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05 October 2007


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Lovely and very good pictures Corey!!!! The light! I love it!


Corey, such beautiful and expressive eyes your nieces and nephew have. It's so great that the clothing of yester year are being used by the next generation. Also, I just want to reach out and play with Warren's footsies! :-)


What beautiful pictures...!
Came in through Melanie's blog.

Will drop by often:-)



Lovely portraits, Corey. That soft, diffused side light makes all the difference, but the hardest thing is catching the elusive expression that makes them them. Love those lips!

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Beautiful photos........GORGEOUS children!

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)



very beautiful!!! i so love ka-ka's lips, kudos to you for being able to capture her :)

thanks for the tips!


These are some of the most beautiful children in the world~indeed, they are precious~you have captured their beauty with your magnificent eye!


These photos are so beautiful...really and truly gorgeous!


its been long, and it has always been a pleasure to come here corey, and everytime i came, i had this secret desire, of u coming to delhidreams someday...
thanks for all the wonderful posts, the words, the images, the trails through french antiques and life through the eyes of a wonderful woman that you are...
love n dreams for u


These photos are truly creative and expressive. Even if I were to follow all instructions, I couldn't capture that certain special something you seem to find.
It's your gift!


Wonderful photography. I'll bet their parents are thrilled with your work too.



just adorable..great pics!!

My Melange

So sweet and adorable!!!! You are right about those lips on Ka ka :)


I see bits of you in Warren. Lovely child. Beautiful photo. Your photos are so lovely compared to my "live action shots" of Iris on our vacation. It can be hard to keep up with them.


How beautiful and precious are these children!~


You are a master of your art! I always cringe when people want to pose children, they are best when natural! It takes a real 'Artist' to know this, and to have the patience to shoot the perfect moment!


Ka-ka's portrait is beautiful! Congratulations!


Fabulous photos, Corey! Your family is certainly blessed with gorgeous children! Thanks for sharing.


First you start out having beautiful children in your family, then you add the love shared between the children and their aunt. Corey-those photos are exquisite and you have a wonderful eye for composition and light.



The portraits are adorable. And great tips too about waiting until after nap time.

Thanks for sharing.


I love the light in your photos...your nieces and nephew are such beautiful children.
So much of Baby and Childrens expression is in their lips and eyes.
This is very timely advise for me...I will see my Grandson, in France and Italy, in a week :) Thank you for the links.

melissa @ the inspired room

Oh, they are beautiful children and magical photos. Thank you for sharing!


You are a fantastic photographer Corey, and a bunch of beautiful nephews and nieces.


What a gift you have Corey. And thanks for the link reminder of those dear little toes.


It doesn't hurt to have amazing looking children like them either. Beautiful photos of beautiful childeren!
Thanks for the great tips.


Perfect rose-bud lips!! My Mom-in-law called our darling daughter's lips "rose-bud lips". While we lost our angel when she was 2 y.o. everytime I see a rose bud I see those sweet lips. Our babies do lead our path in so many ways!! Thank you, Corey, for the memory this morning.

qualcosa di bello

what elegant captures of moments in time!

Caffienated Cowgirl

Gorgeous pictures! Children can be so tricky...bravo.

A Fanciful Twist

Oh how lovely... It is almost like trying to be all prepared for a spontaneously wonderful photo... Of course, I have stated before that the children in your family, oh heck, the whole lot of you are more than beautiful, so, the photos are bound to be wonderful!!!xxo


those are gorgeous photos. I probably take 30-40 for every one that turns out...thank goodness for digital.


oh ka-ka looks adorable, a model for a painting! they all are beautiful and it seems to me you did not had any difficulties at all capturing their innocent joyful spirits for ever!

Mrs. G.

What a beautiful blog...I'm supposed to be grading papers and yet I've just spent an hour wandering through this blog. Don't tell my boss.


Beautiful children, beautiful photographs!



Beautiful. :0)


These are terrific portraits, Corey. I bet their parents are thrilled to have such beautiful pictures of their children - an by a talented photographer AND relative.


Your nieces and nephew are adorable!! ~ Lynda xo

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

These are amazing...but Miss Molly looks like the CEO of a major corporation. Watch out for her, she is going places!


Do babies and kiddi-winks come up to you in the street the way that dogs and puppies come up to me?
You have a rare touch here Corey.
Yes, Cataline, the light..the light too is perfection.


such beautiful photos you take!



didn't I say that you are my Muse?

and you are the Muse of the children as well...

mais oui - c'est ca - bien sur...

xox - eb.

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Hi Corey! I just wanted to pop by and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comments. Also to let you know that I have awarded you the "you make me smile award" on my blog. I think you're amazing Corey and very special. I'm honoured to have "met" you!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


Hi Corey! Your little nieces and nephew are gorgeous children! You have such a good eye for composition and lighting. I love the soft look of the pictures.

Donna O.

Photographer to the stars (in the making!)


Corey, I am cheating a little by posting a comment here regarding your guilty feelings about not being able to email everyone who leaves a comment on your blog...you shouldn't!! You give so much of your inner self on your blog, it's we who should feel guilty for not thanking you enough! Sincerely, Cheryl


Corey - I also am cheating by posting here about your feeling guilty. I feel the same way and do just what you did, post a public thank you on my blog. Of course I'm not as eloquent as you are..... :) I love your new pics, your nieces and nephews, your teapots and cups and those eclairs(?)! Your photography and writing are so inspiring and it is such a treat to visit your blog! Thank YOU. Marva


Corey - I also am cheating by posting here about your feeling guilty. I feel the same way and do just what you did, post a public thank you on my blog. Of course I'm not as eloquent as you are..... :) I love your new pics, your nieces and nephews, your teapots and cups and those eclairs(?)! Your photography and writing are so inspiring and it is such a treat to visit your blog! Thank YOU. Marva


Jumping on the band wagon here and also using this opportunity to return your thank you in kind. Back atcha. You are a big sweetie Corey. I don't post on your blog to be acknowledged by you, I post to let you know that you've been heard, that you've touched a spot in me, with no expectation back. So for my part, please do not feel guilty. Many a time, you have so kindly and generously emailed me, do you know how rare that is in the blogging world?

Anyway, please know you are a dear soul and I appreciate you and my wish for you is to not feel overwhelmed by all of this and to not feel you must attend to all of our needs.

And may your day be filled with chocolate. :)

queen of the carnivale

Oh Corey, what absolutely mouthwatering talent you have... your photos are always amazing, but I think your ability to capture children the way that you do is unparalleled. GORGEOUS!!! Thank YOU for sharing...


Corey - I also am cheating by posting here about your feeling guilty, you don't have to, Everyday, it's a little pleasure to come here and read you. Merci pour les éclairs au chocolat, mais ça fait grossir.

Elaine L

My mother kept some of my nephews clothes and they have been worn by both of his sons. It is so special.

I don't think any of us expects you to regularly answer or give us recognition for our posts. There is only one of you and many of us. LOL We do expect you to have a life, so that you can continue to share your wonderful and inspiring life with us.



These portraits are beautiful, love the lips!


Such precious photographs. Time stands still for just a moment for these little sweeties. Corey, thank you for always posting, faithfully and thoughtfully. You are a bright ray of sunshine peeking over the horizon each and every morning. We sip our coffee or tea and click on your blog for inspiration, insight and enjoyment. Thank you for being you and we just LOVE you and your blog!!
xxoo, Dawn


Your nieces and nephew are adorable - wonderful, beautiful photos, Corey!

Alison Whittington

These are incredible photographs.

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