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31 July 2007


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Well, I feel SO pleased my son did not ask me this very question !!!

He asked me so many others too ...!




Aww...such an intelligent question, your son is a spirited one.


How very sweet.............
The most beautiful words.
MOM.....or CHILD.........
treasure every moment you share with them....as I know you do.............
Love you


Very nice; and nice photo under "My Family Album" too.

ally bean

And how did you answer the question?

I wish I had the answer to that one. All sane people do, I suppose.


I have to hand it to you Corey, you always come up with lovely, thoughtful posts.


I love that Sacha.

I'll bet if he grabbed a guy's hand and said no, the guy would be so confounded, he'd forget all about fighting Sacha.


At 35 I wish I knew the answer to that one!


It is admirable that Sacha is already thinking about these things.I'm still wondering that question myself.

Nice Hands!!


My first thought is that its always okay to say "no"--it's what we teach, isn't it? Especially when we want younger ones to realize that they have a voice and can speak when something is going wrong for them.

Turn the other cheek, though, is also what we have been taught. Is the application of these so subtly different that we don't know when to use which?

I'm not sure I can make it explicit though I certainly apply each at different times...but asking the question has got to be a good idea.

Meilleurs voeux!!

Pauline Clarke

You are so kind, TICA - surely that kindness has rubbed off on your children. Sacha will know.

angela marie


with Gods help!

Ann V @ Holy Experience

John 16:13
"But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes,
he will guide you
into all truth.
He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears,
and he will tell you..."

So, we listen, yes? And then know.

Much love, dear Corey.
All's grace,


Good question.


What a wise question! Sacha certainly exhibits his parents' intelligence and sensitivity.


and you said.....?
He really does think, that boy!!

I have a real thing about hands, those are amazing!


Ah, I remember 15 well. It's a ponderous and seeking age. Did the two of you explore the question?

The image is so perfect and befitting the question I think Corey. I see white and black and shades of gray. From my perspective, nearly all of life fits into shades of gray, with very few absolutes.

And I sure didn't know they used molds to make gloves. Duh! Taught me something new again Corey. :)


Bossy has to "hand it to you", that is an amazing photo.


What did you tell him? I'm 34 and I still don't have that one figured out!


Those are the types of questions we like to hear form our teens, aren't they?

Those are the types of questions that show what wonderful parents he's had!


Kids sometimes ask the hardest questions.


What a fantastic question.

I would tell him, if he were my son, to trust himself. Listen to the inner voice and do what is right for him.



Are you going to tell us tomorrow what you said?


Lovely photo and wonderful question Corey. I'm looking forward to hearing your answer.



Awesome photo and question combination. Wow.. being a parent isn't easy, is it? They teach you so much, don't they?


oh the hands...i have three of these and three black ones with straighter fingers...your son must be as creative as you...blessings, rebecca



xox - eb.

Fine Bessot

Hello ! I'm sorry, but I don't speak english very well... Je suis française et je viens de découvrir votre site, je le trouve très beau. Vivez-vous encore en France ? Et où ?
Je reviendrais vous voir très vite et je vais vous mettre dans mes liens. Amitiés. Fine.


quite powerful image those hands....

we lead them, then we let go...


What a thought-provoking - and yet somewhat heartbreaking - question. What a deep thinker your Sacha must be...

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