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25 October 2007


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I was very close, yesterday, with "cheese and profiteroles" !
Had it been a guessing game...?!?!?!

Oh oh...
Lovely cake, Sin-thia !!!

PS I enjoyed the story about the "cycling cake".
If one day you need money, just put that picture of FH on sale ... you'll get a fortune !!!

Thanks for spreading your sweetness all over the land..........You do know how to live!
Love you

Yes please. I'll have my piece this morning for breakfast.


What?! No recipe to share?? Ok, it'll just have to be a feast for my eyes & imagination, and not my taste buds.......sob sob.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

This morning , without eating during 24 hours , I wish I could have eaten another piece of this wonderful cake ....The taste is still in my mouth anyway .

Forgive me if I drool a little here, I love cheesecakes! Can I be a taster too? lucky you!!

Thanks for filling us in on the dessert! It needed to know the whole story!

And just an interesting tidbit...Steven weighed 10 lbs 15 oz at birth! Big babies!

Yum! Chessecake is one of my favorites! I am lucky to have my Mom's recipe which is thick and way too rich...but that it why I love it. Hers looks just divine! Sounds like a nice party ;)

Wow that looks wonderful! that elegant drizzle of chocolate over the top just makes it sing!

YUM! Next time I see you, we must have this!

Raspberries and chocolate and cheescake Oh my..!
There is something so unfair about husbands who can eat three desserts and not gain weight..!
My clothes feel tighter just looking at the photograph..!

What about the bathroom scale? the needle will soon be going to the wrong side. Tant pis! diet will start next week, meanwhile enjoy Cynthia's marvellous cakes.

Those pictures are such a tease. My mouth is watering.

oh i have yet to meet a cheese cake i didn't like. ;)

Cheesecake is my BIGGEST weakness (second only to bread pudding). I can almost taste the decadence just by looking at your lovely cheesecake photos!

Perhaps we could start a world-wide trade of chocolate for whatever...

Boy, Frenchhusband has the best "dessert line"
I've ever heard. Think I'm going to have to add that one to my vocabulary! Cynthia's cheese cake looks like a slice of heaven to me!
Double Yum!

"The taste of not enough" -- c'est parfait!

This post made me think of my husband....cheesecake is his favorite dessert ever. I will have to tell him French husband's line...I am sure he will use it often.


If you don't want me to drop dead I need the bakery name in Paris....(or the recipe;..:)...)

It was a dream, sooooooooooooo good !
And guess what Mélanie ?
I'am eating right now the last piece that I found in the refrigerater... and before Cynthia and Corey are coming back !!!
I wish I could save you a little, but no more... (before the next one) ;-)

It's beautiful and I'm sure it is delicious!

God bless Cynthia :o)

I loved your line about being official taster instead of piglet :o)

How do you stay so slim?

And men!!! It's just not fair that they can eat two pieces!!!

You're making me hungry! hahaha The cheesecake looks fabulous! Is cheesecake an American dessert? Do the French serve cheesecake or is that a novelty to them? I know they have delicious pastries there, but I've never considered if cheesecake was something they have or not.

The cheesecake looks absolutely sinful! Can you send me a piece? LOL!!

Mmmmm! Divine! It's always nice to have friends with similar interests!

corey, You are killing me with this cheesecake photo! I just had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast : (

I am not sure, but I think I feel my thighs expanding just looking at the picture of that cheese cake! Delish!!!!

Does your friend ever plan to visit Buffalo??? I know a place where she could stay and it comes with 7 people who would be delighted to taste test any dessert she would care to make! LOL
God bless.

Please pass another piece of cheesecake! yummy!

If ever, no, I mean WHEN your book comes, I hope it will have a section with recipes by you and your friends. Illustrated with FH tasting and delivering.......

You said once that you needed a million questions from us before you make a book. How far are we into the million? ;-)

The "amuse-bouche" you mentioned yesterday.....I have it. It's a hit! Even in my plain Norwegian kitchen.

OMG!!!, Corey. I gained ten pounds just LOOKING at these photos. I'm swooning.

I'm going to have to check, but I'm pretty sure this isn't on the Weight Watcher's diet. I'm dying over here.

OMG, be careful what you post!!!..those pictures and your enticing words was tempting me to run to Paris and find your friend and buy all her cheescakes :-) :-)

Oh My Gosh! that looks heavenly. She is an American and cheese cake in America doesn't even look that good here.

I am drooling ~

That is the most mouthwatering post I have ever read.

That is a srumptious looking desert. Your photo and description was superb and tanalizing, truly a piece de resistance.

your photo's are beautiful
stories delightful

and now I'm hungry

xOx darlene

Ohhhh...that looks soooo good. Lucky you to have a culinary wizard staying with you!

It isn't fair!!! I started on diet just a week ago :(

Love that extra note of chocolate. :-)
I can see how in your household nobody has to eat spelt bread with nutella if the chocolate urge gets to strong. ;-)

Now that looks positively divine. I must have some. Cheese cake WITH chocolate would be irresistible. You are a lucky piglet, I mean, taster. Piglet sounds adorable, however, and in this case I would not be ashamed to be called one.

your writing is like a song...you swirl the words and expressions into a beautiful story.

reading your blog always makes me feel warm and cozy.

thank you.

YUM! I can almost taste it and it is good (heh-heh).

just seeing cheesecake in the title, i knew i was in trouble! it's probably just as well for my waistline that you didn't give us the recipe....there's too many things that taste like not enough and unfortunately it's not always the vegetables ;)

Hey there Cynthia and Corey,
What great memories I have of hanging out in the shop. I would have loved to have come for dinner - at least for dessert. Love and hugs, Ellen

Oh oink. From one piglet to another, oinky oink. I love cheesecake! Shove on down the trough Corey, make room for another little hog at the feedbin!

I don't know if it's the chilly temperatures, but there are a lot of cheesecake posts around these days! One of my fav desserts because it's not too sweet...

I love these photos and the descriptions you write.

I hope you don't mind that I have added you to my blog roll.

The amuse bouche below PLUS the cheesecake - a fabulous beginning and end to a special dinner.

oh my goodness! i am now starving for a piece of that cheesecake. i wish cynthia would stay with us! but, if she did i would just get fatter and fatter instead of working on my weight loss issue...so i guess it is better that she is with you. ;)

Oh...let me eat cheesecake!

pass me a slice of that PLEASE!

you know that posting pictures and descriptions and not even hinting at the whats in the recipe is just pure cruelty to a dessert loving cook like me...

Cynthia's Cheesecake ----- yuuuuum

how gorgeous ! I loooooooove cheesecake !!!!

Thats sooo cruel not to post a recipe!! When I was in the US I was warned chessecake would be everywhere and it was. I was one happy piggy.

That cheesecake looks dangerously good, now i'm hungry

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