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11 August 2007


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The link to Hide Beneath a Rose is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time.
(It reminds me a lot of one of my favourite films - A Zed and Two Naughts - have you seen it?)
This whole post is beautiful - the flowers are so lovely against the blue of the wall and the sentiment couldn't come at a better time.

across the ocean and land a very good morning to you corey. have a great weekend. lovely flowers in moms kitchen!
thank you for the links, the snails are amazing.

This day is a rose.
Love you

Hugs and smile to you, Corey. :-)

You are SO right!
What is truly amazing is how infinite the capacity of love!

And,how all the love shared with others comes back more forcefully to the giver!

mmmm. flowers! What a lovly sight to see! ..i loved your post from yesterday..of course! I relished every photo!

And today is everything. Enjoy!

Good commandments!

You have such a way with words. I just LOVE coming to your blog to see what you've written. Glad to hear you're having fun in California.

I dub you the Grande Dame of Inspiration!

A good reminder of why we are here...to love and comfort each other.
Dear Corey, I send you a big cyber hug and thank you for your lovely way of giving us hugs :)

I LOVE the youtube video... the song and the footage are just yummy! thanks!

Thank you for starting my day with a 10-mile-wide smile :) Wishing you a magical weekend.

Beautiful thoughts this morning…”hug randomly”…I love that!

You always give us such inspiring thoughts…everyday!!

You are loved!

Good Morning Corey,
Thank you for the gentle reminder, that a smile or hug can change a person's outlook on life. Flowers in my home can do that too!

Hugs and miles of smiles to you and this so very lovely photo.

I second Beachy!!!!

How 'bout a virtual hug, Corey? Did you get it?

I've missed your blog! I love these words and I've missed the beautiful images!

How good it is to see that "Hug Randomly" has it's own web page! There is another page on it for "Random Acts of Kindness". So, if you don't want to do a hug, give a smile - 10 miles wide as you say! Thanks for brightening my morning.

P.S. Just wanted to add that there is a cute "hug" picture on my blog that I put up yesterday. I guess hugging is a common thought this weekend1

What great advice, Corey! Merci beaucoup.

I love all of the links you gave us... what a wonderful post Corey.

You do what you do the best!

bunches of hugs sweet friend!
muah!muah! on both cheeks!

Hi Corey, thank you so much for sharing the Micah Hinson video. It made me tear-up...I have no idea why, the music and imgages were so beautiful together, it gave me goose bumps!

I'm new to blogging just started one a few days ago, and wanted to let you know that yours has been an inspiration to me. Please keep it up! :)

I'm wondering if a wee snail/escargot is lurking on the counter, just waiting to climb up to those flowers for a good munch...

Your blog is so inspiring. :) You always have something fun or interesting to write about and a million pretty pictures to go along with each post. I admire you so.

Oh my! I LOVE the "smile" picture! It's amazing!

Thank you for giving a little bit of inspiration every day! You feed our hearts!

So simple, yet so true!

Beautiful photograph, Corey! Look at those colours!

Today is everything, yes! I like to think of living in this moment, conscious that this moment is connected to all others.

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