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27 August 2007


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Merisi's Vienna

A beautiful photograph!
I imagine your friend filling that bowl secretly night after night, in order to make you feel that this was a bottomless fountain of love.


How is Shelley doing? Say hello from the blog world.


Dangerous to have candy smiling up at you all day, especially from such a gorgeous bowl. How could you possibly say no to such a winning combination!


HA! A whole lot more "sweet" you to love!

Please let Shelley know that I've been thinking abot her lately and hoping that all is well.

My Melange

So pretty, I would just love to use it for cafe au lait!!!! Tell Shelley hello for us! Hmmm, maybe you are now..preciously, pleasing, plump....like a ripe peach, just bursting with juicy sweetness....;)


I have an excellent beauty tip for you - one I practise every day.
Don't get too skinny - try to keep on the plump side.
It poofs out the wrinkles.
It's true!
My sister is 3 years younger than me - skinny - lots of wrinkles.
Me - desperately late 30's - very round, full face - hardly any wrinkles!!
So eat those lollies - they are keeping you beautiful!!!


The design on the bowl sort of looks like two hands cupped together holding a cross.

Perhaps it's a sign to pray that Corey doesn't pack on too many pounds from eating all of that candy, LOL.


What a lovely way to gain some lbs...I don't remeber how mine arrived...so how can I know how to say good bye to them? ;)


Everyday! Spent with Shelley! That is wonderful! I know she is loving having you there...and her company better than any piece of candy :)


Shelley's a sweetie!!
Safe travels to your other home! May you not have to sit by a man eating anything esp. M&M's.


Without the candy I will notice the bowl, but with...


We will miss you Corey! thank goodness Shelley filled you up - you skinny little thing... Both of you are in my heart! Blessings!!!


Dear sweet Corey, now the dish sits empty and French husband awaits!


And French husband will love extra little bit.


Oh, you how you have enjoyed your visit and how we have enjoyed sharing with you!

qualcosa di bello

this dish may be empty but you are full!!!

thank you for sharing your summer journey with us!


I'm sure he is ready Corey. I'm sure he is happy either way. Have a wonderful trip back to France.


Please say hello to Shelley from me. A good friend is someone who shares her bowl of candy. Have a nonstressful trip back to French Husband. I've really enjoyed your California editions of the blog.

Pauline Clarke

Ah - "and you are just right the way you are..."

Chocolate candies I hope?


A beautiful bowl - I expect it was filled with love and that's not fattening.



Travel well dear, beautiful friend, into the arms of love, from the arms of love...

Ahhh Shelley you are the sweet delight!!!


A simple and beautiful bowl. I'm sure French husband will take you any way he can get you ;-)


Lucky French husband.
The more the better.....and my husband is a happy man :-)


Love the bowl! How beautiful.

Betty @ She's Sew Prettyb

Isn't it wonderful to have a friend who keeps her candy dish filled with real candy?!


I hope it was full of delicious 'French' chocolates...a happy husband you will surely see!


Totally ready, sweety !

You might want to bring a big trailer. I think I might have gained close to twenty pounds surely more.
Mom's cookies didn't help...love handles is such a cute word isn't it?

Regina Clare Jane

Hee hee- I am sure FH won't mind a bit!
I have missed visiting you... but I am here for awhile now...

A Fanciful Twist

Oh boy, do I feel the same these days. Instead of getting skinny from running around outside this summer, I have been indulging.. WHy? It has simply been too hot to go out... And too hot inside to move... So, in front a fan, I have enjoyed one too many treats..... xxo

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

OH wow, I have a similar sweet tooth. That bowl is gorgeous.
Husbands don't mind how big or small we are, only we mind.
(If there is extra, they do love it!)


Beautiful photo, Corey!



Hi Corey! I's sure French Husband will find you
sweeter than ever"! :)


Corey, you're on holiday...Eat, Live, Love, Laugh!!!! :-)


I am sure French husband will love ever bit of the new you!
Indulge!! hugs NG


Reading your post + FH's, I think that your seeing each other at the airport will be something! as if you were meeting first time!
As far as you don't have to use placards, that's ok...


Such a breath-takingly BEAUTIFUL bowl!!!
I'm sure it can only reflect well on those who partake of it's sweet contents.

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