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29 July 2007


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There seems to be a party every day over the ocean ...!

Shall I get changed? I think it better to leave my "Fantômette" costume...
Now which one shall I choose? the mad hatter? or the Cheshire cat...???
Being a teacher, I believe the mock-turtle suits me better !!!
Tell your godmother so that she does not put me in the soup when I meet her at the door!


PS I just as well can play the birdie to reach that last cup...
Amazing house !!!


Oh...I imagine that sleep would be so sweet atop a flower bed! Your pics and posts are quite delightful. I just discovered your blog, and look forward to visiting again soon!

Lindy :)


A woman of exquisite, unique taste... much like yourself!
If my mother saw the dresser full of teacups she would be thinking of what a job the dusting would be!


i'll be there right away, count on me. :O amazing!!
this is truly a wonderland of treasures. it all looks like themes from a fairy book, filled with stories to tell and memories to share.
wonderful post corey! sending all my regards to godmother from a dutch valley girl.


Oh, such beauty. A true fairytle coming to life before our eyes...

Betty Jo

What an enchanted home. I love everything you've shared, especially the flower bed on the porch. xoxo


Heaven for you and such a glorious home full of love and treasure troves..........
How lovely ...........
I am sentimental about everything and if it were not for my children and husband
I would hang on to everything as they all have a precious memory.
Love you darling one.


The first thing that popped into my head was "treasure trove", but I see Jeanne had the same idea too :)

It's really what it is. I would be fascinated to go through and see what your godmother has in her home.


Corey, your Godmother's home is wonderful! The flower bed, vintage towels, and to die for shoes!


You are the lucky one, down the rabbit hole!

Paris Parfait

Ah, a sleeping porch! Haven't seen one of those in ages (other than Savannah) but they are wonderful! And your godmother's house is bursting with a treasure trove of goodies. Thanks for sharing little glimpses with us.


Would I like to visit? why, yes please, thanks for the invite! What a beautiful and magical home, your Godmother's eye for beauty is worthy of any Martha Stewart. It really is a feast for the eyes, and I adore your family's sense of humour when it comes to home decor.


Lets see, it is not quite 5 a.m. here by the Bay. If I hurry I should be there for brunch.

There's a real danger that once in the door I may never leave.



Oh Wow your Godmother's home is absolutely gorgeous, I bet she is wonderful too.

Karen Cole

I'd call her a "fairy godmother". Someone out of a fairy tale for sure. No wonder you have such an enchanting blog, Corey.


I absolutely agree with "Karen Cole"...

Miz Booshay

I love the flower bed.
And sleeping on a porch sounds soooooo dreamy.

I think I shall make one of those cups for the birdies here in Wisconsin :o)

I'm so happy for you Corey!


Your Godmother must surely be a Fairy Godmother all she has to do is wave her magic wand and your in a plce of fairy tales. Sleeping Beauty in her flowery bed, Cinderlla with her pink slippers and an invitation to a Madhatter's tea party - wonderful!


that bed looks wonderful. as always your blog is a visual feast of beautiful imagery.


I wish houses still had porches. My grandmother's house did but it was nothing like yours. I think I see where this talent of yours comes from.


oh i would love to visit...and pick a cup...and savor the surroundings...this is how i want to live...blessings, rebecca


Wow! That's a fantastic house! I love the flower bed...I collect and use vintage floral sheets as well.


Lucky birds!
I wonder if they'll paint that pretty cup?
Thank you for taking us along!


Honestly, Corey. Between your mother and your Godmother's houses, it's not difficult to see where you come by your charming and enchanting style.


Corey - how truly delightful! And I am so thrilled that your Godmother will grace our presence today! Cannot wait to meet you in WONDERLAND!

Theresa-Garden Antqs

What a beautiful tour of your God Mother's home. You have a beautiful blog. Happy Sunday to you, Theresa

Sharon at American Harvest

The porch reminds me of my Grandmother's house. I slept many nights in her screened-porch. I loved it then and I love your Godmother's porch too.


ahhh just like the sleeping porches here in wi (cept you'll find it a tad bit more lodgey and less flowery:( that godmother mother and you oh my what a whimsical delightful threesome you all make! I would love to wake up on that bed with the fresh air and sunlight being the first thing that greats me! xo

angela marie

Reading everything and seeing your posts on your childhood and godmothers home, I can see where the seeds that were planted in you that have come full bloom come from!

Beautiful wonderful you!


Oh you lucky Corey to have *landed* at Wonderland and be hosted by Miss Alice herself! I am pea green with envy, wishing you all a lovely day!


We want a photo of her closet with the prom dresses and shoes! You are surrounded by beauty and wonderful people Corey. Thank you for sharing your life and photos.


What an interesting family you have...and I mean that in the best way!

It seems that the enchantment that you pass on was given to you by your mother and god-mother!


Hello Corey , I understand why you are an antiques' addict !!
This house is incredible .


One feels the love exuding within your family, both in California and France. You are a very, very fortunate person along with those surrounding you.


her home looks like it's a story book! :-)

My Melange

That would be my favorite place to have a tea party!


You certainly picked the right Parents and Godmother.
It looks like your Godmother has had an influence on your life.
Her house is dreamy...I love the way she displays her milk pitchers.

Sue K.

Exquisite. I am transported...on a day I truly needed transporting.


Your godmother's home looks like a wonderland and an enchanting treat for the senses. Prom dresses, teacups, a FLOWER bed - what a GRAND idea! Oh to be able to wander about in awe and absorb it all. Lucky you to have those women in your life - (your mom and Godmother). I am so happy you shared this.
Your visit is filled with love.


Please...can I come for tea? I will leave enchanted, happy, and fulfilled!
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderland.


Was all that REAL? Or did I just DREAM it?!?!


What a beautiful, charming, & absolutely homey home your godmother has. I know you must have been relishing the time.

Southern Hospitality


wow! i don't even know here to start.. those towels! those tea cups. how beautiful!


I would *love* to come visit. Sounds like just the ticket; a place where dreams come true (or at least start).



why am i NOT surprised
that you have a fairy godmother?

if you sleep in the flowerbed,
do bluebird sing you awake
and then make the bed up for you
the next day?

i was just wondering,
lucky girl.



Hi Corey! I absolutely love the photos taken at you Godmother's (a fairy Godmother with a twist of Alice in Wonderland).It's certainly a place I'd feel happy to take tea in.I love the fact that you describe it as a touch of marie Antoinette, Betty Boop and Martha Stewart.A wonderful post as usual!


oh my my y...that flower bed is amazing! :)


What's the address. I'll be there in about 10 hours.


She is like a fairy godmother. What fun. I love that bed!


The vintage teatowels remind me of my mom and grandmother. What an enchanting place.


What a lovely, precious, wonderful home!! I want my home just like that!! Comforting and inviting. You are a lucky girl to get to sleep in the "flower bed"



Is that Heaven? If it's not... I hope that's what the real Heaven is like!


What a treasure trove of wonders. You could get lost in there exploring!
The teacup suspended on the pipe in the garden would be fantastic with a lit tealight in it at night.
As for the double chin and the big nose, perhaps you are the only who sees it, because your beautiful and that goes for the inside as well as the outside. I don't think people see our flaws as much as we see our flaws.



When did you get so "BIG"???

I guess I've been working way too hard...I missed the EXPOLSION!!!


A party? Did I hear party? I would be delighted to come!

Corey...love your photos!

penny willoughby

No wonder you are so amazing, you come from artistic stock.
Thank you for sharing your trip back home with us.


What a magical mystical place! I would give almost anything to sleep on a flower bed on the porch. And to pick a pitcher off the doorway and, well, I could go on and on. You are truly blessed! Oh, and yes! I would love to come! I'd like to meet the woman who put this home together.


I'll join Marita in sending your Godmother our regards from Dutch Girls.

Corey, what a blessing to have a godmother so inspiring and wonderful!!


oh - flower bed dreaming...roses, violets and sweet pea...rich chocolate earth a mattress of love just plant a little seed and it grows into a field of dreams and possibilities abounding rest here...in this flower bed lay your head on this pillow of lavender hopes of yarrow roads
and travel thus...until you find your home this fairy godmother knows the way xox - eb.

Flea Market Queen

She is a Fairy Godmother! I am so loving her house...absolutely a charmer in every sense of the word!

Connie W

Oh to have a fairy-like-place like that to visit...I love the bed!


My jaw is dropped in sincere awe...yes God matched up the godmother with the god-daughter PERFECTLY!


Ohhh can I move in to your godmothers. Talk about heaven. Although I would probably never leave. Akkkk it is all to lovely xoxoxo Clarice


I feel like Alice...in marie antoinette wonderland...

a visual treat...

Regina Clare Jane

She is like the Fairy Godmother! What a beautiful home! I love the flower bed on her porch!


OMGosh Corey, your Grandmothers house is SO SO cool & gorgeous! And I can see that your talent is definitely genetic, what a creative family you are! Looks like you're having a wonderful time here in the USA!

The Decorated House

The most enchanting post of enchantment received. Loved it!


I loved this post! thanks for sharing such a wonderful place and time.
(I collect pitchers and was tickled to see your Godmother's hanging on the door post.)

simple me

this is like from a fairy tale.


Oh what fun! Your godmother really is a gift from God!

Merisi's Vienna

Oh, yes, I'd love to come visit! Such a beautiful warm home. And if I am not mistaken, this is "my" Laura Ashley flower pattern on the bed. I am sure you must have had sweet dreams.


Oh yes sure I'd love to come! What a truly whimsical and beautiful home! Carol x


OMG! I love her house. That flower bed and all those teacups and everything in that hutch; to die for.


Breathtaking! Dream-like. Heaven on earth. Ahhh..to nap on the flower bedecked bed, surrounded by pink walls that grow gorgeous cups and pots, soft lace curtains blowing in a sea breeze, a beautiful godmother watching over...xxxooo

Steph W

Your adventures remind me of this quote..."The tea table was set under the trees. It was a lovely sight....There were pyramids of strawberries and raspberries...and cakes with sugared icing..." - Consulea, Duchess of Marlborough


Dear Cory's GodMother Mary,
I am also a Fairy Godmother "Beezy" and I would like to be adopted by you to learn the art of Fairyness.
I bow to your amazing magical qualities.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh Corey!1 How wonderful!! I love her house. It's almost magical! That is how I want mine to be when I grow up!! I'm gushing but I am dying to see more pictures!!

sharon (glitterangel)

Wow, what an absolutely amazing house, beautiful.


Oh I wish I could come to visit your Godmother's wonderland! Are you sure she isn't a fairy godmother?
I was scrolling back to play catch-up after being away with my own grandgirls, but I had to stop here at this post, because I'm completely and totally enchanted!


Hi Corey, catching up with your blog tonight and enjoying every minute I sit here reading and every picture I see. You are a gift to my life, do you know that? And... I want to sleep in your Godmother's flower bed on her porch :-)


The bed is...fantastic.


oh my gosh!!!!!! I just loooove your fairytale wonder house! You are an amazing designer(in progress). Hope to see you soon!!!!!!
yours truly,
victobo =)


Oh Corey - you are soooo lucky to have such a wonderful God Mother! Can I share her too? I am absolutely in love with her house, your photos and words are awesome and inspiring! I have alot of those same things packed away but may get them out now. They are absolutely lovely! And the bed on the porch is to die for! :) Marva

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