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29 August 2007


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amalee issa

Chelsea has it about right, my French sleeps inside my head too, until I arrive at St Malo on the early morning ferry and inhale...

Donna O.

Corey- It was so wonderful to meet you and I wish you a safe journey. I'm sure your adopted country will welcome you home with open arms not to mention your handsome husband. Bon Voyage!I hope our paths meet again!
XO - Donna


Thank heavens for Babelfish!


Corey, wishing you and the kids a safe trip home to France.
I've put these phrases away for many moons, maybe one day I can use them? "Je ne comprends pas...je parle francais, un peu." :-)


I get soooo excited when I have a dream in French or Italian. I can't figure out how I can speak these languages so much better in my dreams than when I am awake!
I always wake up so surprised!


wishing you a very happy reunion with FH - have very much enjoyed your californian posts - but now that I am making the long journey from the blue mountains to paris in october I am looking forward to my france fix from you...


Hello Corey, for starters just:
"Je t'adore"
to French Husband is enough!
Have a safe trip home!


Do not worry... no toad, no snake, no rat will come out of your mouth when you speak over here... only roses, diamonds and the like in their French version !!!


Have a good trip back Home . I 'm very excited to see you very soon in France so you will tell me evrything about this fabulous trip .
I'm sure your french words will come back lol


Have a safe trip darling one......
I love your stories and you!
God bless
Love Jeanne ^j^


The Frenchness in her must've taught her how to express herself in English. What an interesting turn of the phrase.


Wishing you safe travels and a joyous homecoming!

Now, I realize that I need to learn another language...


Wishing you a safe return home and enjoyable homecoming!


I got a new computer and have had a lot of trouble getting onto your site -- oh how I've missed you. I feel like I've gone home, now that I've gotten your site back up and into my 'favorites' file. Safe travels.

My Melange

Bon Voyage mon amie!

qualcosa di bello

boun viaggio, corey!!! i have enjoyed your US chronicles so much.

Ceylon Sapphire

As much as I have enjoyed reading about your trip back home, I admit that I am looking forward to living vicariously through your words about life in France.


Well my dear if your French is not better than before...I am sure your language of Love is perfect.

To make sure my meager understanding of French did not stear me wrong...I used Babel Fish and here is what I got.....
"I espere that I can speak French better than front, but I do not think" LOL

I think my meager French was better...J'espere...


Corey, I will be praying for your safe trip home and can't wait to read more of your life in France.


Have a safe flight home!

I'm betting you speak a heck of a lot better french than I would, with my deep southern accent!


Wonderful story, I know you'll all be happy to see French Husband/Daddy when you return.



Hope you have a safe trip home. If you forget any packages in California I can fly to Willows and then to France and bring them to you (oh don't we wish!)


Have a safe journey. Enjoy seeing your French husband !!!!
Love that story about your daughter. So cute!


Bon Voyage!


I'm sure you won't be at a loss for french or english words when you see french husband!

Travel safe!

stephanie s

have a safe and quick trip home...


Have a safe trip home.


Safe travels, Corey.

(does Chelsea dream in French or English?)


Happy travels, Corey!

When my friend was 2 yrs old, her German mother brought her to Germany for 6 months. When they returned home to the U.S., my friend's father couldn't understand a word she said... she only spoke in German upon her return! =)


Bon voyage!

Di Overton

My daughter Charlotte who has lived in Paris now for nearly 4 years keeps forgetting English words and she is 22.
On visiting your blog I was prepared to say - get yourself home now you've been away long enough - and there was the post headed Going Home. Sounded like you had a ball. Safe journey Corey.


Have a safe journey and a happy homecoming!


Oh, that is so cute of Chelsea! And how blessed to have two languages (perhaps more?) sleeping in her head. I can barely manage one. :)

Wishing you a much swifter trip home than the one over and no seat mates chomping M&M's in your ear!

Lisa 'Oceandreamer' S

Bon Voyage dear Corey - I hope the trip home is uneventful and fast! I know there is a husband and father waiting with bated breath for you all to return!(and visa versa)
Hopefully next year will be our chance to meet, I have such regrets not finding a way this time!


Travel well sweet friend!!! And yes, I will see you soon! XOXO


how sweet....wishing you God speed and good travels.


Hi Corey! Such a sweet story about Chelsea and her Papa. Have a safe trip home.


Such adorable words, prepare to awaken your French side dear Corey. Have a safe trip!


Safe travels back to your other home into the arms of your sweetie. Back to the place where a world of new adventures awaits to greet you!


What a cute story....I haven't been by for a while, I just pick a blog or two a day...but as soon as winter is here I will stop by and visit often... I seen some of your treasures on previous posts....looks like your having fun......judy

Sharon at American Harvest

I am so fortunate to have met you at Lauren's home this summer. I hope that you have a safe trip home to France. Don't forget to eat those American Harvest M&M's on the plane. Bon Voyage...


Have a safe trip back home to France, Corey!!


Be safe!!


Happy Travels to you~and a warm welcome back home to a beautiful country~


California's loss is France's gain - and I know French husband will be there with open arms!
Hope your Summer holidays were great fun - looking forward to more wonderful French posts soon.

I plan to go back next Summer to visit my brother in the Minervois - know of any great places to shop for French vintage items in or around Carcassonne by chance, please?


happy happy homecoming...


xox - eb.

Dana Smith

I've spent the day getting my last born all packed up and ready to leave out of here in the morning for her Freshman year at college. We have our SUV packed as well as her's.....to the brim. I've cried all day, wondering what in the hell I'm going to do without her these next months. I finally headed off to bed, exhausted and dreading the impending "leaving scene" on Sat. Before falling asleep I realized I hadn't read your blog today....so I returned to my studio to read today's and yesterday's(lost that day actually) words. I read what you wrote about your friend, Shelley. And it made me realize that leaving my daughter at her college is really ok. Both you and Shelley are blessed to have each other in your lives. I've saved your posting about her....will pull it out and read it when life tugs hard at my heart and clouds my vision of good.
You, dear Corey, with your amazing gift of the quill, most often serves as the little person that sits on my shoulder and makes me see that the glass really is half full.
Dana in Virginia

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

Tes mots français sont vivants et bien.
Peace & love, JP/deb

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