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03 October 2007


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Practice restraint; perfect chocolate chip cookies are within your grasp!


Back of the package recipe Toll House Cookies are made here too and just fine.

However, I'll take your recipe for the Roquefort endive tart any time you want to share it.

Please and thank you.


Sandy B.

Funny, I don't make good chocolate chip cookies either, but my daughter, who uses MY recipe makes perfect cookies every time, go figure!


Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life


I feel so bad that you don't have choc. chip cookies! I agree though. My aunt makes the best sugar cookies, and when we follow the recipe they aren't the same!

So what do you do with all the choc. chips that you bring back with you?

Lala Ema

Thank you so much for sharing this video about Dr Pausch...It really made my day.
I haven't had time to explore your blog yet, I discovered it by random, but the photos are BEAUTIFUL and i loved this recent post about "seizing the day"....


Cookies are not my forte...my Mother is the cookie baker in our family...at Christmas she bakes nine different kind of cookies.
I think my Daughter-in-law will take over that task when Mother can no longer peform it...no, no not me :) I will create art with my Grandchildren.

I love the photos and story about Monday cookie baking at your Mother's...such a beautiful and happy family.


oh those look yummie corey! why is it that some people can make cookies and others are banished to endive tarts? :-)))
that recipe sounds like a winner, i would love it too!


Your chestnut soup is to die for!
Now just a 1 inch square of dark chocolate and we've got a meal. ;)


When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, I follow whatever recipe is on the chocolate chip bag I have.

Thanks. Now I'm in the mood for cookies and may make some today, and put on extra pounds.


I'm glad you posted this. I'm in the States and will put chocolate chips on my very long list of things to bring back with me.


Ok, so if you're so darned good at chestnut soup, cough up the recipe !!!!! Sounds good on this crisp morning.

Or how about chocolate chips stirred in to brownies, or banana bread or carrot cake or zucchini muffins or bread pudding with whiskey sauce....yum.

Now I'm officially awake and hungry !


I seldom use chocolate chips when I bake--I prefer getting good chocolate and making chunks. Of course even better than chocolate chip cookies are using the good chocolate to make chocolate candy. :)


Hi Corey:
Mom's are the best, I agree.
I am with Darla about the Roquefort endive tart.
Thank you


No. Fair. Did somebody say Chocolate Chips?


MMmm...delicious, how wonderful to have fresh chocolate chip cookies five times a week :) I like the sound of chocolate chunk cookies too!

Caffienated Cowgirl

I use the Tollhouse recipe too...yet I tweak it because I like my cookies fat and soft. I wish I could say they turn out the same every time, but it's more like 8 out of 10 times.

And yes...share the recipe for chestnut soup!


Hi Corey,
I can't believe that your mother makes cookies 5 days a week. Now that's a mother.
I will have to try the chocolate chips in the yogurt.
Thanks for the tip.
Have a great day!


Is it how you treat the chocolate chips you smuggled into France ? After so much stress at the customs ? Ttt...ttt...they deserve better ! How about simply sprinkling them on top of a simple apple or banana tart ?


How about just eating them by the handful maybe toss in a few raisins and peanuts or almonds! My CC cookies never turn out the same twice either, but no one in the house minds because each batch disappear just as fast as the first. Now all day I will be thinking about CC cookies....guess I will go home and bake some tonight! Hopefully it will not be to late....the girls will thank you if I get them made! lol (so will Steve)


Well I am all for putting chocolate chips (but for me they have to be bittersweet chocolate) in as many things as possible. I will try the yogurt. I get this thick yummy greek yogurt, I will try that. Thank you for the idea. xoxoxo Clarice

Brother Mathew

Mom follows the toll house recipe exactly except for the chips. She only uses half the chips that the recipe calls for which would be 1 cup. Also she insists on using butter. Margarine never had a place in Mom's kitchen and she swears that any baked item using margirine in lieu of butter would be inferior. The reason for half the chips is because Marty and Corey usually had them for breakfast. No kidding.

Brotherly Love, You are telling fibs! MARTY ate all the chocolate chips!! I was too terrified to snitch Mom's supply of chocolate chips (that she hid in the dish towel drawer) as a kid! Duh!


mother's recipes are the best..
and yoghurt chocolate chip..
or vice versa..
is better.. at least in calories =P


It just so happens that the BEST BEST BEST chocolate chip cookies are made by City Bakery in New York.
AND they use CHUNKS of excellent chocolate instead of boring old chips. And when they melt in your mouth you think you've just gone to heaven.
So try the CHUNKS :)


OH!!! I love warm gooey chewy chocolate chip cookies better than anything in this world! And chocolate chunks, the bigger the better, are scrumptious in them. Life is all about the chocolate. :)

Here's an easy treat for those chocolate chips Corey and no measurements required. One time I had left over bits and pieces of puff pastry and I laid chocolate chip cookies on the center of the pieces and folded the puff pastry around it, sprinkled sugar on top and baked it and YUM YUM YUM! Nummers!


I am not a very good baker, so I feel compelled to follow recipes for cookies. My favorite recipe is "Cowboy Cookies" from one of my favorite (and unfortunately OOP) cookbooks: _Goddess in the Kitchen_. It makes 4 dozen cookies so you can share them with a lot of friends. If you go on Amazon.com, you can search inside this cookbook and read the recipe- its on pgs 60-61.

Betty C.

Corey, I find chocolate chips very easy to find in France now -- they've been in major supermarkets for years, even here in Aveyron. But maybe you accept no replacements for Toll House -- admittedly, the tiny French "pépites de chocolat" aren't quite the same...

I think I would rather fly to California and eat my Mother's chocolate chip cookies than buy "pepi. de chocolat."


Whoops! I just reread my post and I made a goof in it ... it should read, place *chocolate chips* on top of the puff pastry (not CC cookies! doh!!! I got all excited and carried away with the CC cookies!).

Happy Chocolate Day!

Oh no!! Now you tell me! The CC cookies are in the puff pastry which is in the oven!


Your blog is so inspirational. I was feeling down this morning and your posts have made me change my attitude. Please post your recipes for chestnut soup, and Roquefort endive tart!!!

Brother Mathew

So that is where she hid those.

A Fanciful Twist

Chocolate chip cookies 5 days a week??? My oh my, oh joy!!!


5 days a week...i am up for adoption...would you like a sister??? i make really good cookies...blessings, rebecca


These definetly are looking mighty tastey! They look like little chocolate chip macaroons!


These definetly are looking mighty tastey! They look like little chocolate chip macaroons!


Oh no! Are you being funny Corey or are you serious? ACK! I'm so sorry for my blunder. I feel bad ... but also curious because puff pastry is another one of the most wonderful things in this world and with CC cookies enclosed inside might just be a little bit of heaven. :)

Or not???


Not :)
I'm really bad aren't I!
Though I did do it a you said (puff pastry and chocolate chips) My new favorite simple dessert!


oh, my cookies never turn out the same twice and I DO use a recipe! Muffins though, look wonderful. Anything with chocolate is a good thing.


Whew! Corey, you stinker, you had me going! I was so worried you'd wasted your yummy cookies and ingredients. Big sigh of relief. ahhhhh. Glad you enjoyed the puff pastry with chips, it's tummy pleasing yum yums in a hurry. :)


I love to eat semi-sweet or bitter sweet chips with pistachios (already out of their shells, hey I'm decadent what can I say?).

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Don't feel bad Corey, I can't get cookies right either! It's the thorn in my side I can tell you! I love to bake, cakes, tarts, pies, delicious dinners etc, and they all seem to turn out beautifully! But what's going on with the cookies, I don't know! And I have to agree about chocolate chunks in most things........if it's got chocolate, then how bad could it be?! Right?
Amanda(aka Cottage Contessa)



I so understand about not following recipes (even when I think I AM). See my post dated 10-3-07. My mother made the best persimmon cookies. I could not do it in a million years.


Chestnut soup always reminds me of Autumn.
Am just reading a book by Tracy Chevalier where she talks about chestnut bread, do you know this?


I am a recipe baker....my husband is not. It took us many years to learn to even cook in the same kitchen. We now have it mastered. I wonder how long it will take us to get back in our groove when he gets back.


well first of all, yes, i am interested in the chestnut soup because i will be getting 5 kilos from a friend's mother this weekend who lives in karshule which is basically at the french border. but they are for sure german chestnuts, here in my area, there are none. they only sell them in specialty stores and they are from france and a bit pricey. anyway, i am excited so please share your recipe.

now, i have to tell you that i have been baking chocolate chip cookies every other day (to refill supply) for the last week! can you believe it? i felt like your mom for a few seconds reading she baked 5 days out of the week!
anyway, my baby girl enjoys the heck out it and the glow on her face from pride because she "baked" cookies is absolutely priceless. maybe that's why i keep baking them with her...i gained only 400 grams from doing this all week and i've decided i'm quitting while i am ahead!!!


Oh, I want to eat a whole bunch of them. They look so tasty.


We never can seem to get that tollhouse recipe right either-why is it that they are always perfect, with just the right amount of crisp around the edge, and chewy in the middle when someone else makes them?! There is a secret ingredient that can only be read with special goggles that we obviously do not own!!! love your blog!
kari & kijsa


We never can seem to get that tollhouse recipe right either-why is it that they are always perfect, with just the right amount of crisp around the edge, and chewy in the middle when someone else makes them?! There is a secret ingredient that can only be read with special goggles that we obviously do not own!!! love your blog!
kari & kijsa


These turned out really well~I generally eat most of the dough and do not make as many cookies as I planned! Did you have a big glass of milk with those cookies?

melissa @ the inspired room

I have trouble with that Toll House Recipe too. They never turn out the same way twice! Now you've got me thinking about cookies, darn it! I can almost smell them.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

I'd be the size of a house if I lived near your mother.
And I wouldn't care.
Bring on the cookies!

Donna O.

Ha! I never make them either for the same reason. They never turn out. My husband makes the best cookies. Hey, can he borrow French Husbands' blue shirt next time he bakes? Nothing like a sexy man in the kitchen holding warm....cookies.


I love chocolate - good chocolate - but I dislike chocolate chip cookies for some reason! Now give me a plate of oatmeal raisin cookies and I'll scoff the lot!!

The Roquefort endive tart sounds my style though - how about the recipe please Corey - will you share?


uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm! I will try this recipe

and what about dropping some of those chocolate chips on your coffee...?


ok, I am going to have one myself


Yummmy! maybe it's time to make a batch...my kids love them preferably w/out nuts. (so on occasion I make a small batch w/macs for me) :-) Corey, maybe varying your cooking time might help? It could be other factors too-the type of pan, the temperature. I say, don't give up!

Yes, must share your chestnut soup recipe.

Tamara Giselle

I never met a cookie I didn't like, except Oreos, poor excuse for a cookie. As for chocolate chips they usually go straight from the bag to my mouth (and then straight to my hips). 5 days a week! Looking at pics of your mother she must be giving them away and not eating them at all.

liz elayne

i have been thinking about making some of these for a few days now...hmmm...might have to now.

love these pictures...

M erisi's Vienna

I confess I never baked a good chocolate chip cookie either. Since I moved to Vienna, I cannot resort anymore to Cosco's pail of Pillsbury Cookie Dough either. So my oldest decided to bake them herself. She's become a master baker ((here http://thiswindow.blogspot.com/search?q=chocolate+chip+cookies her "Ode to Cookies"). :-)


LOL! suitcases filled with cookies and other goodies from home. i often had an overweight of luggage when i left home, always paying for it at customs...
the chocolate chips look great!! i have some speculaas left here for you corey!!


Yummy looking cookies! You cook like I do - recipes are just....suggested guidelines :)

Love the idea of chopping your own chocolate and making chocolate chunk cookies. Mmmm.. chunked hazelnut chocolate, chunked latte chocolate .... yum!

Lori Witzel

Just a fast drive-by hug to thank you for your joyful posts -- long may you share!


Mmm...homebaked cookies, five days a week?
I might not be able to fit back in the plane seat after that.
They look and sound delicious - I can almost taste them...
I wonder why the French don't use chocolate chips? To me they're like little drops of pure heaven from the night sky.

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