you all felt like little girls again :)

Steph W

Beautiful is what you all are!


oh what a fun afternoon tea- im glad lauren wore her socks-singing and skipping love jo

kristen robinson

Oh Corey it looks like you had a lovely time such wonderful photos I so wish I had been there I knew I should have jumped on a plane.


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

How absolutely wonderful!!


Pinch me...., was it all a dream? I'm still in the after glow of the wonderful time that I went into with all of you at Laurens home and the surprises that awaited us, for our eyes to feast on everywhere we looked, soooo much inspiration and fun! Thank-you god child for transporting me there.xo to all!


looks like a pink sky dancing day to me -scrumptious!!!!!!!!!

xox - eb.


Looks like those Pink Snowflake shoes brought you to a magical land.

(the cleavage is ok, you are partially French now!):)


You are the picture of ladylike decorum - and joy! What fun this gathering must have been!


Well, at least you have cleavage :)


Toutes des Reines de beauté ! Bravo l'idée de se réunir c'est très chouette !!!

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